Marcus Moates – Extraction: Between Solvent vs. Solventless vs. Solvent-free Extractions

Marcus Moates –  CEO & Founder of Nature’s Lab Extracts 

Feb 2 – Room 2: 3PM – Extraction: Between Solvent vs. Solventless vs. Solvent-free Extractions

Marcus Moates, founder of Nature’s Lab Extracts, is a crucial figure in the cannabis industry. Originally from Arkansas, he entered the field in 2007 and founded Nature’s Lab Extracts in 2008. The brand, recognized for its hydrocarbon extraction and diverse product range, earned global acclaim with numerous awards. Marcus’s contributions extend to co-founding Kitty’s Munchies, a white-label edibles provider.

His dynamic career includes roles as CEO of Nature’s Lab Extracts, President of Extraction & Production in Las Vegas Cannabis, and Head of Extraction & Post Production at LoudPack. Marcus was crucial in setting up and training facilities, such as Loudpack and Cookies Retail. Beyond cannabis, he is involved in Love Lab, a CBD and Psilocybin Research company.

With a career spanning various facets of the cannabis industry and beyond, Marcus Moates is a driving force, contributing innovation and expertise to the evolving landscape of cannabis-related industries.


so hi my name is Marcus Moz uh I founded Nature’s lab extracts back in 20072 2008um we started out of a garage in California uh back in Northern California I’m sorry back in NorthHollywood California um we started really doing heavy solvent extraction back then a lotof butane a little bit of ethanol uh mostly butane extraction for live resin though a lot of OG kushes back then umso we get ask a lot of the questions about solvent solventless solvent free like what’s the difference um how do youdistinguish between those things uh so a lot of what we do with a solventobviously water is considered a universal solvent so you get a little bit of itch right there and that one butuh for the most part solvent extraction includes ethanol and butane predominantly uh you get some people whouse heptane hexane pentane some of the other secondary solvents in there for the most part just butane and ethanollives in that realm um if you’re using ethanol you’re pretty much making distillate which is a isolated moleculefor the most part it is just THC and a few other molecules that are really close to molecular weight like thcv andsome things like that um people consider that solvent free even though it doescome from a solvent because the solvent has been reduced out of it to a zero content level typically at that pointfor some reason people have labeled that solvent free diset has been kind of taken more of the popular term for thatparticular process um when people say solvent extracts they’re typically referring to a live resin or a curedresin from butane um most butane extracts even though they’re purg andthey’re about 100% free they still don’t get labeled to solvent free is just one of those weird things thatlike kind of happened back in like the early days um solventless on the other hand is just made with water um you seea couple different variants on that and you’ll see a full melt variation or you’ll see someone press it into rosinum the Press rosin is just a step away from the uh full melt so full melt isjust a fully washed extract collecting in a micron screen and then put into afreeze dryer typically some people still air dry uh and then you take that one step further press it into rosin uh witha rosin press bag and a little bit of pressure some heat um those typicallyare the two main categories solvent list and solvent um since then you startseeing a lot of pen development lately as been a big thing in the market everybody has a rosin pen a solvent penuh live resin’s kind of turned into more of a of a process that people just want to see in pens um live resin and resinthe difference between the two live resin would uh suggest that you’re using a frozen material so it means you cutthe plant down uh directly into the freezer try to do it within the first 30 minutes or so uh it ends up with a muchbetter true plant profile um a lot more light notes in there uh but a little bitdifferent Spectrum as far as what tpin that you’re going to get um when you do full plant cured cut and uh curedprocess uh instead of a frozen process you end up with a little different turpion profile um the effects are alittle different I feel personally for my body chemistry anyway it’s got a little bit more punch when it’s a acured uh flour instead of a live flour but again just a personal preferencesome people didn’t tend to prefer live resin hands down no matter what um onthe solventless side live rosin is kind of King uh it’s definitely the productthat everybody’s going for these days uh if there was something that was on the cusp and on the wave live rosin isdefinitely that one um there’s some other things that have a pretty good uh sector jumping right now I’d say likebeverages are always a good one but again you’re starting to see a lot more solvent list go into that beforedistillate was just everything you know you had distillate as an ingredient distillate as a pen Source uh it prettymuch seemed like it ruled the world but lately you’ve seen solventless really start to step in uh which is nice youstart to see people who really want to see something a little more healthy uh you know obviously anything made with asolvent you always have that worry of what solvents left in there versus you know if you’re using a water extraction always you have to worry about moisturecontent uh typically you can hear that if you’re inhaling it because it’ll Sizzle at you um so all in all muchbetter process it’s nice to see you know new as we see new States come on I’m starting to see a lot more people gointo the solventless sector almost immediately um before it seemed like dlet was your entry level point forpretty much everybody um nobody really wanted to dive into changing that up butluckily with the way that the internet works and the way that social media Works people are a lot more educated sothe entry-level user now has a lot more to think about and a lot more education at their fingertips so a lot easier tosee solvent list and things like that uh rising up much quickerum let see here other products that been coming outI mean even the edible sector you used to see diset most of the time as an ingredient going into everything is thebuilding block for THC um again now you start to solvent list ruled out round toeverybody wants raw and gummies instead of seeing a standard distillate gummy UhI feel like the taste is a lot better too distill kind of got a bitter taste to it a lot of isolation goes intothat trying to think what are the new products that we’re really seeing uh shout puff Coke those guys have beenmaking entry level for rosin and solventless a lot easier uh a lot morepeople have had access uh without having to bust out a blowtorch just to uh take a dab so uh that definitely has helpedout with uh education on that solventless level uh trying to think what else isnew coming up other than that it’s just been a lotof feno hunts I’ve been seeing out of a lot of companies lately just to try to find the best thing for solventless they possibly can um a lot of flavors aren’treally conducive to extraction the same way on solent list that they once were on solvent extraction so it’s alwaysgood to see some new things coming out there on the uh genetic sidetoo how’s it going um just talking about differencesbetween extractions um if you got any if you got any questions or anything like I’m totally open to some questionsyeah start guess oh yeah yeah so yield wise uh if you’re doing rosin uh or likelive live resin or pureed material okay so if you’re doing trimruns uh and you’re like processing your trim it’s good to not throw it things totally about that uh trim run cut itlike you normally would I usually let things uh dry for the most part like most of the way I dry I I end up if I’min a small garden you know and you’re by yourself and you’re kind of playing that delicate dance of all right it’s goingto dry up over this next week so I have to trim it over this next week you know I try to make sure if I’m trimming into a bucket I turn the trim make suredoesn’t you know build up some crazy moisture okay um but I try to process my trim quickly just so it comes out prettyum if I know I’m not uh once I get it all done and ready I’ll you know make sure the moisture content is pretty lowyou know turn it a couple times stick my hand in it feel for it and then I’ll bag it and tag it throw it in the freezer umjust to hold on to it you know even though it’s not yeah rosin rosin or I mean really anything it just keeps itfrom oxidizing cuz if you hold on to your trim longer even if it’s outside in the room it’ll start seeing likeconversions so you’ll start seeing THC degrade and turned into like thca thcvCVN CVG CBC like these other things it’s still like you hit them and like it’ll still like level you out cuz like CBGand those things kind of like make you sleepy anyway T is over yeah but your tur profile starts to go away so that’slike the the like double edge the longer you wait so freezing it doesn’t stop it but at least slows it down all right andthen from that point if you’re washing it for rosin I’m assuming or b or eth see I kind of likeyes I kind of enjoy it all yeah so rosin for for rosin trim if I’m got like freetime for days then yeah I’m washing rosin trim you know for the most part just because the time it takes if I gotsome really pretty stuff to run into rosin I’m probably going to blast that into BHO just faster faster but allright all right um and that process is pretty much the same prep work you’re you know you want to be dried out youwant the moisture content to be pretty low if you want to get like a hygrometer you can stab a hygrometer inside the thetrim and kind of Wiggle around a little bit till it gets a little bit of a reading on it um that helps out I try tomake sure it’s like maybe 10% or less on the on the moisture content so like youwant to be pretty dry if you can have it down like five it’s like it’s almost too dry oh yeah yeah but uh if it is not theend of the world again if if it’s that’s the case I just keep it for butane or ethanol something that you know is goingto be like probably edible grade uh maybe distillate grade something like that um but then just wash it fast asyou can uh if you’re doing uh rosin uh get it through the wash machine I try to keep my water like 28 to30° uh if you can you know I know it’s kind of a pain in the ass if you’re you know in a warm room fully oh everythingis climate control pretty much yeah all most of the rooms I work in are like 40° like 30 to 40 yeah yeah we used to havea negative like 10° freezer truck that we just left open on the back so was probably like youknow zero to like 20 in there for the most part but man you could make some really good R in in there shs and whatfrom beginning from wash to I guess jar it’s temperature controlyeah for the most part uh once you once you wash it um and you don’t need this like I’ve got plenty of friends we’vetaught to do this in 60° rooms and they’re just fine making some really white pretty blonde the best like Rosand they could be from what they have um so it really isn’t it doesn’t matter if your room is you know 100° or 30° aslong as you can you know build a koozie of some sort Around Your Vessel you’re pretty good you know and you just got tokeep adding ice kind of sucks you know but you know worse things uh you got enough ice in the chest beside youyou’re pretty good um BHO on the other hand obviously you want to have safe access to that one um if you’ve got likea a C1 D1 Booth available that’s your best bet um I mean back in the dayobviously we were outside glass tubes very different world um but hey you knowgot the job done uh and I mean we’ve processed I’ve processed thousands and thousands ofthose glass tubes so yes you know it uh it definitely was effective um and greatfor head stash I still think that that’s the best vho every machine I’ve seen it’s like yeah glass tube still does abetter job uh obviously not really the the route that you can go these days and thecompliance setting but I notic there a Bine the lastyears it’s turn into that I guess what did they thca no CNC oh CRC CC standsfor color immediation chromatography and so what all it really is is like you’re taking the pigmentsoff and when you take the pigment away from it uh because like everything’s so close to like molecular weight likeyou’re taking THC away uh you’re taking Turpin away you’re taking all the stuff that you don’t want to take away out tooso just that that kind of just makes it a a technology I was never fond of uh italso makes everything look the same I mean if you want to make your entire product line assimilated you know thenyeah CRC for a lot of people it’s like what they they want to do also they’re not working with quality you know ifyou’re working with a bunch of like trim that was not stored right it’s like oh yeah you can just remediate the colorOff to the Races you know um but yeah you that CRC technology it just destroyed B’s reputation cuz then all ofa sudden it’s like you really had to know your your operator otherwise you don’t know what they’re selling you you know it could look really pretty and beyou know floor trim you know the just the bottom of the barrel kind of thing but it looks like live resin uh yeahit’s it’s interesting like CRC just kind of destroyed that and once that happened rosin just shot up you know everybodywanted to make rosin every BHO company became a rosin company in like La overnight pretty much yeah it’sinteresting is there a difference when running certain flower with rosin andwlike you wise oh yeah yeah so a lot of the gassy stuff like ogs they do not dowell on rosin typically um like a lot of the stuff that seems to be like like papaya GMO like those two strainsspecifically they pretty much rule the world of rosin and it’s not that they’re the best strains in the world it’s because of the yield so usually when yousee a company really trying to push their papaya or really trying to push their garlic cocktails cuz they’re getting like a 6% return on those onesyou know versus like an OG Kush I live in the valley in Los Angeles and we are OG Kush people for sure uh problem withrosin and OG Kush is you’re seeing like a 1% return sometimes a sub 1% return ifyou see a 3% you are dancing a jig I mean it’s just it’s they’re rough numbers um but you know everybody seemsto love gassy strains um it just kind of the narrative changed a little bit whenpapaya and uh you know some of these other ones that had a better yield were the better yielders then all of a suddenyou started to see a general push of like well this is what you should grow cuz these are great strains it’s like no it’s just narrative changing becausesomeone’s trying to Market something to you you know I mean I like GMO a lot too um for as much as it gets pushed outthere and it’s everywhere on the rosin seam same with Papaya I still appreciate those strains you know um big fan of uhSour Diesel too and Sour Diesel is definitely like that azin specific strain um it does really well on BHO andso does GMO and so does papaya they do great on BHO you just kind of never see them anymore just because every rosingguy is going to grab that as fast as they can uh especially if that guy’s got OG Kush right beside cuz they’re like I don’t want that I want that you know uhso it’s definitely changed the whole lineup of what you see cultivated uh especially in like a lot of thesemarkets that are really really heavy and extracts definitely seen a giant change inthem I’m just taking questions we I was just kind of running through the uh differences between solvent solventlessand uh solvent free but now everybody just calls dist it uh so if you have any questions about extraction what’s theyou operate in a number of states yeah California Florida Missouri Oklahoma Arkansas and Nevada and what is thefuture I mean are are Sal sales still pushing in those markets for for as muchdecline you see people talking about them online or you’ll see people that are like oh you know rosin’s great and BHO is just trash I would never smokeBHO you go to the shop level and start talking to stores BHO still out sells rosin right uh every shop pretty muchunless they’re a very very like extraction Centric store that that specializes in like what’s Niche andwhat’s highend those guys you’ll typically see pushing more rosin or pushing more like really high high-endlive resin pens but for the most part live resin and uh dlet always seem likethey out sell it is that because it’s it’s got a better price point than the Consumer yeah price sensitive yeah and Ithink a lot of it has to do with the ability to change how it looks you know um with with diset you can make it lookpretty with live resin with CRC in in respect to that you can make it look pretty with rosin you’re stuck a littledifferent it’s it you can’t really cheat that one I mean people are finding ways now to try to make their rosin lookbetter A lot of people have cut their uh their cultivation time down substantially so instead of runningthings full term uh they’re running them at you know half term you know cut it a day 35 cut it it day 40 slowingchlorophyll or something yeah it just for the process of what rosin is it typically can make a strain that may notlook pretty typically like um Tangi or uh or Skittles they typically come outdarker um but if you pull them a little earlier then all of a sudden the tri chromes aren’t as developed they aren’tas much Amber in them they’re a lot more milky so you have a much prettier like blonder final product and so people havestarted to figure out that one the flip side of that is at day 35 your chirping aren’t really developed some are youknow like Skittles and tangies and these ones that are very you know prominent they’re they’re developed you you knowenough to where you can get them whenever you extract them but most other strains aren’t so you start to hitpeople’s entire product line and you start noticing that unless it is a skittles or a Tangi kind of all tastesthe same and it’s just hashy it’s not bad but it’s just hashy still clean on your nail still really pretty andaesthetic there they’re buying with their eyes as opposed to taste yeah and it’s hype so like the brands that aredoing it typically are the ones who have figured out like okay if I want to make everything look pretty to keep up with the standards that my customers havevisually this is the way that I’m going to do it and you know we do a lot of Consulting for a lot of cultivators and so we endup you know hearing it to the Great Vine you know this is what this guy wants this is what this guy wants and you start hearing these low times and you’rejust like man that’s sounds miserable because I I get the there’s a double-edged sword to that it’s like allright cool you’re you’re getting twice as many yields you know or polls per year but then your percentage isprobably at half that so if you had a 4center you probably have a 2ent now now you’ve bought double your media to growinto and you paid your trimmers twice as many times so for the business wise it’s like a terrible idea they’re just goingfor that because that’s the aths yeah and I think a lot of those guys are trying to play that long-term game oflike well if I have a really pretty product you know my brand stays very popular then when you know the time comes to be bought out maybe I’ll getbought out for me I’m just like uh our customers would tear us apart if everything tastes the same uh peoplewill notice so I I don’t mind like my entire product line having like a different Hue to it you know if that’sreally the only goal of like the color mediation is just to have a consistent like look to it uh plus it’s like I Iyou know as a as a pothead I’ve had jars and forgotten to you know not take labels off and been like what is thiswhat is this so if everything looks the same I I’d be lost anyway you know just high enough to not be able to smell itor something think I’m hitting one thing hit another I was just talking to dread pirate about bottles of wine right youcan’t see that color necessarily you’re not buying with your eyes for WI you’rebuying on taste and smell and yeah that whole process but the consumer is goingfor blue diamonds and [ __ ] yeah or oh that’s a pretty picture yeah right yeahlike that label a lot yeah I’ve definitely seen a lot of uh really nice boxes and gone to a lot of meetingswhere that’s the push you know it’s like I’m there for process and extraction and the meeting kind of takes that turn oflike look at this box the Aesthetics on it are so nice you know it it the way that it feels it’s like an iPhone boxand it’s like okay yeah that’s that’s cool back to the product going inside of it you know is that good or are we justmaking something that looks good on a shell and then once you open it up it’s like oh well this doesn’t smell good it does not taste good and I will never buythis brand again and I’m sorry if I’m asking too many question no you’re good what’s your um what’s your take on thewhole mold thing like can’t mold end up in rosin oh yeah and and it can beremediated from B yeah uh well for the most part mold and BHO is very verydifficult but I’ve seen it I’ve seen plenty of people who just have high moisture content they didn’t clean their live resin enough so when they went toextract they pulled a little bit of water like through the column then they end up with a little bit of water in their final product they didn’t Degas itenough because water has such a higher boiling point than BHO does so you end up with a little bit of water in thereand then just time not selling it things like that rosin a lot more easy to get mold especially the guys that don’t havefreeze dryers if you’re not freeze drying everything then typically air dry is a very very delicate dance um a lotof people will use something to absorb like cardboard they’ll put under the mesh so that way it’ll Wick down into the cardboard which works but then ifyou do it too long then you end up with something that kind of smells and tastes like cardboard uh which nobody really wants and so a lot of people that pull alittle early you know if they pull too early you’ll go to smell it and you’ll get that real weird mildewy fungalbacteria kind of smell uh and then that’s when it’s like all right well now I have to dissolve the thing and startover and turn into a solvent extract because you’re probably not going to get that miloy moldy smell would we be able to use uh Dees inside of a EC room yeahyeah if you’re doing air dry you can definitely do that uh and that’ll speed up the process a little bit and help you be a little bit more delicate on it tooum and that way you don’t have to rely on something like that cardboard absorbing because if you look at like old books like hashish by like RobertClark that’s more or less what they suggest um but I mean Robert was was also writing that book from aperspective of you know more just informational not like a how to good book yeah that’s a good one hash yeah umthat’s a good one um cannabis Alchemy is another really good one and then uhmarijuana chemistry those are pretty much the the three really knowledgeablebooks so I’m wondering how safe that product is compared to just a naturalflower safe well if you’re using water extraction that’s just a safe the onlything I think it would be unsafe in respect of that would be maybe like your tolerance like if your tolerance isn’tuh super high and you’re going to try to gauge that thing for the first time and not maybe be real moderate about it youcould probably easily find yourself asleep but that’s about that’s about where that would end uh and you knowreal quick it wouldn’t be like Oh I’m sleepy all the sudden you’d be like yeah that was a little heavy um cuzconcentrates typically if you’re smoking them they’re they’re definitely a little different than what you’re used to on the flower side that being said butaneextracts Done Right really clean um they’re pretty light so you can you cantake a pretty decent hit off of that with a low tolerance and not choke up uh solvent extracts are a lot closer toflour so they have a lot more plant matter in them still to some varying degree so if you take a giant off of asolvent EXT or solventless extract like a rosin or a full melt it’ll grab you by the throat for sure um but it’s just oneof those things you kind of it’s just like Edibles you know you don’t want to start off with the whole edible you want to take a little bit give it a little time same kind of concept up ease intoit and it’s safe uh solvent extracts can be unsafe but typically in every Market where you’ve got regulation behind itit’s rigorous enough that they have to go through testing and everything like that to where it’s safe I rarely do you see anything on like a compliant Marketon the solent side it’s just unsafe now on the unregulated side different story um it can be good it Cann not be good uma lot of it’s going to be based on noises it makes solvent tends to when you open the jar if there is solventstill present into it typically will hiss at you when you open the jar you’ll hear it you know or or or the lid justoutright pop you know uh if it’s a mason jar you’ll see it like depressed you knowuh solvent extracts are kind of they tell you if they’re not done right umand you’ll be able to taste it real quick they usually catch on fire very easy um not in a dangerous way but younotice that they are more reactive uh when you do go to hit them uh and it’s usually a Telltale sign too but for themost part concentrates just as safe as flower actually usually they go through alittle bit more testing so sometimes a little safer in the sense of uh data that you have back to you uh as far aslike what you can read on the coas no problem oh yeah extracts worldsof information a lot of fun stuff in there what’s the what’s the future forNature’s lab you guys are California uh we’re working on Dam right now we’reworking on Spain uh and then we’ve got talks uh about doing some stuff in Australia handson extraction thosemarkets yeah yeah I trained teams like my original team of 10 people like they’ve pretty much gotten spread out umlike one of them lives in Nevada one of the guys I trained in Oklahoma took over our Florida facility as far as likeboots on the ground uh we’ve got a guy who’s moving to New York to head that project um and then me and a coupleother guys bounc around on the west coast I run Florida’s H but like from a distance my buddy from Oklahoma is likeI said boots on the ground out there and then Amsterdam we’ve got a couple people lined up that I’ve just been friends with over the years but I try to keep itfor the most part like someone that I’ve known you know that that thing they tell you to never do in business can’t you know work with your friends my leads areall my friends you know it’s like the only people you can trust and give grief to you know a little bit and them notyou know get torn up by it so we’ve always I’ve always been lucky to work with good people though and people thatI’ve known um and it’s typically worked out neverhurts uh yeah can we just keep yeah you keep throwing questions this is great I wastalking to myself before anyone got here so this this was a lot this is a lot better cool was there was there apresentation or what did we miss no uh I was just doing the differences like I just kind of gave a little spiel aboutthe difference between solventless and solvent you know and then before that just mentioned my brand like where wecame from uh which I can kind of just give you a little snippet of that we started in 2007 um I moved to Californiafrom Arizona after college uh started the brand in my garage in North Hollywood and uh a buddy of mine I’mfrom Arkansas originally so um the idea of entering contests of like with your face is like no that’s a big no you knowI’m not trying to go to jail uh but one of my buddies after giving me a couple nudges convinced me to enter a couple contests we did really well at first anduh just kind of snowball from there uh my background is mechanical engineering I kind of thought at some point I wasgoing to hit a big brick wall and uh be back at Boeing and uh just cannabis kind of kept going and kept moving forwardand all of a sudden it’s like this is actually a real job I can actually tell my parents about this this is pretty cool and so then it was just all right Iguess I’m just doing weed now and uh it became full-time and loved it every minute of it you know it’s definitelybeen a lot better than sitting there building planes uh would not want to do that if uh goingback and and what’s the what’s the business I mean like multi-state operators having brand awareness acrossstate lines helps because you a better chance of becoming a Coca-Cola or Jackdanels is that I think more or less I hired enough people to where the we kind of streamlined our business in Cali andthe way that Cali Market was it’s not really an easy one to be profitable in alot of people kill themselves with overhead and I think our goal is more if we spread out and just do a couple operations and keep the same staff we’llbe able to keep the same staff and everybody can have a job and we can all you know live normal lives um other thanthat it’s like you’re pretty much stuck on the Trap side you know if everybody wanted to have a normal 9 to5 and be able to you know pay taxes and get ahouse it seemed like the only way to do that was for us to like I said spread around so that’s why the team kind ofall spread around there’s about four of us that are original guys that are still in California operating the Californialicenses uh but for the most part that was the only way to make it make sense for everybody uh so it was brandawareness and trying to build the brand out out in the sense of like hey you know when it does get big you know we’d love to be one of those brands thatbecomes a Nationwide in every store brand um but I don’t think that was the original goal it was more just to makesure everybody had a job in the crazy Market uh and we just got lucky that like we got into Florida that was agreat one um CU that’s a hard one to get into there’s only like 13 I think maybe 14 licenses right now out thereexpensive yeah yeah and we run cookies license out there so we got lucky on that one too so every cookie store yougo to in Florida like where the extracts that are on the Shelf there we we make cookie strains too that are cookies extracts but cookies in US did theyfinance those those licenses like are you guys financing all of your licensingstuff yourself trp is the brand that runs uh the cookies Florida license so they’re the ones that uh built out thatentire facility um I work with them in a couple other states too uh Chicago uhthey just opened up one there I think like two days ago too we’re trying TR to figure out something out here it’s justHawaii’s definitely got a very strict set of laws only I there only three licenses on each island or somethinglike that yeah I think there is some beauty and extraction yeah I I looked you guyshad some solventless extractions too I think I saw some rosin on a couple menusuh at least on the edible side and do you back to Sol versus Soldo you see the scale ability of Sal is far greater than solvent you can scalesolventless pretty easy oh I mean the only the only thing it kind of sucks about it is you do have a lot of waterneeds so if you’re not recirculating your water you’re going to use a lot of water to scale it um a couple of myfriends like Ashley she owns a company called ice extracts uh they make the icon 200 icon 120 70 and like a 34 thenumber is just how many gallons of water it is so that 200 can run like 50 60,000grams at once you know so you can really Crush through some material pretty quick with that thing um but you know you’realso using 200 gallons of water every time so you know you either got to recycle refil you know depending on likewhat the local municipality is going to tell you to do for water control uh it just kind of changes the whole dynamicso a lot of people do think butane is better just because they’re just going to buy the solvent then you run intothat this other side of that like I worked in Greenfield and Greenfield had environmental credits so you can only offer G so much butane per day so ifyou’re running a a certain recipe where you’re pouring off pretty heavy and you’re not off gassing it but you’repouring it off they still call that off gassing so you still it still takes up your envir environmental credits andonce you get to you know 100 pounds a day you’re done so if you’re pour off you’re losing you know five or sixpounds every time but you’re doing 20 30 pour offs all of a sudden they’re like well you can’t run all day now you knowlike you’ve literally capped your day but you can buy more environmental credits you know there there’s always some crazy loophole where is that thatwas Greenfield California Oh California yeah that was when I ran a loud pack facility up there got they got boughtout by Harborside years ago gotta and and can you flare that P can you burnthat off yeah well when you when you do heavy pour offs usually you’re making diamonds or something like that soyou’re trying to leave some solvent in there to kind of help the crash process uh speed up a little bit so you know thethat particular process you’re typically always pouring off a little extra just makes life a little easier too whenyou’re trying to transfer it’s not as thick so it actually wants to come out of the pan all the way so also to yourbenefit there on time I just know like when I say flare like I think that’s the term in petroleum for burning excess gasso they flare it that’s what those towers are yeah typically we’re putting them into a vacuum oven and it’s just adegassing oven so it just pulls it all out that way so instead of flaring it it just pulls it out that way through avapor process and a vapor pump sometimes you put gold traps on there to grab what they can out most people just throw itright in their vacuum pump and change the oil a couple times a month but sameprocess do you see do you see solvent BL taking over or slowly yeah yeah um oneof the things that I was ranting about before everybody came in was uh you’re starting to see a lot more ingredientsswitching before dis lit was just an ingredient um after it was a vape pen you know and nobody really wanted a disant pen anymore all of a suddeneverybody was like well I’ll just you know I’ll throw diset into my Edibles you know and then everybody got tired of that and then all of a sudden everybodyhad live resin you know everywhere because of CRC just kind of backed up the sales of it so then everybody waslike well why would I put dlet in there I got all this live resin I’ll just use that and then now you’re starting to see people slowly like eek into solventlessand I think a lot of it has to do with you know social media and you know people’s access to information obviouslyis a lot better than what it was when you know when we’d open up something in Colorado and everybody just had the format of all right you’re opening up anew St you have to give them distillate then you give them live resin then you give them rosin and that’s how you do ituh like when we opened up the Florida lab I opened up with just rosin skip diset skip BHO straight to rosin themarket loved it and they you know they took note of like oh these guys started with solventless um I mean the guys whoare making disate again it still out sells it so it’s like you’re going to make more money going that disate pushbut I’m noticing a lot more educated users the entrylevel people are going towards solventless which is definitelya different thing from 5 years ago when the entry level user just went to disl it primarily a tiny little amount thatwent to live resin but no one went to solving was right out of the gate you know but now definitely definitelyseeing that one I think s shutdown yeah uh they never really had a huge hold on the butane side they werepredominantly more of a solventless based company anyway um like raw Gardenswas like one of the big butane guys and they were just known for like that’s thing is 710 you know high-end you knowraw Gardens lowend they were just known for being butane you know like butane kind of just lived with all the lowendguys for a little while there we just re-released our live resin line and we’ve got good review and we’ve had goodfeedback from it but it is weird seeing it like right next to everything else it’s like $20 you know and even thenit’s like our I think ours is like you know 40 I think at stores Now versus before that was like our whole sale costand now that’s the retail cost on it so butane has definitely changed a lot yeah uh I only have a few minutes left so Iappreciate all the questions um this is definitely better than talking to myself so thank you for coming in if you haveany questions though I I’ve got a booth on the back wall so I’ll be here all