Hawaii Cannabis Expo

The Biggest Annual Medical Marijuana Show

What Are The Top Marijuana Expos and Conventions?

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What Are The Top Marijuana Expos and Conventions?


Below is a compilation of leading events for Marijuana Enthusiast or anyone above 21 may check it out!

1. Marijuana Business Expo in Las Vegas this coming November 2016.

  • Meet every serious player in the Cannabis Industry. Join the editors of Marijuana Business Daily at their 5th annual MJBizCon

2. Marijuana New Trend Expo – Wedding Theme

  • Weed sculptures, marijuana alcohol, pot cupcakes– you name it, it will exist. The first expo was hung last January 17th in Denver, Colorado.

3. High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup

  • High Times is going back to California with the 2016 High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup. 

3. The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference.

  • The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will start accepting applications for wholesalers, growers, and retailers and if you’re looking to invest, this organization conference will give you all the details you require. 

4. Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.

  • Being the oldest running national marijuana conference in the USA, it’s useful for anybody associated with the medical marijuana.

5. Boise Hempfest.

  •  It is a complete marijuana education event, intending to bring a brand-new technique to marijuana, particularly in Idaho. They will feature entertainment that is cannabis friendly to promote legalization in Idaho.

6. Denver High Times Cannabis Cup.


7. Seattle Hempfest.


8. Cannabis Business Summit and Expo.


9. Boston Freedom Rally.

  • This will be Boston’s 27th Annual Freedom Rally event. 

10. The Great Midwest Harvest Festival.

  • The point of this festival is activism and supporting the reform of marijuana laws in the USA.


Hawaii Cannabis Expo 

Firstly, HCE  would like to say a BIG MAHALO THANK YOU to all the Sponsors, Speakers, Vendors, and all the people that came to support the event!!! Without all of you, HCE would not be possible.