Vital Garden Supply


Vital Garden Supply

Garden/Home Supply •Organic Soil •Amendments •Fertilizers •Pest Control •Biological Inoculants •Ghouse Sales

It is our mission to provide an Organic Agricultural alternative to Petroleum based farming products and help to create a cleaner environment for our children and future generations.


Company Overview
Specializing in Organic Soils, Amendments, Fertilizers, Pest Control & Biological Innoculants
Vital Landscaping is a provider of 100% NOP (National Organic Plan) Approved or OMRI Listed Organic Agriculture Supplies. We offer Potting Soil blends, Amendme See More
General Information
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Founding Date
Organic Soil, Organic Soil Amendments, Organic Fertilizer, Organic Compost, Organic Worm Castings, Biological Innoculants, Natural Pest Control, Organic Gardening Accessories


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