Justin Lehmann with God Satan Stan – Culture and the Bond of the Plant Pt.2

Justin Lehmann with God Satan Stan – Culture and the Bond of the Plant Pt.2 Justin Lehmann is a New Age independently successful 5th generation Midwest Farmer, Canna-preneur & controversial popular online personality/Gonzo Writer who will share personal cannabis business stories live on stage with crowd interaction. PSGX is a message and a movement inside of a highly volatile current cannabis industry with deep roots. Free PSGXWORLD seed packs will be given to the first 100 people who are in attendance. The plants grow us… we don’t grow the plants” Songs Of Canna Redemption & Revolution: Coming to you as a humble Voice from inside the depths of a self-proclaimed yet mass agreed upon “Current Cannabis Cultural Awakening” is Justin Lehmann of PSGXWORLD.

how’s everybody doing great good good glad you guys thank you for coming infor sure we got some seeds for you too if you come to our booth we got some free seeds for you cool so my name isJustin Layman I’m from Prairie State Genetics PGX world I’m a fifthgeneration farmer means all the men before me they was farming I’m kind of like a new age Urban Farmer in a sensein the Cannabis world so this is my buddy right here God Satan stand GodSatan stand’s one of my best friends he’s a hunter from Illinois which means he goes deep thousands of plants deepselects the best pheno out of it um go ahead and introduce yourself stand GodSatan stand my my genetics company I got brought on through him buying hisproduct and just hunting his stuff and pretty much locked in and stayedjust grow his his product so mean 2020 what happened was when Corona hit I guess I told a little bit of the storyyesterday before but I was a heroin addict for 17 years on and off uh 2019 Igot in a really bad accident in Reno deada my vehicle flipped over I got stuck inside of it I had to bus myselfout of the vehicle I heard my dad tell me bud get out of there my dad’s passed away I crawled out of the vehicle I gotout soon as me and the guy got to the side of the road it was on my birthday too October 30th 2019 soon as me and theguy got to the side of the road two more cars slammed into it two more trucks and one of the guys died but um after that Ikind of made a decision to go to rehab change my life get off the heroin today thankfully I got over four years cleanoff IV heroin Ed and um so what what happened was Illinois went Corona kickedoff in 2020 January Illinois went legal this guy I never met him before in mylife he ordered some packs of seeds from me called mutilated lips and he started hunting yep and we’re both huge weanfans yeah right and that yeah the strain name come from a ween song yeah we just been running with itand mutilated lips mutilated lips he went through he hunted it he made the selection and I’ll be honestwith you guys right now I’ve dealt with you know thousands and thousands of ters and friends and people and I don’t meanthis in a bad way but I never thought this guy would stick around this long truthfully but he’s been to every singleof prayer State Genetics psdx world event we done he was in Hawaii last year he’s been to Kansas City Oklahoma humbowe been HBO County he’s got his wife here now he’s brought his kids he’s made a dedication to my company which haskind of been hard for me to accept cuz I’m not really [ __ ] really you know what I mean I was a heroin we made a lot of money since then but so someone likethis making a dedication my product made me kind of believe in myself too he came down to Carbondale Illinois and broughtme the original clone back B hunted and we bred with it multiple times sincethen quite a few yeah it’s full circle it really is it’sbeen a full circle we come out here and so tell them a little about how you grew up and everything man I’m a I’m acountry farm boy kid born and raised little small town been growing bud sinceI was 14 now can finally do it legal and how many years total 32 and that’s another thing aboutIllinois that I want to say too is Illinois where we’re from we’re the ones that pushed the farm bill 2018 to get itto where it’s at because this plant you got to look at we’re talking about one plant we’re not talking about you knowrudar Inda sativa no no no those are descriptions of plants you know from theequatorial where they grew up at we’re talking about just like each one of us different colors everything we’re fromone son of man origin as humans just like this plant this plant is from oneorigin it’s just on different evolutionary timelines so that’s where they made the mistake when they drew up all these laws at they want to talkabout thca and CBD and cbgm and all these different but it’s one plan andthe farm the farm bill says that anything that’s under 3% is isal it’shim so any clones we got racks And Trades of clones walking down the street with a’t nothey’re still technically him the seeds that we sell I I I bring seeds on the airplane with me I make a big point Idon’t even check them I bring them on I carry them on to make a point that they are him this plant is not a crime it’s abond you meet people you know we’re here for a family event I wanted to give himan opportunity to come up here and talk about some of his breeding regimen his God Satan stand genetics and it’s a loveit’s for the love of the plant you know I’ve I got a grow Hub facility in ourtown and uh the medicine that comes straight out of it already is supposed to be medicine for patients but it’sit’s covered in mold and mildew so our facility has a machine in it that they run all your product to an x-ray ofradiation that zaps out all your molds and mildew well if I’m a patient and need good medicine why the hell am Igoing to be buying from a dispensary that’s selling junk medicine from the start of the get-go that the medicine sothat’s that’s where I started growing growing my own product essentially and now it’s led to where my product’s goodfrom his product so I’m going to spread the love of good product good medicine to everybody and not have to worry aboutwell I got this from the dispensary I shouldn’t have to worry if it’s got molds or mil so you cut all that out of thepicture and just do your own and you know what your your medicine is then what type of products what type ofprojects you working on right now what the last breeding project you mutilated lips mutilated lips just got hit withsome um mixing in some CBD I got a strain called cbdc it’s a silver skunkan 80s silver skunk crossed with a silver haze the patients like that and it it’s a good it’s and a littleuplifting but towards the end it uh it’s a sedation it takes your pain and letsyou relax you know it’s your nighttime strain um I mix with a got a cuple youknow daytime you know mutilated lips is uh pretty lemon crippler cross yeahLemon crippler Cherry Pie it’s uh pretty balanced but a little too much and itwill put you in the sheets yeah so coming out here you brought your wife too brought my wifeshe’s she for the longest time thought I was just growing pot and now she’s got into it you know on the business sidedoing y she says you you want to do this I’m behind you 100% you know if if yougot the support system you can do anything you want and she come out she’s enjoying itshe getting the sight of it like I was telling you she was talking weed the other day and I was like oh damn babytalk about weed a little more you’re kind of making me happy Kim Kim’s a good woman she keepshim straight now she’s the boss yeah she’s the backbone for my for me she keeps me in line MH you brought yourboys up the humble too yeah yeah they came out seen you know it’s I got a19-year-old and I told him I said you’re the Next Generation after you know I get too old to do this or if this pops offand we’re doing good somebody else has got to carry on you know the lineage yeah yeah you got to keep the stuffgoing yeah hopefully him seeing stuff like this too you know what I mean Inspire him his dad’s you know doingsome more important things can he likes to smoke it I’m said you’re going to like to smoke it you got tolearn to do it and we’re just you know we’re from Illinois we’re just red NickMidwestern you know that’s how we are we love coming out here I’ll be truthful with you I don’t really come out toHawaii unless it’s by invite we’ve been very thankful you know to the locals and kakas and everyone for inviting us outbest best show on the gig by far best show in the country we’ve been to all of them and Iain’t here to be talking [ __ ] about none of the other ones I mean I could if I wanted to but I so people here laidbacknice loving welcoming sure we’ll come back next year too oh yeah I think thiswill be my every my every yearly birthday vacation thing just to get out of the cold in Illinois and come backand meet the PE you know meet the people we’ve already met the good connections and make more new connections and morenew friends family for the love of the weed yeah all the plant so tell them about Illinois what are they do inIllinois listen so Illinois is a recreational State Illinois went wreck in 2020 that’s how I made a bunch ofmoney truthfully Illinois went wck in 2020 I had processors for 2 years is the fifth most populated state in the UnitedStates it borders six other states between Michigan Wisconsin Iowa Missouriuh Kentucky Tennessee Indiana and Michigan across the water some of thoseare recreational States and some of them don’t have anything at all so they all come over the board so you look at it askind of a California the Midwest yeah in a sense and what do they do to you let’ssay me and you got a 100 plants in a basement all right and we ain’t we ain’t minding the lawand the cops come in they kick our door down and they see 300 plants in our basement what are they going to do to usback there well from experience um depending onwhat’s in flow like I had a I had quite a few in veg and they weren’t worriedabout my mass quantity in veg cuz that’s technically him under the farm bill butthey were worried about what was in my my flower room and when he come back there and look there was fiveplants that was my our lost States we can have five plants in flower that’s itso I had my five he turned around walked out of my house didn’t say a word about the 25 that were in veg was just worriedwhat what my flower was he said that’s the agenda we’re trying to kind push a little bit to Hawaii to let people knowthat that hemp and farm build 2018 these hydroponic shops can sell clones theycan sell seeds if you got a t shop and you’re selling tattoo C CBD bomb foryour tattoos you can sell [ __ ] seeds in your shop at the same time they’re covered under him now there is a changeis getting ready to happen to it but it has more to do with like thca and the Delta Delta L but hey look they’re goingto sooner or later they’re going to increase the allowance to 1% so it’s at 3% now between the THD and the him butit’s going to go up to 1% really soon and when that and then when schedule three happens at the same time that’sgoing to change the whole financial structure for so I advise this I I thought I’d come over here with all the answers and [ __ ]but I don’t have a single answer I just got a bunch of experiences and but what I really would say to Hawaii if I couldpitch one message would be get wreck done and and here’s the reason it’s going to create your financialinfrastructure for the future I know there’s a lot of guys with agendas that want their Co-op and they keep itmedical cuz y’all was black market for so many years without any dispensers here’s the crazy thing this is still ablack market market it’s just there’s so much fear mixed into it that it gets youknow these helicopters and checking these plants let me ask you this would you rather be able to take 10 plants and10 plants and put them together and have 20 and have people checking tags and helicopters or would you rather haveeverybody be able to grow six recreational when everyone can grow six it creates more money at the same timefor everybody well then there’s a few people that are worried that they do the the wreck that it’s going to affecttheir medical it’s not you get to keep your medical and see from I’m a medical patient and when wck camethrough it didn’t affect my plant count it didn’t affect anything the only thing really with my medical to rec side isreide in Illinois you can’t grow plants but I I don’t have to pay any tax at thedispensary if I go by product so that’s really the only break that the a medicalpatient from Recreation gets one thing I one thing I advise about if you guys do end up going wreck and you keep yourmedical keep your medical too for the DUI stuff like that you got your medical card still in case there’s any problemslike that down the road coverage you coverage your ass and now one thing I want to say about Hawaii too and thisshould be a part of the agenda and the Bild these guys are pitching Hawaii needs a higher plant count it’sperpetual flower 1212 you got the highest electric prices in the United States so it forces to ground door nowif that’s the case you need a higher plant count like Michigan Michigan’s got a toil plant count cuz they’re in the Frozen [ __ ] Tundra they can get anearly Frost and kill everything just like y’all can get a hurricane or whatnot to come and blast out all yourPL so the main focus on any of these dudes that want to write laws and bills with these politicians don’t confineyourself with 10x 20 spaces and all this increase your PL increase your wish I could tell awhole room full of people that so what’s next going into thefuture what are you projecting it 2024 2025 Where’s God Satan stand genetics going to in the futurewell I like I like my small little you know controllable or operation I gotgoing on and just drop a couple strains every every few months you know nothing super major but the goal is to to get myproduct out there all over yeah you’ve kind of been more focused on like I hate to sound so cliche not really helpingpeople but it really is kind of helping people I mean I went to Humble I didn’t sell a seed pack at all I gave them awayI came here I haven’t sold a seed pack I’ve given all my seeds away I’m about Ilike helping see where my product does over in other places and you know some people can’t afford to drop the money onsome of these seed packs that some get get the price up there a littlebit man it’s a seed I’m here to help you out I want you to have good product reliable at a cheap good price and whenyou’re C when you’re charging people $5,000 for a clone and 500 for a pack at that point you’re a breeder right butyou’re breeding animosity you’re not breeding love you’re not breeding for the plant you’re breeding for the dollars you’re getting from it yeahwe’ve never been about that man I have to I have to be very honest with youall and since 2019 to to 2023 we did verywell off two processors online and made a lot of money but I never let it change anything about me and I try to stay onthe focus he’s on too about just the medicine and the helping of people some people are are denied orcan’t get it you know there’s I know quite a few Growers are like man I’d grow but I can’t afford to pay for ithere have some seeds grow make your product you need medicine everybody needs their medicine and a lot of from what I’mdoing was come from I’ve had shoulder surgeries ankle surgeries and I was Iwas hooked on pain pills so now I just grow my product that’s equivalent to apain pill but I’m not eating pain pill and putting that junk back in my system you say the weed got you off pain pill is what you say oh yeahyep it’s a bond brings us all together together I mean look I got those guysout there right now I’ve been doing this for a long time there’s guys out there that don’t like me for whatever reason or what youknow but at the end of the day we’re all brought together by the bond of plan that matters no you check that [ __ ] at the door it’scrazy when your Legends start becoming your rivals in this business you see it you know it happens huh yes it does andI just you know I wanted to bring him up here today I spoke yesterday yesterday and gave my talk but I really wanted to take the time to give this opportunityto him to come up here you know and speak appreciate it yeah I’m not the best public speaker or anything but in alittle bit yeah uh so um let me ask you this what aboutyour boy what about him for the future in the plan getting into the business he’s I think he’ll carry it on he’s yeahhe’s he acts he’s at that age right now he like he’s he’s he’s interested but he’s going to be watching he’s see tellhe’s got other things going on but you know I’m doing it for him and hopefully to have somewhat of alittle more coach life on him for sure a future and then he’d be the next one spreading out the good genetics aroundyou know helping helping others mhm humbly yeah and then another thing Idid want to say too is the Midwest cannabis we probably don’t get the respect for it but we open Midwest withthat H Farmville 2018 I’ve been I’ve been to the ground with guns on my head busted for 300 PLS and Brownstonebasements and all I’ve ever said is that H farmvill 2018 I said these plants have no THC and what they end up doing itwasn’t in B they steal your plants and they steal your lights and they take your [ __ ] why do they do that cuz theywant to slow it down they can’t stop we can’t stop this no they ain’t going to stop if you can grow this in your whatthey want to do is they want to try to liit the THC is and this and that but why you know they say More Money MoreProblems right when you go wrecked there’s going to be more crime there’s going to be more robberies well of course because the plant shouldn’t beillegal 100% correct I mean I think we need to take it back to the origin and the medicine of this point just the bondand the culture of it not the corporate and the money I know they’re always going to be there and I’m not hating on thepoliticians either but that a lot of people have lost it for the for the sideof of the dollar there’s not the love of doing it like you asked my wife I’m having a bad day I’m being an [ __ ]she’ll tell me go out to your room I’ll go play with my plants for a couple hours come back total different personyou know it’s my stress reliever too therapeutic yep so it saved your marriage you’d say ohyeah Y when you when you when you guys fly back from over here 8th what you gotplanned the time here we’re going to do little hiking if this foot will hold up oh your foot went on one hike and thenuh two days later couldn’t walk don’tknow hob around that gr am I guarante oh yeah yeah I always got to have time for that you know that ain’t slowing me downthen but um I guess any questions for anyone out there yes right so I’m umI’ve been in Nur for 50 years 5 uh oncology surge hospice and now I’ma member of the American canus nursing association and one of the the reasonsthat um you know when you talk about you know the agreed in the money you know it’s amedicine first and and we’re trying to get the education out to people aboutthat to besides the fact you I did a lot of the plant since the’ 60s one of myboyfriends in the day was ja smelll who used toprovide and yeah and but one of my mainquestions is I’ve been to a few um of these conventions in New York City the jav center has one every year I’m justso surprised at how much money seeds are these days and when you were talkingabout even way when you see packs out there for $100 for seeds it’s like whatthe new like way of people making money is from seeds alone because I knowCaptain Jack you know and the seeds were original afan seeds from the 60s he wasover there in Afghanistan so he’s got he’s got he’s got the ones but I wasso surprised is that what’s happening so is it now more the SE business also youfeel that first and like I stated ear mine’s mine’s not for the money mine is to Iknow mentioned I thought that was so wonderful but out there I felt like Iwas I’m I’ll tell you now I’ll never have a seed pack that I’ll sell for $100 just because I I won’t pay $100 for itno there’s clones out there going for $5,000 and I guess where the where the disconnection is at is ultimately at theend of the day when we strip everything down this is AR you know you make the pack you’re doing the breeding breedingis an artc like breeding a dog is an art I think somewhere the people got the heart misunderstood with the correctrepresentation of Val and that’s that’s one thing he’s talking about is trying to away with ofI mean letme I would mind R you gotquestion no just just here learning I I actually just uh I got a medical carhere for years ago and it’s done Wonder so I haven’t started growing yet becauseof prices and it’s overwhelming like anytime you go to figure out like thegrill at home and it’s like oh you need this you need this and this and it’s just like at some point I’ll get there butit’s like a little overwhelming it’s when you’re in the grind oflife it’s not cheap to grow yeah this guy here’s going to get you some seedyeah I got you he’s get some good quality well bre seeds you know we’ll hook youup do you find thattheate oh yeah most certainly I deal with that a lot because one thing that’s kind of funny is my first year was theyear we came last year so I really got to be humbled and learned this year I had guys coming up to me like hey man Iran that last year and we loved it it is a lot not here we’re from Illinois so it’s a big farm area a lot of corn backthere in the midwest we deal with Storia we deal with bugs we deal with mold we got fly winners to come in I think we’rein one of the toughest 5A through 6B zones in the United States but Hawaii is even tougher Hawai is the toughestoutdoor Zone in my opinion in the US and it separates the men from the boys but our breeding that we do back there runsreally well out here because of all this we get really moist St to you know end end of the run when you got your bigbuds is always moist and it’s constantly moist here you know so if our if ourgenetics going to do good over here damn it should do good back where we’re at you know so it’s a good testing groundM People come back oh yeah we I try to keep track anybody that gets any of myseeds just for my knowledge and I here here’s my Instagram hit me up here’s my email I’dlike to see what you done show me what you you know because there’s all kinds of different and plants York City ohyeah they dider fa river right thereand I’d like to get you some seeds too I’m take care of you we we breed highquality I mean look it’s in our blood he’s I’m a fifth generation farmer he’s a farm blood too most of us back therewhen you know the immigrants came in in the 1800s they came down from the French came down from the rivers and all thoseexplorers and the Germans came over and we’re from that farm blood what did those people do they started working atfarms until they got their money and got their own piece of property and continue to farm this world’s getting back tofarming now too if you see people pushing more of that envelope we’re getting to where and I have no choice yeah I much rather eat something I’veown produce than go to a store and buy it yeah you know from my daughter’s dance classright there my indoor outdoor or I’m both I I can’t keep my hand out of it Igrow indoors all the time and then when it’s nice enough to grow outdoors well yeah I’m going to run some outdoors too so youknow what you say the the indoor we would prefer more indoor to outdoor and I said I’m I run both we’re e du withand that’s one thing I want to touch on you said is well a lot of those expensive seeds you see out there look I ain’t talking bad about many y guys outthere but they’re not proven out here they’re not proven in Hawai I me don’t never buy 150 cuz it sounds like it’s acheesecake it sounds tasty buy because you know it’s tried true yep if it’stried and true it’ll run well out there and I’ll say it again Hawaii separates the men breeders from the boy breedersand we got to come back and see our genetics work really well out here so I’m flattered by that progression yearafter year yeah you know getting better hopefully yes ma’am yeah um what do you think made the bill get successful in Wwe’ve had a bill here for several years and it always gets stuck in the house I know I can tell exactly why you guys gotinfluencers out here you guys got people that are pushing this [ __ ] agenda that won’t get off of it they’re veryinfluential people I’ll tell that do the same thing I seen the feds come out here I’ve seen what happened with all thatlook man the wck needs to happen it needs to happen not just because the politicians and all dude the politiciansare good people too they smoke and they want to make money for Hawaii another thing I want to say while I’m up here BJpin District One they need to get that guy in the officethose are people that can change things they might seem wild and different and kind of crazy but that’s what we’regoing to need in this generation to get [ __ ] changed moving forward New York Recreation within thelast year and I live part time there too um it’s been really interesting I spent a lot of time in the Netherlands whereyou know you can go into a coffee shop and just have a joint and have a a glass ofwine and it’s so normalized it but New York still hasn’t even gotten it there even Imean the dispensaries are open but there’s not a place you can go unless it’s a private club and theyve gotlittle late situation going on so it’s not even user we are Illinois Illinois is the same way we don’t have I’ll saythis if Hawaii doesn’t get wrecked down this year in 2024 if it doesn’t happen this year then here’s what’s going tohappen I can see the future because I have a vast understanding over time many I’ve been through Colorado CaliforniaNevada all all these fights for legalization but if Hawaii doesn’t get it done this year they’ll be left in thedust financially in the canabas IND so I really hope that you guys can get behind the right people and this Co-op medicalCo-op this [ __ ] ain’t going to work man and here’s the issue that always happens with it space and then who sits at thetop of it you know and that’s what they’re trying to avoid they say we don’t want corporate entities coming inand [ __ ] monopolizing what doesn’t matter someone’s always going to monopolize itit’s just who are you going to let monop yep but part of Illinois is really conservative and so how do you get thosepeople on board Chicago I mean Chicago votes our our our Governors and everything you got tofigure there’s what Hawaii’s 1.4 million people Chicago alone the market I’m outof is three times as populated as the whole state of Hawaii Illinois is 12 times more popular than that so it’s ahuge State that’s how we were able to make a lot of money back all process a Cook County vote takes up half of thefull state of Illinois vote pretty much just because there’s so he’s at like Southern Illinois L field it don’t evenreally matter that much really and Hawaii I hear people sayHawaii’s cooked with politicians and whatnot you know I hear people say that heard ofic and Governor Ryan and some ofthose they’re Illinois Governors yeah our last three or four Governors are have all been to prison done time whilethey were Governors while they was Governors and pritzer pretty much was saysuh if I’m elected in I will legalize marijuana he got elected in that was thefirst thing he did you know that’s that’s how we got it is I’m going to promise you something and I’m crooked Ican get it done yeah so we are fortunate though Illinois is pretty much kind of gray wide opentoo all the hydroponic shops sell clones they sell seeds at from tattoo places tolittle CBD stores to and I want to see more of that here in Hawaii before I leave that’s one thing I’d like to pusha bit more is going into these hydroponic shops and let them know you guys can s seeds there’s have clones inhere so many people through by the booth just talking like how do you guys how you getting rid of them clones and thisnot knowing on the federal Bill the the impact is I mean huge you can can flyhome with them I flew out with seeds to multiple places and if you got the003 pins or or the Deltas all that FTAdon’t even say nothing about you sliding through with them you know we’re flying with cles and SE I flew over here with40 40 clones in my in my check bag and what like two 300 packs in thecarryon so we need to stop with this [ __ ] about it’s a crime what they’rewanting to do is they’re just wanting to slow it down to limit and put into the hands of other people but we don’t knowyou know we’re the ones all together cumulatively that are holding up that platform that they’re on without them ifwe all get together that’s the revolution they Unstoppable the Unstoppable so I think we got a few moreminutes left any more questions from anybody that’s it what what’s yourwhat’s your company name m mine is Prairie State Genetics but it’s PSG X world and we’re in a we’re over at 402it’s got Abraham Lincoln with the gold grill and mine’s God Satan stand genetics God Satan stand which TI backto a wean album which was God wean Satan and my my first start out all came offof off of a band yeah and that stream you know it Liv that’s how ourconnection and our energy and this is my best buddy this is my best grown buddy I have I got three farms in threedifferent states over the years we’ve done very successful very well this is my main dude out of right here I got alot of love for this dude thank you no problem bro plant brings together thank[Music]