Masters of Breeding – M.O.B. with Grandaddy Purp Discussion Panel

Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2024 – Blaisdell Exhibition Hall (Honolulu, HI) February 2-4, 2024 

Masters of Breeding -M.O.B. Discussion Panel : Anything and everything Growing
Feb 4 – Room 2: 3 PM -Multiple people/breeders coming together to breed together work together as one.
Panelists were Kre8 Genetics, Destiny Genetics, Frost World Genetics, Jungle Genes, Neon Kitti featuring Grandaddy Purp Topics will be any and everything growing, Making it just a free for all discussion let it all be natural like the plant. This is about each one teaching one. We are here for the people leaders not the corporate leaders. Panalist will be Kre8 Genetics, Destiny Genetics, Frost World Genetics, Jungle Genes, and Neon Kitti

on and on and on to the break it Dawn break it da I don’t even know where to gowith having too much fun here awesome okay anybody introduce yourself I’m I’mdelori I’m from Northern California uh this year marks my 30th year in this game so been breeding for about 15cultivating for three decades you look young what do you like 43 okay you’re not so young no my nameis Ken I’m K FR FR World genetics all the way from the Midwest Chicago beengrowing for over 20 plus years been breeding for more than five years AG that I’m mgle from Jungle jeans out ofNorCal little city called montere by Santa Cruz I’ve been in the game forabout 20 years smoking Pats tree bushing on the on the mountain and now I’mpreserving genetics my name is Ken Estus I came with a strain called granddaddy per I’vebeen in the business um 48 years since I was in a motorcycle accident when I was18 and I found out that can abis helped me medically so I’ve been on thisCrusade for the medicinal part for 48 years I’m glad to see recreational partenjoying our good genetics but I I still love the medicinal side of marijuana andI like to focus on that in my genetics and what I grow and what we cross andhow do you know what’s medical or not well get it to the patients see what they say so many different strains younever know what strain works for you right we all know that we all know that there’s certain strains that work for meand certain TRS that work for somebody else that’s why someone’s give me something they smoking I I might say I’m not really crazy about that but they sayoh I love it so this marijuana thing different strains different marijuanas that’s very important sogenetics are very important to find out what traits and what strains people like so that’s my story and I’m sticking toit we want no want me to kick it off sureokay so we’re going to start talking about I mean this is about genetics that we’re on for so this is genetics I think that a lot of people know the importanceof genetics if you don’t I’m going to tell you about it right now genetics are probably the number one thing you shouldwork with when you’re trying to work in the marijuana business a lot of people are going out of business now becausethey don’t have the right genetics or they don’t know how to grow but let’s go let’s go to the genetic thing you getthe right strength rins and the people will let you know but how do you find the right strain start with the stuffthat you like that you smoke and hopefully you can get seeds from somebody who’s growing it you take thatseed you pop it up then you find a male get the pollen for the male get thefemale and you put some pollen on the female then you’re making seeds you’re carrying those traits of those strainson to the next level and then hopefully with your breeding I mean a lot of times breeding people will say you know Ibreed in three months and that’s what I got breeding is more like a year process you breed you find your strain then yougrow it up again you try it an indoor you try it an outdoor you try in light depth you try to find how this strainbest grows and that’s um and then also knowing your customer knowing people how they’re growing you can then guide themto what genetics they need to have so they’re not putting an indoor plant outdoors that doesn’t do so well or anoutdoor plant indoors that doesn’t do so well and the breeding has actually been specific for whether you’re indoor oroutdoor breeds have been I mean years ago in the SE late 70s all the beststrains that we had cling gold Panama Red TI stick skunk all thosestrains were I lost my train thought where was Igoing thank you all you guys are listening Indo outdo it was a test tosee if you’re listening and so the outdoor was the best that was a bomband I had indoor back in the late 70s where I grew in my closet in the first little Hydro farm that I had and I putit together little buckets and tubes and I was reading Ed rosenthal’s book and Iremember growing these plants up growing them up and they were filling my whole closet I kept tucking them in andshutting the door thinking when am I going to get some weed out of this I I was going through the book going through the book and I find 12 and 12 so Ichanged the light pattern to 12 and 12 then I started getting some flowers and I’ve been breeding eversince but a lot of the strains back then did not give us top dollar a lot of people didn’t want my stuff they said ohthat’s indoor that’s Boo Boo and it was kind of true it was indoor was Boo Boo and the bomm weed was outdoor but as the80s came in we’re all getting run up on we’re getting turned in everywhere everybody’s do prison time helicoptersflying above they were finding us so we had to go indoor for the 80s everybody started breeding indoors pretty soon thebest strains by the ’90s were indoor grown just to hide it just to bring itto the market these strains did not do so well Outdoors as you know now right peoplegrow outdoor and they say oh what do you got outdoor well I don’t want that even though outdoor is not all bad you hadsome outdoor the day right wasn’t a fire in fact you look like you’re still high fromit and Hawai isn’t it one of the best places to grow anything you I mean I’llshow you a picture later if you want to come by of gigantic redwood tree type marijuana that grows 45 pounds ofplant this really can happen in environments like here Hawaii so outhere in Hawaii I’m hoping to bring some of my genetics which is granded per Candy Land and other crosses I have thathopefully will help this area get better genetics I come here talking to a lot ofpeople and I’m realizing that they admit to me uh we don’t have really good genetics out here now I have found somegood stuff but if that’s the pervasive attitude out here you need some better genetics in California man we’reconfident we know what we got we got generations to do this so we want tobring that to this area and that’s really why a lot of us are here that’swhy here at California you hear I mean we’re outside but we love Hawaii we love the culture we know this has been afriendly cannabis friendly culture forever you know poolo Mahalo you knowit’s all good stuff and so I really like to see people embrace the strange fromCalifornia and don’t just say that’s California stuff no no this strains grow throughout the world genetics insidethese strains are are are genetics that can grow outdoor you have to release itwhen you open up these genetics so we’re here to bring you some good genetics and I just wanted to endon that thank youokay well go oh yeah good legislators next so you know likeour thing here still medical marijuana so basically for people who card can 10s foryourself for medical for your own personal consumption yeah I mean I’msure that that door open if reparation I’m sure that FL gate open no you’reabsolutely right I mean I hear that all the legal Gardens here guess what they have to grow indoor I said you’re outhere in Hawaii and your your medicine has to be grown indoor so that you don’t I mean these guys don’t know how to helpus we have to educate them we have to show up at City Council meetings you have to go to meetings that’s we needmore activism more things more education more information I next dooract actual because Senators politicians all that typ of stuff but of course we’rethe people I me you know it’s basically we’re the ones that are consuming it we’re the ones growing it they’re theones only just talking aboutit people need to make a statement and we all got to get together worktogether and that’s how we over there talking to these sento these politicians no but he know what he’s saying is they’re not really listening to us we have to follow up we can’t be here in a public settingbecause these people don’t want to associate themselves with marijuana because they’re up for election next time and the people competing with themwill say they’re soft on drugs they’re trying to and that guy might get elected now so you really have to do it behindthe scenes you have to go to their offices then I mean you have to go to polls we have to reach out to peoplethis is what we did in the Bay Area believe me there are plenty of people against us and we started just doing this year after year until I noticedcity council people not there anymore and a new person in was guess what friendly tocannabis and that’s how the stuff started but I’ll give you a story I was in Richmond with my store I’ve went nineyears fing for that license they wouldn’t give it to me I say why I’m doing I’m in the store it’s illegal andyou’re not closing me why can I just can’t get the license finally said look it you need togo talk to Jim Rogers I said the city council guy now Jim Rogers you used to be on TV years ago as the people’sattorney and then he got then he got then he got arrested for for for takingbribes or I mean take stealing money from his people he sued for so then you decided that I lost my business and I’mgoing to run for city council and he got elected we so sometime we don’t even know what we’re doing when we elect butguess what all they told me go there put $5,000 in the envelope and put it on hisdesk so I did hi Jim nice to meet you well I would like to talk to you about cannabis andI we have to do what we have to do correct I’ll put up on it don’t worry I got you I got a question for you hey wegot a question for question for you why why do you guys want to gorecreational I mean seriously I’m asking this anybody can answer I think it should be as anoter is to help LOBl e yes a lot moretaxes what yeah they’ be export all over the world I mean who would I me who doesn’t remember Maui wow is one of thegreatest strains ever I used to get a sent to me in the late 70s with a stamp on the bag I a stamp onthe box and I keep that box forever so people come over yeah a r you look at theSt is it hard to yeah is it is it restrictive for the medical I it’srestrictive here they’re putting hurdles out they took the big illegal hurdle quote and they cut it down to a bunch of10 hurdles C thing one of first states to marij and actually the last Almost lastto hopefully soon you know thelast govern that’s of 5050 right now wellthis we got you got a pressure really because a 50/50 you have pressure I everybody can you seewalking or something no no no no no no not just here active call him talk tohim go into their office we actually have to be active when we were when wedid this at the beginning in California we went to all those offices we were doing it because we were kind of mad wejust got sick of it you’re a liar you’re wrong this is not bad you’re you’re you’re making me take pills alcohol andtobacco to smoke that’s killing me and you’re making marijuana illegal the thing that doesn’t kill anybody now howcan the responsibility of a government to protect his people make laws like that because alcohol companies run itTobacco companies run it pharmaceutical they already doing what I’m telling you we got to do don’t get me pissed off medical Cright you guys can go 10 indoor outdoor anywhere everything’s in yeahhere figure out as well I’m like most of the people that have bought seeds for me have claimed to be outdoor Growers yeswhere here grows whether they do legally or not mean they find out helicopters got 10 10 plants up in therez I’m like10 plants to me I’m from California you don’t on the old days pop 25 what we start 96 yeah and I had 900 plants out96 yeah 900plants well yeah you st cards we did that 25 420 all that I’m just wondering if you can grow 10 plants outside cuz Icould take 10 15 20 Footers I’m smacking out how much you guys really need I’m just saying no you know I mean hey Idon’t hey you tell you tell tomato farmer that you tell the the strawberry farmer that you tell no the reason I sayyes for legal is because I don’t want to see people who aren’t medical going to jail for this anymore well you stop that[ __ ] I get you on that I lost a lot of friends went to jail but a lot of people take over you know mean once it goes recreational look at what California thevalue the value in how Canabis because big Pharma is buying their way but bigPharma is buying their way [ __ ] it’s all it’s all [ __ ] every bit of it every all all even the qualityeverything even even the big breeders who that I know I’m not going to mention no names have sold the hell out the sameway man come on mention the name no let’s not let him out until he says aname hey we’re done here let’s s early and let’s March through there let’s go let’s watch right that’s hey the bunnieslook at the bunnies and you bunnies you hop do a q with the news theatenews there right now whatever in perf opportunity for you guys peoplewhatever spoken there well good hopefully they hey butyou know politicians right so they’re over there lying to you could be well there might be a goodPro one so you got to figure it out got them here yeah the ones that actually want to help this that’s why herebecause that’s why they’re here all right well that and that’s a valuable thing I mean you had a whole line out here so there are the active people Imean look at that that room’s full I’m just back to the question what you asking you don’t mean why does everybody want recreational you I mean I I’veexperienced too many things of recreational to Medical from the days of stray Black Market where you do 20 yearsfor a seed I’m sitting in Vegas growing five times you know what I mean dude illegal recreational leads to illegalwe all have to stay illegal did I mean they’re forcing black market which way you want to go with it well I wouldrather see it going because we got to figure it out either way do you want to St illegal or do you want want I like I like to see wreck for the people butrecreational destroys the small farmer in Most states and I’ve operated in California Mexico Florida IllinoisArizona Missouri and Oklahoma I’ve seen most of those places go from medical towreck and everybody in the industry destroys the industry andthat’s why I asked it why do you want to go recreational because if you can get a medical card if it’s easy and you’re notpaying a too high in taxes which recreational You’ pay higher in taxes and you can grow 10plants I can almost guarantee you if you go recreational they’re going to cut it down to six plants you guys are going tobe paying a [ __ ] more in taxes and all of the small ma andp people who startedthis industry who got it off the ground who have been supplying you all are going to be going out of business in the first 12 to 24months because big money will come in and all of you people who are smalltime producers you’re done because oncerecreational hits you are not vertically integrated and I mean own SE tosale the business getsaffectedthey well I can tell you you guys are setting yourself up for extremely healthy black market tocontinue that’s not bad I don’t miss Black Market I love black market becauseI get cash right then government’s out of my pocket I just don’t like getting arrested that’s all Imean I’m a big medical guy my my whole breeding started so I could make better RSO for cancer patients because that’swhat I’m actually famous for in north northern California my flower to me is the trash I mean it’s grade a top shelfstuff but I want the seeds and I turn all of my flour into RSO and donate it to cancer patients I mean you come to meyou have cancer I’ll give you 70 grams every day of the week never charge you a scent I follow Rick Simpson’s code withthat but for you know all of us up here you know these guys 20 three decadesthree decades and prob 20 more years 47 so I we’ve been around and we’ve got 100plus years up here and we’ve seen this especially a few of us you know for lackof a better term my [ __ ] used to pucker every time I heard a helicopter you know I lived in the days where Iused to worry about the DEA the sheriff and all that kind of stuff I mean [ __ ] a helicopter still goes over I hide undera tree you see the cor that’s what we do years years ago I told my workers heythe helicopter don’t go out and looking at it run under a tree and hide de they can’t see it no M and I’ve seen I’veseen Legacy and generational farmers in multiple States who Thrive duringmedical they build the industry they support the industry they produce amazing flower that is great forpatients and then everybody rushes to recreational and you know it soundsgreat I mean it’s this sexy little package until you read it and I I hate to say this but I guarantee you99.9% this is what we don’t do hey the politician don’t even read the bill and the thing is is you know at the end ofit after it’s voted in this this is what Most states done I mean at least five states that I’ve been in have done thisonce it’s voted then all of a sudden they make little changes so oh you voted to have two and a half ounces but youknow the governor he wants it to be one you could have 20 grams of concentrate on you but now it’s eight you can have10 PL but oh no no it’s six and all the packaging that you guys like that’s realsexy and looks great well all of a sudden maybe not these people but theclowns who are against it are going to tell you that oh it’s attracting children and you got to do this thegummies and then it drives up and then it drives up the price of everything because some of this packaging alone is5to7 just for the Box you think the company’s eating that no you guys areyou guys are paying that but nowadays medical they can keep them in their you know cellophane or myar bags and theycan make real pretty designs and call it all sorts of cool names but I would just be real careful as to what you’represented when these people finally do put something on there do you have your medical card like yeah go aheadsome first two states I was for it um any state I’m in now that votes for recreational I will never I will neverhuh what states that it was uh Arizona and California what about you again yeahno I’m in California I’m in Oklahoma Oklahoma too and I work with other Farmers throughout the world what wereyou for for the recreation 5 64 and yeah I was actually for recreational but I knew the politician would to screwed upat first because they were still our roadblock but I knew I figured that we can keep working at about this chippingaway at them and eventually the truth is gonna rise to the top and if we can just keep big farmer from that’s why I go andI testify to to BS in um uh Clear Lake I say no if you just stop and let a big uhfarmer get a big farmer get one acre or two acres but not 20 acres we got a couple people about 20 acres so theyactually changed that and then when they changed it they eliminated medical I went to several meetings saying no you’re not doing that they oh yeah andso I got an attorney we fought it and they brought gave us back medical I grow 148 plants on the property medical theycame the code enforcement came just the other day well I mean I mean you sure you can grow this many I said yeah um adoctors give us a prescription that says we can grow 48 California law says for medical 48 so the judge ruled that judgeruled no you can’t you can’t eliminate medical so now we got medicalB I was never Prock I was proct because I really got tired of everyone I knowgrowing was getting so many arrested losing everything Smash and grab uh I remember one family where the son wasgrowing you got caught pulled over they took to Mom and Dad in said you know your son was growing yeah but he was MedI thought it was okay no it wasn’t okay he’s selling on the black market and they told the father look we don’t want to take your 17-year-old and have to doall this if you plead guilty you do 10 years we’ll leave your son alone he wasa good father he played guilty and that was the sweetest nicest guy I was like man they’re putting too many good peopleaway it’s not gangsters we’re putting away it’s not the the cartel I’ve been ameeting saying why you guys go after the cartel I’ll tell you where half of them are we all know where they are we know they cartel Gardens on the mountainsthey said no no that’s your guys’ problem they want to go out the low hanging fruit we’re peaceful people WeSmoke the Herb we’re peaceful we do our jobs we save our money so they can takeour money from us our homes from us our vehicles I’ve lost all my stuff 200 Acres five homes my my boat my planeyeah I had a lot of stuff but I I moved a lot of weed yeah just take back off what likeKen is saying like we just need to support the small farmers because I mean if Coca-Cola and H can come start putting out all this cannabis you know Iit’s all it’s just going to get worse and worse and worse for the end consumer that’s the thing also about that theydon’t grow good weed yeah we need craft cannabis that just like the beer same thing as a beer that’s our and same asgood wine that’s really where I want to see it go would love that i’ I’ve run throughthe state of California in Los Angeles they got many facilities I mess with they’re all[ __ ] they just they don’t care all they care about lemon CH a lot of pushing out Turn and Burn dud let me doit here powder M spray it with some [ __ ] air um air compressors and all this other [ __ ] spray with some t on toget out the [ __ ] door that’s all Cali is right now in destroyed everything real estateagents [ __ ] insurance people all these [ __ ] fools come in I dealt with them I’ve dealing for years dealingwith them growing and breing their genetics and [ __ ] and I watched it all it’s just gone to [ __ ] I mean sayingthat no no it ruin ruin the industries and put people in jail we we don’t want people in jail we don’t want [ __ ]getting [ __ ] up anymore I’m sorry but recreational [ __ ] destroyed the value of Canabis in California whereCalifornia was the Epic epicenter of [ __ ] cannabis we were the geneticistsman we were the ones Ken you changed the game to the whole [ __ ] world and it’s just kind of Forgotten in a you knowwhat I mean it’s there but these fools don’t care I can 15 people right now and pull up pictures of them all not justsay some snit [ __ ] or something but I’m saying you guys are all douchebags I know you all and you all want my [ __ ] and I’ve bred for you for years and [ __ ]but your [ __ ] is garbage everything you touched and then but then you want taxs and you want to sell them to everybody dude you want 1,800 1,600 get the [ __ ]out of here and then you’re going to drop to 300 devalue every bit of anything of us craft farmer craft farmers are doing within focusing oncannabis hold on like straight the [ __ ] up I watch it every single day I’m in the black market I still move PS I stillmove it all I don’t give a [ __ ] what anybody says I’ll never lie about that [ __ ] speak speaking to camera [ __ ]up sucks me you’re right no it’s been ugly I’ve been deal with I’ve been City Councilmeetings for 30 [ __ ] years and these people are just criminals they know whatthey’re doing they care they just want the green Lun and then they’re broke and they spend millions of dollars and then come back crying I do what at biscon allthe suits all the [ __ ] I’m like they make it hard man [ __ ] you straight up I’ll TR [ __ ] you don’t know that [ __ ]they’re cheering for you they heard good cheer for me homie [ __ ] you I’m old ass [ __ ] in Los Angeles fam I don’tcare like [ __ ] them too if they’re not with it like you guys want to take so I don’t want to see that happen ha I don’t want to see it happen anywhererecreational is good at certain points it could it can be if you’re for the people for it where’s someone in that’sgoing to bring in for the people really for the people and be here you can make money off it anybody can you know what Imean don’t you want to die Pepsi sometimes no you smart ass here he go just likewhat he saying like it gets worse and worse because if you think about it they’re already talking about like wherethey’re growing in Thailand and they’re talking about selling license to license where they’re shipping from Thailand toNew York and people will work out there for $2 an hour because their currency is different so we’re devaluing cannabis asit goes on and you’re not supporting the craft Farmers the cats who are really putting in passion to the plant andthat’s why believe though that is going to resolve itself over time because our genetics and what I grow other peoplecan’t compete with I mean I’m at this level here so but I grow small amounts Istay I stay genetics and flow it’s two different things like the genetics will stay but the flowers is getting peopleforgot about because of the shitty flower that’s coming out it’s horrible from Asians to [ __ ] like I said thereal estate [ __ ] I know so many people that invested and there’s 15 people in the PT and they Wonder they’re popping out 200 [ __ ] pounds every 14days lcg but I get them on I’m sitting in the meeting and I’m watching them on they’re all fighting against each otherbecause each one’s taking two three 4,000 two three 4,000 on your pocket you got 15 [ __ ] and they keep goingkeep going all they want is purple I want purple candy purple candy purple candy you know what I mean give me get this let me get purple candy I need thislike Oreos oh [ __ ] that [ __ ] this [ __ ] it’s all garbage and then and then it comes down to $250 pound then you gotindoor pounds 250 250 the [ __ ] Asian over there wants to sell all of them underne do for 150 well blackMarket’s driving because the legal Market has just [ __ ] the game by by the hurdles they put in front of us andthe legal Market has come out the back door that all the packs are serving but guess what I see a lot of people go to CCil yeah Fu with do all the dis yeahthink a lotoflen can buy them on Amazon you can buy cookie of course but they’re taking lcgand they’re putting in there calling it backpack boys gear they’re calling it zers all they’re taking their cutsand from yeah third in Los Angeles you’re downthere getting getting all the bags you want my boys can print up anything you want I got them all day I got wh all dayI print up and I know people doing this kind of stuff that I don’t really like and what they say is dude there’s a lot of new people here that don’t know aboutyour bomb [ __ ] so we can sell our [ __ ] to them and you know what we sell to them and they’ll probably come to yourstuff later when they want stronger stuff well that’s not even right it’s like let me try to give somebody an inferior product until they catch on andI can make my money then well it’s happening everywhere I’m from the Midwest and you know the Asians Chinesepeople they’re doing the same thing so it’s not just inCalifornia but but it’s there now it’s just starting there now that market is just blown up they’re just giving license so they’re they’re still whenthey first do it even in California did this the laws suck they set up rules and regulations we can’t even you can’t evengo qualify if one person complains it’s complaint driven one person complains your garden is done you’re not gettingyour license well that that was my neighbor he hates me anyway he hates pot just because he comes to this meeting and complains how come I can’t get thelicense and then I see some suits and ties and lawyers come in and they working for this guy big farma for forthe big guys in our industry who have lots of money and they get a 20 acre grow and I’m saying how did he get itand all these people are trying to defend and fight for just a one acre grow they can’t get it so I mean it’sthe problem with our look at our political system is [ __ ] up if you’re a cannabis person you understand itwe’ve been persecuted and prosecuted long enough I at least chipped away at the prosecution so at least now thepersecution has to stop quit looking at me like I’m a stoner I’m a pothead I’m something less than I’m actually smarterthan you think this is a gateway drug not even drug this is a gateway medicineto a healthy lifestyle when I use cannabis I feel better I eat better I sleep better how is that not helping myquality of life Li you got a little whatwell is that a little bit in that Pepsi bottle there the thing let me the thing I justlike you know I mean from Recreation to Medical I’m going from the medical days of everything even before that we’regoing 94 95 996 we’re hiding everything you know what I mean Washington State all the way downyeah a lot of people don’t speak on this what I experienced in Los Angeles it goes back to what I was talking abouteverybody grow packs certain facilities everybody’s back door and [ __ ] every every body out there has the herpes ofcannabis and P call it as powder mil everybody everybody got bugs and they’re all backpacking or back dooring everysingle [ __ ] thing fake coas constantly fake and fake COA anybody inCalifornia can fake a COA there’s no official checking it I’m not saying I’m Pro for [ __ ] any kind of officialyeah but you’re giving these people in because I know how you are about medicine and it’s always been that way with the prop 25 days all of it is dirtyas [ __ ] put in the jars and then sent over to this dispensary that has this big influence on everybody and all thisgarbage ass weed with spider mes and serum and the [ __ ] Hops and powdermil every [ __ ] weere and you’re getting you think it’s clean because you know what I mean has a metric [ __ ]sticker on it they’re back door in your COA which is a certif certificate of analysis yeah to to make sure it’s cleanbut they’re just taking a one that was clean and they keep recycling it every [ __ ] 90 days because in California you only need it like every 90 so youtake a good craft pack send them up enough into it the same strain to call it that or flip the strains everybody’slcg but it’s runs but l or I mean [ __ ] Sunset sherbet or even Granddaddy Purple I seen it I see somany [ __ ] send GDP and I’m like you are just liars yeah you know what I mean so to me it’s just messed up frommedical T wck how is it going to be here when you guys do that you guys going to you know I meanregulate it there’s always been compies trying to come here and get a fo and we’ve beenpretty good like holding itdown you got2 million million story but like someone said earlierHawaii is such a great name that if I was going to a store that said I got some Hawaiiansomething I would give that serious consideration because this is a bombass place to grow so I mean that’s whatthey’re worried about the big money people are going to say what is open in Hawaii you watch you open up in Hawaii just just let’s dream about this all ofa sudden next week they say all right we’re going to give away as many licens as you guys want come here and groweverywhere that was Oklahoma yeah I know they didah every ran to the Oklahoma Traillike be out yeah but I got a spot out Oklahoma and we got the license and a lot of people don’t they’re all gettingturned away now they got code enforcement people showing up they got some little Nick on you and boom and now shut down well we spent $2 million wespent $3 million I don’t care you don’t get the license I mean I feel blessed that we got approved because at any timethey could have said no after I had partners and people with money and and what am I’m gonna do apologize to all these guys so it’s it’s still a battlethat’s why I mean I started off with genetics is the most important game but the second one is political this is notlegal yet it’s not for us yet at any time this can turn aroundhowal yeah yeah of course we can’t put money in Banks they want to make us Cas say cash why because if you get raidthey take your cash it’s EAS they’re trying to go to your bank account being gentics people they’retrying to hold us back because if it’s legal all the money I’m kind of glad that the feds didn’t legalize it to onepoint because once they do all the big money’s going everywhere it’ll be here too now we have to start fighting against them so right now we’re fightingagainst the government soon when it’s like in Oklahoma boom they made everybody everybody flooded there andthey’re keeping the people who look successful who have money who are paying politicians who are playing a game don’tthink that these politicians aren’t being paid by us we are people kind of get in store they make you otherwisethey’re well we’re going to vote here in the city council we uh last time we voted there’s one in favor of you and five against you so or or or six againstyou because maybe it’s seven and there’s always a deciding vote so then I you talk find someone who’s friendly with marijuana you pay them two and nextthing you know you go to the next city council meeting now three people are on your side but you’re still one away sothen you work on that I mean I’ve dealt with this stuff for years where finally I get my license finally I paid the right people I didn’t usse to play thegame they make you play it that way so there’s a big criminal element in ourgovernment everywhere in every state in California here yeah I think you want tokeep Hawaii Hawaii you know like if you kind of compare it just to the real estate like don’t don’t you guys havelike locals who kind of get ped out of Hawaii because they can’t afford the price to buy a home or Generations thatgo on yeah so I think that will that will happen that will happen to the Cannabisindustry as well it’s a real estate battle like he was saying 20 acres people can’t buy one so you guys aregoing to get slowly pushed out by someone who just comes and puts all these 2030 million dollar down andyou’re going to slowly get pushed out because the the locals can’t afford to play ball here correct I can’t afford itin Los Angeles don’t City that’s the city council members who want the money because they’re making these decisionsand when the big guy comes with money they can’t help it they’re hooked that money is their drugbecause they get to go get elected again reelected they always tell me oh ken I do have my campaign coming up soon allright Jim how much you needs as well so expensive where a local person can’treally afford it so like say for instance to apply for a dispensary or something like that it would be$220,000 just for an application fee and it’s nonrefundable you don’t get drawn you still don’t get your moneyback Mexico $1,000 just to apply and they have whole different regulations you know what I mean and thousands ofpeople applying get making a million dollars for for the city that’s my I want to go back to your federalquestion though about money and banking um well Ken’s talking about these guys if Federal level yeah still still legalbut for flower if you’re a dispensary if you’re a cultivation facility you aregoing to have saves full of money and in places like California and other states they they have almost like Fort KNXstructures with big cash trucks that come and pick up and there are buildingsarm arm trucks come and pick it up yeah just you can’t even imagine how much cannabis cash and got robing people nowgenetics the 2018 Farm Bill classified everything with less than 3% THC as ahemp product so if you don’t already know there’s no such thing in this world anymore as a cannabis seed they’re allhemp and hemp is federally legal so for banking um you can legally do all thatmy banking is through Chase my merch statements yeah not not great but they’re they are the easiest to dealwith yeah Chase sucks I hate them but guess what they have no problem dealing with hemp they are all over the UnitedStates and Chase is one of the few Banks and I’m just going to say this if you have a half million dollar deposit putin your Chase account they don’t shut your account down because it’s not a liability because they’re large enough to handle those kind of deposits you goto your local bank and all of a sudden 3 or 400,000 1.1 million shows up in your accountyou get shut down and I got plenty of people who got shut down with vinmo you got vinmo and Bitcoin and they’ll goafter that stuff and I bet people clean out venmo accounts dude I’m one of the origin with that venos paypals I wasshut down I was doing Green Dot cards I did a half a mil on Green Dot cards I’m banned for life from venmo PayPalStripes Square life my wife can’t even pay with my credit card through her PayPal account it will reject it andI’ve ran every social security number of my whole family trust me we are shut down I’ve been running it you cannot notgetting nothing PayPal was like but now seeds seeds are hemp all seeds are hemp and all the other homies now moving itthrough that those those money transfer programs on apps and stuff and they’re allowed to do it I’m like but now I’m soflagged that you can’t we can’t come back but that’s a game it’s a game though they’re playing a game of because at any time they can just switch that upand say guess what now we know what you guys are doing we know you’re moving your THC and calling it him and thenthat but we have coas from tests there’s nothing I mean all of my seeds are testedbut but but it’s but it’s what you need but but it is what you need it’s whatyou need that’s how you have to play the game play the [ __ ] game here nothing 0% these are hemp seats prove mewrong go all that rigorous testing right now and go ahead run it go ahead run itlet me out and go do the test my bank account if they they do find it and theywill say okay there’s enough money here for us to pursue it let’s get it tested let’s and maybe they get a mud on theirface and you sue them and get your money back because that have been people like that the funny medical I I’ve sued thembefore Lake County got money back I have an insurance company that paid me money once when I got robbed so I mean it’sit’s it’s got weird it’s got such moving parts of the puzzle that how is thisgoing to work out that’s why next door is a very important thing talking to people who are making these decisionshow can we make it we can’t or run for G run for a office do something we have tostay politically active that really is what I see as a solution embeded into the system there has to be other peopleand you just said yeah they have to embed themselves into the system that wonder if they’re going to fight for this you know what I mean it’slike out with they to go listen to it it’s like I understand what he’s saying about we’ve already had this discussion out of this room yeah you know what Imean I believe what he wants and I I see what he wants for it like we all do we all want to be grand and great butthat’s not the way it works no matter what we do a fair system it’s not fairit’s all twisted I I definitely would love to have that wouldn’t we all we all want rainbows and butterflies it’s notthe [ __ ] way it goes yeah I don’t really like butterflies they scaredme jump don’tworry that’s I live in a town where there’s a small little place called Moss Landingand uh over there all the Growers that grow indoor grow on one compound onecompound with multiple grows over there and there’s talks of burner coming to buy this whole compound for 40 millionor something that right there is just an example how that that could just wipe out our town with just cookies again youknow what I mean nobodycares he saidheokay they you know everything is cookies you walk around every other hassomething to do cookies know big so understand what you guys mean when youguys got big Brands like that but that’s what people are into they see the trendright well you said social media that’s what’s driving it always and they’re getting educated by people who aretelling them Lies We have people in our industry lying to their their clients as well open closed as kill the game it’skilled everything I don’t care what anybody says yeah I’ve been on Instagram dude since I was models and I call my ex-wife looking at some dude on there hewas like resume kind of [ __ ] F and I’ve starting s dropping seed start doing that I’m telling you right now opensource media so especially Instagram has destroyed cannabis that I don’t care that’s my opinion that’s everything towith my experience I’ve been there for a long time long time hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people likefollowers taken down from me yeah it has destroyed cannabis period but we’re notgoing to get rid of social media so is there a way of doing it I mean can these people make money ondoing this that doesn’t have to destroy us so it’s not there now but I stillthink I’m I’m in a hope I’m I’m a hopefulguy out start well look at Instagram Instagram is a one takeover of the worldit it just destroys everybody I’m not saying the platform I’m saying you can put up with cannabus all those onesanyone that keeps coming back look even burn this social social club dead you can’t do nothing you put your [ __ ] updud nobody likes your [ __ ] nobody cares everybody runs back to the [ __ ] the Instagram everybody Instagram us to seelike know commercials for likeand products right really good but now we all know they don’t work you know when Isee certain ads up people tting I already know that’s not working so likeIfeel obvious not Instagram has let me startadvertising seats again I was Shadow Bann for almost two years but I can I can do paid ads for seeds now I figuredout how to do it and not get violations and all that kind of stuff but yeah it’shey that’s why you go these events but you go these events now yearsbut you go to these events now and you know what you don’t see at the events is buds we got seeds we got we got thesepicks and a and shovels we got packaging it’s like where where the [ __ ] weed go we can’t sell weed we can’t show youweed no can we smoke it here no and when we first had these events I went to the first High Times the first all stuff weused to have to go to Amsterdam to these events once we started having the first few here and High Times came here and there’s just a few people many times thepolice walk through I remember having my bag the guy carrying my suitcase Rolling Along his name was Tony I had my boothand I said okay Tony yeah let’s go bring the boot bring bring the weed in I’m going to see if we can’t like cuz I havethese little containers I give a grandma my granddaddy purple away just because once people try it then they come back and so he wed it in next thing I lookover there oh the police are coming right towards my booth oh Tony get that back out of here and I watched him walking he walked right by them and theycome to me and they take my little tin of cannabis they put on the table is this yours I said it does say granddaddyper yes this is my container and he opens up I said oh there’s weed in there oh no I don’t know who put that in thereso maybe the guy where did you get it from maybe he put the weed in but you know so we have to lie we have to play games we have to stay one step ahead ofthe law I cleared my whole table out out of can of SC grabbed the whole thing right there right I’m standing just dumped it right behind us we just stoodthere everything’s behind us like straight the [ __ ] up they just walk by they’re looking ass everything mbds were on us hey but you know we kind of rebelsat first I remember having this big thing booth in Oakland I had lines right there and then the police came to shut me down said you can’t sell weed here Isaid it’s cannabis event what are you talking about you can’t sell weed the cops are standing there with their arms folded but we didn’t give up these guyswalk right in between the cops hand me money I give him a Bud right between yourcops and that’s why Kim is the mob father I’m trying to say that right now because I remember watching it and I’mlike this man is just about it he don’t care you know what I mean I do care Icare that they’re wrong I I I have the added Advantage like kissing your saidage of this being thetruths of the plan and that’s a beautiful thing now as soon as we did do that they became in and they took overI am for recreational because I am the small mom and pop guy it’s just me and my old lady I’ve been doing this since208 as much as I am for recreational the thing that’s killed our community knockthe small mom and pops out and the guys that there were in the beginning improving the medical part was whenrecreational came which came back from your point the big boys with the money come in they don’t care about ourmedical views They Don’t Care About Us they don’t care about the caregiver who sat there and bought for everyonethey’re going to come in and they’re going to build up this nice big cookie they care about the money all the you talked about the MPS that were herefighting for the purposes proving that we needed this to get off our pain pillsdeal with our MS and all the other bull stuffff that we got to deal with is now gone out the window that’s the sad factof our industry is the medical Parts getting left out now and it’s all about Recreation well I am patient and I needthis and I work with people in patience and that’s the whole sad part of the industry screw the internet let’s getback to the medical part of all this that’s what theforair it’s not lost you’re speaking on it yeah that was great you were speaking on it though we already proved it tothem but we now have to get the politicians who are taking the money from these guys and it’s about the moneyand how are you letting a big guy in some big guy gets in I guarantee you he bought his way in over the rest of usand he’ll ruin our [ __ ] he don’t care you don’t care if you’re medical he wantsmoney yeah it’s about the plant not the money well these people next door they could be for marijuana they’re for itgreat but what what is their price tag to let big the big company in werethe yessure what do you mean to actually sell seeds CU we can already I can sell seeds anywhere the bed’s already changed thatoh okay oh before 2018 ah got itokay and they be the best people in the world for cannabis but at the end of the day if it comes down to it and they’vegot big money sitting on there a brief case full of money saying we need alicense you know what is the price tag on their head whatno yes no I don’t what was the question white label oh white label no no that’swhat we that’s what we completely I can I I can tell you as far as recreational the only reason I ever released mygenetics to the world was because of recreational cannabis in in Californiaand then that’s when you were I wasn’t Pro I’ve never been Pro but what I did in California was Ispent a fortune on a facility on my property in2017 that met every requirement for legalization but I was I was ready formy Cottage permit and then all of a sudden January 1 2018 when the billkicks in uhoh well we’re going to change the land requirement you need for your zoning so it’s no longer one one acreyou need to be on five acres and that was the last time I ever voted for recreational because I screwedmyself out of $350,000 that I spent on my personal 1,400 footfacility and I went from I went from selling my pounds for 2,800 to 3600depending on on the dispensary making my seeds and working with some facilities and and letting them have beans andeverything and grow to being out of business in one day I went from legal toIllegal again because they change and that that’s what I’m talking about changing the bill and the rules on youthey’ll do it I mean I was set up perfect spent everything I had to makethe most amazing beautiful clean lab style breeding facility you could and inthe matter of one minute from 11:59 on December 31st to midnight JanuaryJanuary 1st I was now a black market grower and seller again and so on top ofthat okay I dealt with that I did what I needed to do but then on top of that you get into this recreational and you havepeople out there big money comes in who owns seed to sale and they all of a sudden drop the price down to two threefour $500 a pound which really isn’t the price that they’re selling it for because they ownseed to sale so they’re still growing it andell price of the price of the Ace of grand hav went down for years now Iwatched the price of the pounds go down but I see the still 60 bucks and eight 55 wait a minute I used to charge thatwhen I bought in La when I paid five 4,000 a pound of bombweed now is a IS300 and the price is still$608 your we yeah certain St saying certain Str come on that’s why Hawaii’sMarket is still good because you know like not too long ago all my flow was going to fly pounds are still high youknow what I mean huh I’m just being honest though like let’s be honest like we got tobringue whatever still but you know what doesn’t change the price of seeds I don’t care if a pound is 400 or 4,000I’m still getting 10 to 12 bucks of bean we and that that right there was my shiftwhen that happened because I had to stay legal and I I had been breeding for a while I had genetics and I finally looked I went home from La one day afterleaving a very large facility got back to my home up north and I looked at my wife and I said I’m doing the wrongthing flower’s dead seeds yeah and from that I literally sat on GoDaddy built awebsite and within like two hours of going live sale sale sale sale sale andI went oh [ __ ] [ __ ] go to Oklahoma man I was in Oklahoma Master Growers all underthe no they’re a bunch of Master Growers wearing cookies hats because they think it’s cool um they bought the T-shirt Master growerI have breeds going in Oklahoma and I’m telling you right now there’s I’m not getting involved in I’ve had so many opportunities so much money thrown at methere’s no [ __ ] way it’s almost like Oklahoma looked at California and said hold my beer I can screw cannabis upmore than California all my homies left everybody in Black Market everybody who went off got broken because whatrecreational did in California for a lot of people Southern California I’m going speak on is took away from everybody’s family it killed everybody’s families Idon’t give a [ __ ] from gangsters to just College workers everybody that was in the medical days all the canis cupseverything we were doing it it was a it was a community for real it was really love no like you said when they changed laws on us Fu guess what they pushed usback to the streets pushed us back to the streets homeless correct no see that’s what I’msaying they just took it no but hear no but in California where I’m at I get to care we fought the law we we said no wegot we paid a attorney we went to the judge the judge ruled yes you can’t close down medical so now you can stillbe a caregiver I’ve got my medical and five other Medicals and you’re saying well Ken you’ve been in this for yearshow come you don’t have the license man they make it hard to get I had to fight for the medical then they took it away and they gave it back but I had to go tocourt and fight that and it was if Lucky I have the energy to fight this [ __ ] A lot of people dealing with real illnessreal injury illnesses and they can’t just go and fight this [ __ ] can’t go to City Council meetings they can’t getattorneys they can’t you know so it’s a difficult game to play it’s got criminal [ __ ] records let’s keep it real wegot criminal [ __ ] that’s been against us arrested [ __ ] beat by cops ran through your [ __ ] house PTSD [ __ ]this [ __ ] up like dude I’m 45 homie and I’ve been do some shits for this plan and everybody else is out heresmoking joints like it’s cool and just chilling at a [ __ ] bus stop like man I’m likewhoa I’m still tripping I just want to say one thing real quick I just want to say that the mob is a great example oflike what you should do cuz look at us we’re all smaller guys that came together as one you know what I meanlike we are all here from all different places on the US I mean California Chicago La Oakland Cali to Missouri likewe are the example of like let’s bring the little guys together we’re a Powerhouse more together I we gotLegends right here Ken from GDP we’re bringing people together to to make itwe’re giving the example like if we bring the small farmers from Hawaii together to make a big farm then you gotthat big brand but with everybody’s little part of it together instead of the one guythat just comes and wipes itout I mean yeah or want to hold out but the majority wants the dollareverybody’s look and there’s nothing wrong there’s nothing wrong with making money I mean in a sense I mean makingmoney is a great thing but you can you can still keep some morals you can still represent the planet and be true to whatyou did much how much money you making on that Collective that you’re already doing do within that facility or that grounds that you’re doing it on isn’tthat enough for you if you’re making 20 $330,000 I’m just saying $40,000 a month for not for someone who spent 40 millionthey got three investors all these guys got money and they want and they want accountability every month how much are we making and force them to shark us Hawis what I grew dude I like I said I was born on the big island I spent my some of my childhood here I always come backto it enough was enough it’s one I learned here D it was just like love and content people were content you guyswere cool living in some slippers and some [ __ ] you know what I mean platform house with no [ __ ] doors onit I remember that [ __ ] out in the woods and or the say wood the jungle what the [ __ ] you call this man rain forestwhatever it is Li event we were all out there just living life to be a stoner was to be a stoner I watched Los Angelesman the gangsters came in and everything else doe to approach it and it’s all gang banging and everything else we’retaking this weed and [ __ ] you now they’re broke as [ __ ] working jacket the Box because recre came in they don’t gottheir bines their roles their whole [ __ ] is Ghost none of them nothing they’redone so how they structure it do Recreation say again how they structurethe bill very much so how do they want it are they for the people are they against the people they’re generallydesigned to run the small person out but you have to read the bills you have to read the bills because what they do is they might lure youinion that’s the problem yeah yeah they they they draw a fairy tale and you end up with a Horror Story yeah at the end Imean that’s that’s that’s what it is and that’s that’s why that question cameout you get thecommercials this seconding everybody change this right Ithink correct they just did that in Ohio Ohio was the last state to go recreational they passed it with it’s 2and a half ounces or three ounces a person could have on them it was like 14 or 15 grams of concentrate and couldgrow 12 plants as soon as that hit the governor’s desk now thank goodness thehouse and the Senate can override the governor there right but the governor wanted to strip it down to three plants1 o s g of concentrate basically cut more in half and less than half thanwhat everybody voted for and that was within his you know power thank God the the Senate and thehouse local stepped up and and didn’t let them do it but that’s the people voted and then the man who’s supposed tosign the bill goes in and does whatever his Free Will is I think I a lot ofpeople Second Amendment right don’t AIC card because once you get your C youhave to something not where Ilive you got a year before you can even apply in Missouri when you get your cardthey give you an AR many other states where you have a medical card and you can’t get a firearmoh there I mean that’s never an that’s with cannabis yeah some places if you have cannabis you can’t have firearmsthey come if someone if someone says something like maybe a bad an employee wants to is pissed off you fired him andgo the police hey he’s got a firearm in there a rifle they go in there find it you are getting fine and I’ll bet yourfacility is being closed maybe you can reopen it maybe you can fight it but the far the farthest at our facility is thatthe security guard could have went at that time he couldn’t go past the certain part of the door with that strapyeah I can’t go past a certain pointright want just decriminalize it man forget all the legalization [ __ ] state to state and all the battles just justcriminalize it come on yeah just let it be let it just be what it is well federally that’s what will happen yeahthat’s what it is going to happen but criminal that’s yeah but the moment they do do that that’s when the big moneydoes that’s when our biggest fight absolutely right that’s when we have a fight on our hands to keep the boutiquepeople together but I’ve seen be indries and wine Industries do it there’s still big giant wine Industries but didn’t Ilive in the Napa area in Napa there’s Vineyards everywhere andthey’re all making money and with facilities too because a lot of them are leasing out space at least in Soma they could do it the wineries could lease outspace to cannabis Growers and they could put facilities on the uh on some of the Vineyards EV eventually they’ll havewine tast now what you talking to these people they can’t wait till they get the pot testing and wine testing weed wineand chocolate any dispensaries when I was there in my country what they didn’t have anydispensaries they really in NAPA NAPA oh they’re they’re up there now well evencookies up there now I went to their opening there we go again go there’s nolimit for someone at home who wants to make wine they can make as many barrels as they want can’t they I don’t knowthat five gallons H it’s five gallons for distill or or M for distill beverageand then get into Federal stuff but I do see that show The Whiskey guys the guys who bootleggers and these guys tell youoh we’re bootlegging we’re we’re making our own stuff right but we got to watch out for the law these guys are all afraid of getting arrested so there’ssomething about you know that’s legal for Budweiser or for the for marker to make whiskey but don’t you make it wedon’t want you selling it you go through what we did because we want you getting licens and but I can’t get licens I’m asmall little guy but I love making these batches of whiskey I see that you know I watch that TV show I just love watchingthese guys make that make that Moon Yeah Moonshiners there’s one thing I can say about this whole thing I guess myopinion the best part in my life where it’s changed me and saved me dude is the genetics like really we haven’t spoketoo much on gentics I get it everything but check this out you know what I mean no matter what the way it turns I don’t care what government whoever no one’sever going to stop the genetics because you need genetics to start the plant no matter what it is even the government comes in you’re still going to need itthey’re not going to you know what I mean I would say you going to be me beat me or outow or out breed me you’re notit’s hands [ __ ] down you could breed whatever you want but they’re going to go and we’re still going to have seeds we’re still going to have Genex we’restill going to crossbreed we’re still going to make what people want to taste smoke hey hey this marijuana has beenaround for how many thousands of years we a canono system got genetics I still will breedgenetics and that way the seeds are legal cuz the farm whatever way they keep it on there but we still gotgenetics you’re just the genetic God you know what I mean that’s just what you are you done with your [ __ ] you knowwhat I mean J next J next J next next we win no matter what we’re all here withthat man genetics are going to be the end result no matter what happens dude we ran over we went over like 13 minutesall right thank you for those who show apprciate thank you thank you for the questions thank you for listening Jo usramble yep and we’reout