Kirk Reid aka Captain Kirk

Cooking Demonstration with Magical Butter

Captain Kirk Reid owner of Captain Kirk’s Edibles is a patient first and an edible chef second.

Currently residing in Oklahoma, he started his edible journey in Ann Arbor Mi back in 2008. Kirk helped open the first dispensary east of Colorado where he put out the first edibles to be bought. He was a part of the medical marijuana movement in Michigan and through his activism fought for patients rights to medical marijuana across the country. Kirk has spoken at multiple events to patients helping them achieve less pain and better quality of life through his edibles. He has won 11 high times cup awards as well as multiple other state competitions since starting his business. Kirk treats his MS daily with flower, edibles and tinctures. His MS has caused him to lose most of his vision, but this doesn’t stop him from creating in the kitchen. Lately he has specialized in Freeze Dried Foods and Candies, offering a variety of choices to patients! Be sure to check out Kirk Reid and Captain Kirk’s Edibles while at the Expo.