Stacey Agmata – Jaymee’s Story

Jaymee lost his life at the age of 18yrs in a DUI-related crash involving marijuana and alcohol. Join Stacey as she shares their story and her journey to overcoming her battle with PTSD and ways the L.OL.A Foundation is currently helping Seattle change the culture of a legalized state.

Stacey Agmata has helped oversee the volunteer program and community events for the City of Tukwila for 15+ years and was recently named 2015 Employee of The Year, has served as Vice President for MADD – Colorado Springs,CO Chapter, current member of the WA State Impaired Driving Work Group, and Founder of The L.O.L.A Foundation; a non-profit organization designed to increase education of the consequences of driving under the influence and manages court-ordered Victim Impact Panels to those convicted of DUI.