Stacey Theis

“Bringing Light, While Bringing Them Home” Freedom Grow Stacey Theis

Stacey Theis (Shepherd) is an Oaksterdam University’s 2011 Valedictorian and the niece of Gary Shepherd, a Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran killed by law enforcement in 1993 over 12 cannabis plants. Her disabled Uncle chose cannabis over prescribed pills 30 years ago and it cost him his life and lifelong heartache and suffering for my family. Since 2011, she has been on a life mission to educate as many possible about cannabis. After meeting Stephanie Landa at a conference in 2012, advocating for the FREEDOM for cannabis prisoners and helping their families became an important part of her mission and advocacy. The families grieve and suffer so much while their loved ones are locked away for no GOOD reason.

In October 2011 she started the CannaSense Campaign and a year later became the owner of the infamous CannaBus that has been touring the country and helping cannabis freedom efforts grow since 2012. Over the past decade she has toured 44 states and rolled many thousands of miles for Cannabis Freedom, the prisoners and their families!

The cannabis prisoners’ stories cover the windows and ride with us! We get letters and petitions for their Freedom signed as they roll. She has been a dedicated Freedom Grow volunteer since 2016 and a proud board member since the beginning of 2020. She has been able to help many families, assist in, and witness many reunions over the past 10 years. There are still so many people spending ridiculously long sentences for cannabis and her heart won’t rest until all of the non-violent prisoners are FREED