Me Fuimaono-Poe from Malie Cannabis Clinic on WEED KINE TINGS!

Me Fuimaono-Poe from Malie Cannabis Clinic in Hawaii spills the tea on MOST UPDATED WEED KINE TINGS!

Vaporizers The Mighty by Stroz and Bickel: Rolls Royce of Vaporizers if you use inhaled methods daily this might be the best choice BUT it’s an investment $280.00… Linx Gaia: This is another great vaporizer it has allot of amazing features including a quartz chamber (so yes you are smoking out of a crystal). The price point is $150.00 Calculating dose! Total mg per bottle for example 420 mg THC Total Ml (volume) of bottle for example 30 ml (average volume) Divide 20 (drops per ml) 420/30 = 14 mg per ml (dropper) 14mg/ 20 (drops per ml) = .7 mg per drop Taking 1 drop is almost the equivalent of 1 mg of THC Start with two drops = 2mg and increase by one drop every day until you reach your dose that helps with your symptoms Most people average 2 to 15 mg of THC If you are making your own cannabis oil or butter at home you can use Cannabis Cheri to calculate how much THC is in your home extraction… CBD Journal article:…
Recommend 15mg to 25 mg daily Full Spectrum Organic 3 rd party lab tested
Hawaii Brands
Colorado brands… Holotrophic breathing… (GET YOUR 329 CARD TODAY!) for more episodes of #RatedHR