Joseph Cerecedes – Mushrooms: Ancient History – Modern Science

Joseph Cerecedes is an indigenous international Native American world speaker who has spent decades working with inter tribal communities to bring clean water technologies to them. He is a certified student of Paul Stamets (Fungi Perfecti Labs) and Dr. John Holiday (Aloha Medicinals). His work includes the Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements with Dr.Solomon P. Wasser (Institute of Evolution). He has two decades of experience with Bio-technologies applications for the commercial production of medicinal mushrooms and the design and operation of industrial-scale laboratories, which he continues to offer consulting dialogue. He is currently developing products to aid in Regenerative therapies, Nutraceutical formulations, and Clean Water and Energy Technologies, believing in his commitment to environmental preservation. He is the author of Biological Resonance: Thriving in a Radioactive Universe and holds the respected honor of being a Native American Sun-dancer.

Day 1


all right well uh welcome to the Hawaii Cannabis Expo um I am Joseph sares and Iam the founder and president of immortal 9 LLC um it’s a company that I’verecently started to provide uh host of different products that focus on regenerative therapies focused arounddifferent species of medicinal mushrooms I have a very extensive background in medical micology I was originallytrained by Paul stamitz at fungi perfectti Labs well over 20 years ago uh have a a a background as well in mentalhealth and neutraceuticals and Commercial biotechnologies I’m also a Native American uh Sundancer and I’vespent a lot of time doing indigen indigenous healing practice practices in the Pacific Northwest um ultimately uhmuch of my my my knowledge my research has been um on the ground floor in thetemperate rainforests um up by Mount Shasta and the cisu mountains if youguys are familiar with the Cascade region it’s a really amazing bio region filled with an incredible um variety ofdifferent species of uh endemic and endangered species from you know fungito plants alike as well as the indigenous people of those lands um I am also the author ofbiological resonance thriving in a radioactive Universe I wrote that almost yeah 15 20 years ago now um but it’s avery much pushing The Cutting Edge of the research surrounding aging anddegenerative diseases that are running rampid around the planet um as a result of much of our Western uhlifestyle um um as I said I was uh a student of Paul stamitz and I um workedalong his alongside him for almost a decade I actually got to edit his bookmycelium running how mushrooms can help save the world and there he is actually in British Columbia on Cortez island inthe middle of absolute gorgeous nowhere um calling in on his sat phone the last edits that I made to his book uh intothe publisher um and so I’ve been doing this work quite a bit you guys might have seen some of his work on Netflixand uh documentaries you know series that you’ve probably seen him on and inthe support in promoting medicinal mushrooms I’ve also published Works through the National Institutes of Health um Encyclopedia of dietarysupplements with the former editor and chief of the international Journal of medicinal mushrooms uh his name is DrSolomon p waser as well as co-author the paper with a man named Dr John holidayMatt Cleaver and MOA tinik um they also were involved all of us rather in UnitedNations Contracting to over 57 countries to provide um mushroom formulations toover um 57 countries for HIV and hepatitis C medications um where they’reregistered as biopharmaceuticals in the United States of course the FDA has not approved the use of medicinal mushroomsfor the treatment or prevention of any disease um these are the types of labs that I was trained to build these arebiotechnology facilities that is a pressure vessel about the size of a 40ft submarineand um that’s how we sterilize our media and so we can take lots of different types of materials whether they begrains or hardwood sawdust or things of that nature and we can put tons of this into this machine and basically pressurecook it it’s a submarine size pressure cooker which allows us to sterilize the media that we feed the fungi in alaboratory and it’s not like growing you know plants in a garden uh fungi arevery specific in the growing conditions they need so we have to grow them in sterile environments or they willcontaminate with different types of molds or milu or bacteria so we have to keep them very clean and sterile um mostpeople don’t consider a mushroom farm being looking like a pharmaceutical Laboratory um but ultimately that’sreally what we do is we grow them in Petri dish uh in cell cultures and then we can propagate them one single petridish in that stack one of those petri dishes could be propagated in 90 days can produce a million pounds ofmushrooms uh grown in this way CU they grow exponentially right um which ispretty amazing uh these are the types of facilities that I design and I build in the commercial industry we basically cantake an empty warehouse and with um you know the ability to just uh uh createthe floor plan uh ultimately establish a class 100 sterile clean room laboratorywhich allows us to propagate large amounts of mushrooms this is a a sneakpeek and look inside one of our Laboratories our primary clean rooms and as you can see here um we’re sanitizingthe surfaces with alcohol and fire to basically burn off any dust or any typesof uh you know particles that came off of a paper towel or a cotton uh you knowcloth uh when we’re wiping down because we really want to make those surfaces as sterile as possible and there’s anotherautoclave or retort uh that we use and as as you can see actually the dirtymaterial goes in the back end and we cook it that you can see here in the middle umand then the other material actually comes out um that was interesting sounduh the the the dirty end is here and the you put the the the unsterile materialyou close the door and cook it and then once it’s done cooking this is inside the lab so when we open the door it’scompletely sterile there the material is not ever allowed to to touch contaminated or dirtyair it is actually NASA is a class 10,000clean room we have class 100 sterile a clean rooms were quite a bit moresterile than NASA for satellite um manufacturing they have to have a dustfree environment which is very easy to do what we have to do is have a microbial free environment which iswhich is significantly more of an intense lab and so these are the types of labs that biowarfare are done in bylike Fort Dietrich and in Maryland um and you know all types ofbiolabs uh utilize these types of uh clean room uh Laboratories um in anycase uh we do have uh Magic Spore Labs is a partner company that has a booth right next door to ours and they producehigh quality uh Spore syringes um more of my focus actually is in the realm ofuh medicinal fungi uh these are some of the technicians that you can see working on actually inoculating ating many ofthese bags in front of the Heap of filter this is called a spawn laboratory that you see there and here you can seesome of the petri dish is incubating and we can grow the spawn out and once we grow that spawn we can then spawn largervolumes of material so that single petri dish can inoculate all of these bags right so we can then have those bagsinoculate more bags and then they create a far more uh larger expansion rate Uagain an exponential expansion every time you’re expanding by four five or 10um this is my business partner KT you guys can see him at the booth out there um and just kind of give you an insightinto some of the work that we do uh this is actually a laser particle counter and I can count the particulates of cells ordust or spores in the air right and this meter reads zero all the time in my laband so there are it’s literally the most sterile environment you can create on the surface of the Earth now gettinginto what I want want to talk to you guys about because I think a lot of people have interest in psychedelic mushrooms but I want to kind of give youthe history um modern history rather and Alexander Fleming was the first one whoidentified antibiotics by growing and culturing penicillin which is uh whichis actually a penicilium chrysogenum is the name of the fungus that he was growing and it was an accident all of asudden he noticed these bacteria was growing in the dish alongside the penicilium and then you can see thiszone of inhibition the bacteria does not want to touch the fungus right andthat’s because the fungus is producing antibodies and that’s where the the source of the first penicillin orantibiotics came from was from a fungus and it’s one of the reasons why the Western forces Allied Forces won WorldWar II because the the Germans did not have antibiotics and they were dying byfrom from from infections in the trenches whereas our troops were able to utilize antibiotics and not die frominfectious diseases and so you know it was again Alexander Fleming whoattributed nature to the actual producer of antibiotics um but it wasn’t untilyou know 1928 that he discovered by accident that it was capable of killingbacteria now the problem there’s a double-edged sword here bacteria do notkill antibiotics do not kill fungi they only kill bacteria and as you can seehere I actually have a mold that came off of a a gummy that I found old gummythat had some mold on it so where’re my cists we’re weird we see fungus and we’re like yeah let’s culture that youknow a moldy piece of bread makes us excited um and so we grew it in uhstandard agar and you can see there’s some bacteria in there and there’s some there’s some fungal mold but when wegrew it on antibiotic agar only the fungi was allowed to grow the bacteriawas was killed but the fungi thrived so this is dangerous if you consumeantibiotics because that means you’ll kill all the bacteria but you let the fungus grow and not all fungi are goodright a lot of different yeasts and common deraps that live on our bodies and in our intestines right uh commonlyare are are present with everybody there’s not anyone on the earth that doesn’t have microbes teeming inside ofthem and so this is one of the things that I think really was a huge problemin most of our Western world as we began to misuse and uh overuse antibioticsbecause then it just created a a a a a a hell storm of fungal infections thatmost people don’t even know that they have and we’re identifying them as different diseases or inflammatoryproblems autoimmune diseases that are resultant from the use of antibiotics without killing the fungus and that cancause candidasis thrush it can cause uh you know um different types of likeathletes foot or ringworm or dandruff those are all fungal related right butthey also have a very you know it’s kind of a scary aspect to them uh which we’regoing to go into a little bit of that because fungal pathogens are now one of the top concerns from the World HealthOrganization kind of pushed Co aside and they’re all realizing that these fungal pathogens are some of the most deadliestand difficult to kill creatures we don’t really have very um effective Med Med medications to killfungi ASP perilous black mold who hasn’t seen black mold in their life in the bathroom under a sink on a piece ofdrywall and we just paint over it and we don’t think anything about it right and aspergillus is one of the most gnarliestcreatures because they’ll infect the lungs and they like to infect the brain they like to get into the nervous systemcandida or orus or Albans very common in the gut but it also grows throughout ourentire body cryptococcus neoformans causes common brain infections foranimals and humans alike these are not friendly creatures and they are flesh eaters basically and so fungalinfections again most people just go oh it’s a athletes foot it’s on my toe if it’s on your toe that means it’s in yourgut it’s in your organs it’s throughout your whole body it’s not just on the toe or just on the head or just on anywherethese creatures don’t respect boundaries or borders they just see a body that is right with sugary good you know goodnessand they and they and and lots of fat and and and proteins and carbohydrates that they need for their metabolism andthey just start to dine on us um which is again we call them parasites or flesh eaters this is actually a very commonillness that’s that’s commonly misdiagnosed um as a result of moldexposure from the spores that we inhale or breathe whether we’re walking down the street or we go into a restaurantthat had some moldy vents or an old brick building or our own home mold is everywhere it’s not something we can getaway from but what happens is that it creates chronic inflammatory response syndrome or Surge and that will create acyto kind response an in inflammatory immune system response and uh thiscauses immune problems hormone disregulation issues it causes systemicinflammation throughout the body there’s all kinds of different problems that fungi can cause and the doctor maybe isnot thinking about oh it’s a fungal infection maybe they say oh it’s arthritis oh it’s cancer oh it’sdiabetes oh it’s all these other things but it’s actually underlying a fungal exposure or toxicity that is coming frommot toxins or apoxin and so apoxin can typically be um you know have symptomsof abdominal pain fever vomiting cancer uh you know depressed immune immunitykidney issues liver issues nausea these are very common symptoms that peoplewill just say I don’t know what it is you know what’s causing it and doctors will be perplexed because parasites arevery good at evading um diagnostic testing in the bloodstream or in youranalysis or other any other ways to detect it um unless you have an acuteexposure to mold and you know that that is what caused it uh but very rarely ormost commonly these things go unlooked uh overlooked and unaddressed themetabolic acidosis symptoms are also something that come up frequently because as the fungus starts to digestour tissues it ferments us and that fermentation like in vinegar or anythingelse fermented food becomes acidic and so as our tissues begin to acidify it causes a lot of problems throughout theentire body um systemically it’s a it’s a very bad situation um and again mostof the western world is suffering from a mild to EXT to to an extreme grade of this problem of a metabolic acidosis uhand or you know fungal infections that are again undiagnosed and untreated umwhich is why I think many of the different um not just Diagnostics tools but treatment programs and therapies formany different diseases are not effective because they’re not actually targeting the root of the problem which are fungal infections and to illustratethis further in the last 2 years it was discovered that 35 types of cancer havefungal DNA at their core majority of them are intracellular and so that’stelling us that fungi and cancer have a very very close relationship fungalinfections and cancer is one of the biggest components to the cancer mysterywhich everyone doesn’t understand really what cancer is and in my book over 20 years ago I wrote at length about thisum this specific concern not just cancer but neurodegenerative diseases and all types of other uh issues that come upwith fungal infections that are undiagnosed and allowed to just run rampant so as we can see there’s manydifferent articles that came out showing that cancers uh cells are filled with fungi um the really amazing thing aboutthis is that you know 2,000 years ago almost hpo hypocrates uh said it all ina single sentence all disease begins in the gut that is where it all starts thatis the function of disease is that when our microbiome becomes imbalance and weget parasitic infections in our intestines then they spread all types ofHavoc through the body and so you know I think modern research is now showingvery clearly that the the the the brain we call it second brain but I think it’s the first brain in our gut um hasactually more neuronal Connections in our gut than it does in our brain and so these two organs are linked as as asclosely as you know as any other um organs in the body I mean these are these are tied togetherfrom the nutrition that we get from our gut that actually feeds the fruit of ourbrain right that is what requ that’s required for our body’s metabolism to be able to absorb energy from the food thatwe use so our brain can function to operate our body and so of course if they’re connected it’s not a it’s not asurprise but you know we’re looking at these connections now and realizing that fungi being many millions to billions ofyears old have figured out how to attack us in our most vital organ which is ourintestine the colon and we can see now that choral choral cancer uh inflamminflammatory bowel disease uh hepatic uh liver disease or pancreatic cancer aswell as Alzheimer’s and and multiple sclerosis are all affiliated with thesedifferent species of fungi very common species the ones that cause gandra right the ones that cause athletes foot theones that cause tenia um you know versacolor and and Vitiligo on the skin and so when we’re looking at these kindsof things it’s really important to understand that fungi aren’t isolated orsecluded to one place they like to travel they like to move through the landscape of the organs and so whenwe’re talking about you know when I I try to help people understand whenever we’re talking about cancer I just want us to stop using this this reallygeneric language more specifically it’s it’s an UND diagnosed or untreated um uhfungal infection and if we wanted to get more specific to find out what fungi it is then you got to go and do someDiagnostics to figure out which species but at the end of the day I kind of don’t care what species it is if it’seating my my body I want it out you know and so I’ve developed many different Uprotocols um in my health consultancy to address uh elimination and providing theability to counteract and combat many of the different issues that are associated with fungal infections uh can’t say I’ma doctor that I treat or prevent any illness or disease but providing the body’s immune support that is needed tobe able to do what it does best which is fight pathogens is really the key here um and so again the gut brain axis isone of the biggest components of our health that we need to focus and pay attention to you know uh the Vegas nerveis actually the nerve that goes from the brain and comes down and wraps around your your your organs your intestinesand that’s the what signals the brain to basically do everything that the brain does which is support the body’s abilityto function hypocrates also said our foodshould be our medicine and our medicine should be our food and I couldn’t agree more and we look at here in okanawaJapan is a Blue Zone and a blue zone is referred to as an area where peopleregularly live live over a hundred years old with very little disease and a highquality and standard of life and in okanawa it was looked at byepidemiologists to find out why the traditional Japanese okan diets were supporting such long life and and andyou know basically avoiding many of the you know degenerative health issues that come with aging and what they found wasthat the majority of the okan traditional diet was sweet potatoes andand vegetables and only about 2 to 5% of the diet was meat right and notnecessarily solely vegetarian still ate fish still ate different types of meat I believe different types of boar or porkand but it was always the majority of it was fiber 70% to 75% of the diet wasfiber based and we look at another Blue Zone um here in NOA Peninsula and CostaRica where I lived for the last uh year or so and um you see the very similar where yousee a pretty much majority is plant-based fiber rich diets and only about 5% meat fish poultry so on soforth where you’re not getting really above that 5% Mark which is very opposite of what we do in the west where90% of our food is animal-based you know and I’m not advocating for a vegan orvegetarian or or or carnivore diet I’m just advocating for balanced diet rightbecause we need all of those things to supply us our carbohydrates our fats and our proteins that we require and all ofour macro micronutrients are are essential uh to get from all these food sources Sardinia Italy another one whereyou see a very high intake of of plant-based um not just any plants butRoots tubers high-fiber um uh uh uh uh produce lomalinda California anotherBlue Zone strange to be right down out of Los Angeles I believe a sth day Adventists uh that uh that that you knowuphold a very strict diet and you can see again much of this is almost 75% um you know plant-based high fiberdiet whereas again only four or five% is meat and so you’re seeing a theme hereas you look at these at these at these these blue zones uh Even in our karia Greece uh you can see clearly that wehave again a very similar thing where only 5% meat the majority maybe 6%there’s your fish so they’ve got a little bit B of A Higher meat intake but still the majority is fiber based andthey’ve avoided cancer and diabetes and heart disease and many of these problems that have Afflicted the majority of thewestern worlds um and it’s sad that it’s only five blue zones on the entireplanet of you know the billions of people um so it’s just gives us a littlebit of a lesson to understand that the wisdom of the traditional you know uh dietary practices is is not to beneglected we can’t just reinvent the wheel and say hey stomach just eat you know French fries and and fried food andthink that the body’s not going to you know respond in a in a negative way fiber Works in many different ways itactually balances and modulates cholesterol absorption uh it helps to uhbasically modulate blood sugar um and and helps to basically provide theability for the body to absorb fats and proteins to help them be digestedthrough the through the intestinal tract and keep the intestines and colon clear and free of debris that otherwiseparasites will feed on um now there are different um types of compounds thatfungi produce called beta glucans this is why people are starting to see fungihaving such powerful effects against cancer and the beta glucan isn’t somemysterious compound it’s actually just a fiber it’s a carcinostatic fungal fiberand these beta glucans are now being studied even in China psk cresten is oneof the top anti-cancer drugs that is used by the pharmaceutical industry there in China which is not um approvedhere in the by the FDA in the States but nonetheless you know these are starting to see in Shake’s uh Lenin I actuallymet uh the inventor of Lenin um of of this particular compound that extractedit from shitake uh and they use that also as a anti-cancer drugthese are different again beta glucans which are basically fibers from thefungi that are showing a very powerful imuno modulatory effect benefiting theimmune system and helping the body combat disease the beta glucan actually alsofeeds microbiome the the microbiome in your gut the The Beneficial probioticbacteria that are in your gut need food and they don’t eat meat typically theydon’t eat you know fats they typically will eat fiber The Beneficial probioticseat what are called Prebiotic fibers they need the prebiotics to grow just like the seed needs soil you can’t justput the seed on the cement in the parking lot it’s not going to grow it needs the Prebiotic medium Now Betaglucan is the most optimal medium for the probiotic bacteria for them to produce short chain fatty acids mostnotably called buttery and that is what actually prevents colon cancer and all kinds of other issues is the short chainfatty acids that are made by the bacteria but the body does not make it so we need those bacteria to continue tomake the short chain fatty acids and so we need to continually eat fiber to keep them happy because if we don’t we’regoing to get disease that’s just the way nature works so moving on you know betaglucan does a lot of things from lowering cholesterol balancing blood sugar sugar it’s beneficial for respiratory tract Health uh it providesa a lift to your um emotional state your moods uh the healthy gut of coursemicrobiome and it also is well known for weight management so uh it’s one of those things that helps the bodyelimination process and uh you know is commonly used for for dietary programsum that’s why I invented and formulated this product called um Immortal 9 probiome plus and I used 14 differentmedicinal mushroom uh fibers from mycelium to fruit body extract powdersuh for me I had a lot of gut problems growing up and still into my adulthood it ravaged me until I was in my 30s anduh there was no products I could find that can address it so I formulated this for myself to be honest with you I neverintended to sell it um but as a result of the benefit it gave for my for me and my gut health um and I started giving itto friends and family and all of a sudden we saw how much benefit it was providing to our community we had prettymuch everybody demanding that we create a product and make it available so that’s kind of how a mortal 9 wasborn so going back to the antibiotics do not kill fungi right antifungals do wecan see here that the uh mold from the antibiotic Agar was not affected here uhin the anti in the antibiotics it doesn’t kill fungi so if you take anti an antibiotics this is what your insideswill look like right because they will Thrive now this is an anti fungal medication with thesesame cultures and you can see it killed them they didn’t survive and so this is why if ever anyone takes antibioticsthey should always co-administer an antifungal to prevent the fungus from overgrowing and causing cancer and allkinds of degenerative diseases it’s a simple thing but most doctors will notdo that because most doctors are not myologist and they don’t understand fungi they just understand bacteria andpharmaceutical drugs that we use to control bacteria everyone just looked the other way while the fungi took overthe world basically and they’ve always been in control of the world they’ve been they’ve been here for billions of years they they know what they’re doingum so this is actually a very rare species actually virtually extinct now it’s it’s it’s rare and endemic uhendangered species of the Pacific Northwestern Forest there was only five places on the Earth where it grew um andthey were all in the Pacific North West from Northern California Southern Oregon up to British Columbia but now they’repretty much all extinct due to deforestation and logging so they cut down all the old growth forest she canonly grow on 500y Old trees and older silver fur and Noble fur and uh I I callher grandma bridgie but her name is brid aorus nobilissimus um and she is known in theGuinness Book of World Records as the largest mushroom on Earth she can grow up to uh over 150 to 300 kilog rightshe’s massive creature and I I I learned to culture her um and I won’t talk too much aboutthat because I could get in trouble from Paul but um so I I I cultured her and you can see her very clearly right Imean she looks like her fruit body and she has a symbiotic relationship with bacteria yeast fungi with um algae umand all kinds of different commensurate organisms and so she’s a a community iswhat she is as the she’s basically the microbiome of the old growth forest of the Northwest she’s responsible forhaving cultivated all of these old growth uh fur forests from NorthernCalifornia all the way up to British Columbia she’s the mother or grandmother of the forests right and and so what Idecided to do was actually um grow her on the anti-fungal antibiotic to see ifit affected her and she actually grew fine on it whereas the other fungi did not right and I grew a black mold fromthe back alley of uh and and I figure that was a that wasa very good strong culture and black mold as we talked about causes a lot ofproblems uh in health in the environment in construction it’s just a nuisance andand a danger uh health risk for the world now it did not have a problem with the antifungal antibiotic so even if youtook an antifungal it won’t kill all the fungi just some of them and the worst ones like the black molds are unaffectedand that’s a that’s something that the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control they understand this they understand that we don’t havemedications that can address this problem and so what I’m doing at my labs with my technicians is that we’re nowcompeting uh having them compete against each other so here’s brid aorus grandma bridgie growing and eating the blackmold you see her just she’s literally sending waves of melium to fully colonized this black mold creature andso that means that she has very powerful potent anti fungal antibiotics inside ofher just like Alexander Fleming had originally discovered antibiotics uh by using you know a common fungus from amoldy cantaloupe is what he got it from this is from an old growth forest of the most rare and endangered species of thehighest you know degree fungi that exists in nature um and so I feel likethis is a lot better of a of a opportunity to be able to develop very powerful and potent antifungals that canaddress the things that no drugs in the market currently can and so it’s one of those things that you know is been alife passion and effort um that is ongoing and the research continues to unveil more and more secrets you know ofof life um once you actually then start to kill off the fungi in the body youcan expect die off symptoms we call them Herkimer reactions so when you start killing the yeast and the other types offungi um the body gets basically poisoned with different types of defensemechanisms that the fungi produce as they’re dying they can produce ammonia or apot toxins or different types of MOTtoxins that then make you feel very sick and so it’s their response as a parasiteto try to make you stop taking whatever you’re taking that’s killing it so it wants to make you feel as sick aspossible so you stop eating it’s why when you get a flu or something you don’t feel like eating and you just sit there and just I you know just want todie and the and you know whether it’s a bacterial or or viral flu they love thatyou know they want to be able to to take advantage of you while you’re weakened immune while you’re in a weakened immuneState and you’re not nourishing you’re not capable of nourishing yourself they take full advantage right and soultimately these are things that can be expected um when the die off symptoms occur um now for thousands and thousandsof years from all over the world this is actually from caves in France uh and andAlgeria and the meso America you can see even here from the Greeks um uh the uheven here and the these Mayan uh mushroom Stones um that actually Paulhas up on his mantle which I told him bro give those back to the Mayans what do you doing with those you know I meanlike those don’t belong to you anyway um it’s one of those funny arguments in the past but but just showing in in inancient times even in in ancient uh China and Imperial China these wereforbidden for commoners to have if a commoner had these mushrooms like this one here is called the uh linger or theJapanese refer to it as r uh is a is known as a mushroom of immortality and if any commoner wascaught in Imperial China they would have their heads cut off uh this was restricted only for use for the for theImperial family because it was known to be able to basically cure disease andand and you know be the the the core ingredient to elixir of immortality andso for many centuries for many Millennia you know it’s been very very coveted umproduct that is now being commercially cultivated by the west but even in some of these older you know uh uh uh uhworks of art here you can see even the the the da Sage holding the Rishi or youknow you see them harvesting it or they made beautiful uh sculptures of that umeven uh here you can see in this next image a dragon made of Rishi which is beautiful I think it’s really quiteamazing you know and again the art and the the culture and the science uh andthe medicine that goes into this understanding is ancient this isn’t something that we’re just making up aswe go along that’s new you know this has been going on for many thousands and thousands of years and Ja the Japanesewere the best at the cultivation of mushrooms actually and brought much ofthe mushroom cultivation to the Western World and as you can be seeing here the shitake log Farms where they take Shakelogs and plug them um and uh and are able to culture cultivate my you know you know the mycelium in the log andthen fruit them uh you can see some more here popping right out of the log uhbeautiful you know Farm It’s a Wonderful livelihood I feel growing mushrooms just keeps you connected to the Earth itkeeps you eating you know good food um and and nutritious um you know uhmushrooms and providing you with all of those carcinostatic fibers as we mentioned before uh this is more of acommercial facility that’s not growing on logs anymore these are growing on blocks like you see near our booth outthere we have some blocks that are are cultivating you know different speciesum and uh it’s it’s now being understood that mushrooms can help save the worldthey have so many different properties and I think a lot of people that are coming to the Cannabis Expo have a lotof interest in the psychotropic use or the Psychedelic use and it was actually the the the the the credit of two peoplethat changed history that’s Gordon wson and Maria Sabinaand uh Gordon Watson was uh basically uh back in the 1950s took a trip down toWaka in Mexico and met Maria Sabina and she fed him the first magic mushroomsthat were exposed to the West at least to the academic community and he wasactually paid by the government uh to do some research and to study so it was a bit of a like a CIA plant down there butnonetheless they brought the mushrooms back to the west and then that basically spawned the 60s you know acounterculture movement um and Maria Sabino was actually ostracized by her community for sharing this knowledgeoutside of their tribes um and uh but it’s been a long-standing tradition formany thousands of years uh by the Mayan and Aztec cultures as we saw on their mushroom Stones you know that these arethese are medicines that have been treated as sacred Visionary healing umyou know they they they consider them as alive they don’t many other plants they don’t consider as as having a spiritalthough most indigenous cultures understand that everything has a spirit but they really truly um uh uh had anunderstanding that mushrooms these particular ones they refer to asak as means flesh of the Gods was youknow some of the most advanced and conscious uh uh organisms on the planet um Maria Sabina what a sweetwoman you know she says cure yourself with the light of the sun and the Rays of the Moon with the sound of the the river and the waterfall with the swayingof the Sea and the fluttering of the birds heal yourselves with mint with neem and Eucalyptus sweeten yourselfwith lavender Rosemary and chamomile hug yourself with a cocoa bean and a touch of cinnamon put love and tea instead ofsugar and take it looking at the stars heal yourself with the kisses that the wind gives you and the hugs of the andthe hugs of the rain get strong with bare feet on the ground with everything that is born from it get smarter everyday by listening to your intuition looking at the world with the eyes of your forehead jump dance sing so thatyou live happier heal yourself with beautiful love and always remember you are the medicine and so again I justwant to give credit uh to the indigenous people who were responsible for bringing this counterculture movement which Ithink is a lot of people have abused and have not exactly respected this medicine in the way that it should be um and andthose of us in the Indigenous community that understand how powerful these medicines are we know that people ofmisusing them incorrectly could get lost and they don’t come back and so it’sreally important to use these medicines wisely uh with a guide that’s experienced that understands whatthey’re doing um and uh you know these are some good reference materials on the or origins of much of what became thecounterculture and use of psychedelic or psychotropic mushrooms in the west um here’s some cubes images growing from ablock and they’re quite they’re quite beautiful attractive mushrooms right and and the policies that have been changingover the last 10 to 15 years are finally allowing are finally allowing us to research the the impacts of psilocybinmushrooms on the human physiology but specifically the Neuroscience uh that iscausing the changes in the brain that create the hallucinogenic or Euphoria orsynesthesia effects that we experience as a you know a basically a trip as we call it um and looking at the safety ofdrugs uh from Britain this drug score uh uh harm score out of a 100 shows thatactually mushrooms is at the very bottom as far as risk and danger right so these are things that you know when weconsider the the the risk or harm that it can cause you know we’re talking about you know uh uh um was there not uhwell tobacco’s right there right we’re right up at towards the top of the list alcohol is right up at the very top sowhen we’re considering things that are easily obtainable at the local drugstore our market and we’re restricting theseit sort of makes you think you know twice um but again we don’t want everyone just eating handfuls of magicmushrooms and run around the streets it’s not safe um so that that does require some sensible you knowregulation to make sure that people aren’t just you know just losing their minds everywhere um or finding themtheir minds rather finding their Spirit um so serotonin is actually of almostidentical uh to psilocin the active compound in the magic mushroom It’sactually an analog of Serotonin so a lot of people think that magic mushrooms are poisoning you and making you high andthat that’s what’s going to cause you to have these issues uh you know with W with um with the Psychedelic experienceor a bad trip but actually it’s it’s it’s a neurotransmitter right and so it’s likemany other drugs like alcohol is poisoning you so you get drunk because it’s poisoning your liver you know allthese other drugs that that are being used are because the plant or the substance is trying to harm you it’s adefense mechanism right so a lot of people doing iasa or peyote or San Pedro like those are defense mechanisms aplant would otherwise kill you if you didn’t do it just right these aren’t these mushrooms aren’t trying to killanyone they’re just actually replacing your serotonin with psin and giving you a a a peak a sneak peak into their worldfor about 6 to 8 hours right um and uh again there’s no known toxic dose not tosay you can’t lose your mind if you’re not stable especially so those are things to consider now when we’relooking at the different active constituents you know psilocybin is what people mostly hear about but when it’s Uphosphorated it BEC cilin in the body that’s the active compound that the body uses uh to metabolize uh in the centralnervous system and there’s different um levels of uh psilocybin experience uh wecall a micro do you know very small amounts of you know 25 uh uh milligramsuh 250 milligrams rather so you have from from 50 milligrams to 250 milligrams uh a mini dose you know youhave 250 milligrams to 750 milligrams uh Museum dose they’re referring to it hereis almost a gram and a half and then a moderate dose which I would actually consider a macro dose is two to 3.5 Gyou are fully hallucinating at this point you are not feeling or hallucinating much of anything at this micro do level so these are actuallyvery safe levels to take it without any noticeable effects um and it does hasshown that it has benefited a lot of different um issues that I I believe youknow a lot of people are coming to seek uh you know um some some relief from whether it’s depression or anxiety andthings like that whereas a macro doing or Mega doing has been shown to be veryeffective with cocaine addiction tobacco addiction post-traumatic stress syndromeum all kinds of different things like that that require a much more of a clinical therapeutic approach so PTSD isactually a very interesting field of study because there’s very few drugs there’s actually no drugs that can dowhat psilocybin can do which is why John Hopkins University is so excited to to be doing the research they’re doing themilitary the VA they’re all moving into this study into these studies because they’re realizing how powerful effectpsilocybin has undercontrolled th you know clinical conditions um we can seehere that for smoking cessation um one study showed that 80% of the participants were smoke freeafter six months from a single dose right and uh and 60% were still smokefree up to 57 months later right after just a couple of two or three doses so you’re talking about a very powerfuldrug nicotine tobacco I don’t have a clue what’s going on with the lighting I’m glad you’re seeing it yeah yeahnot contact highe I guess um but um but yeah so it’s veryinteresting you know when we look at the areas of the brain that U psilocybin or psilocin is is affecting again psilocinis a metabolite of psilocybin that is a docking to the a the 5 ht2a receptorwhich then uh basically affects the cortical system and the lyic systemright of the brain more specific I want to point out the lyic system system here because it contains the amydala whereour fear response and Trauma are and and so when a child has trauma from abuse ora soldier has trauma from war we actually get damage in the amydala and in in capat scans and and and and andbrain Imaging we can see that the amydala is actually damaged it’s it’snot lighting up there’s there’s there it’s like it’s bruised if we would call it that right and so what ends up uhhappening is that as it sort of atrophies um and flares it it puts the body into this fight or flight mode andso that PTSD becomes more and more progressed uh especially as we age butfor whatever unknown reasons psilocybin when ingested it affects the amydala andand recalibrates it like hitting the reset button on your computer when it’s wigging out and has been shown toactually be able to address really severe um post-traumatic stress disorderum uh patients which is why I think much of the federal funding is coming in towards moving uh into you know clinicaluh trials and research starting with you know the most Afflicted of PTSD being umthe veterans now the it’s also shown greater functionality and connectivityuh to the brain so a normal brain has you know the the the references and connections um that we would expect youknow you’re you are you I am me I see you over there whereas you know these lights are overthere and the color is making the room lit up whereas when you’re on pilicide and it actually creates suchinterconnectivity you start to not be able to different differentiate between you and the other person you feel likeyou are one right you can’t differentiate between you and the light because you’re seeing rainbows everywhere and you’re just bathed inlight rainbows and so you start to have all of these very interesting inter connections that would not be hadwithout this substance right and this uh next image is actually showing some of that where you can see the graph in redand blue is the brain functioning in our conscious and and and sleeping States sowhen I’m asleep I’m internal I don’t I’m I don’t have a clue what’s going on external in the external world when I’mawake I don’t dream right I’m awake and everything’s external so when I’m asleepand I’m Dreaming it’s all internal but when I’m awake you know I’m not dreaming and I’m and I’m living in my externalworld when you just psilocybin it shows that actually those patterns in thebrain actually become coherent so you’re actually waking and sleeping at the sametime right which is a Trippy thing and I think anybody who’s ever eaten mushrooms knows that feeling it’s like I’m dreaming but I’m awake clearly likewalking through the rainbow you know lightning um and it’s just one of those interesting things that we can now testand see what it’s actually doing you know um to understand greater you know potentials for being able to use this ina clinical setting uh or even recreational for that matter um and so here we see um you know out of 12- monthfollowup 13 participants which is 86.7% rated their psilocybin experience amongthe five most personally meaningful and spiritual significant experience of their lives next to a child birth ornext to a a marriage or death right and so it’s pretty much at the top of humanexperiences from you know from the clinical research shown that people that have these experiences consider it avery significant Turning Point pivotal point of their life how much of a doseoh that that I believe that was a mega dose large like 3.5 grams to five gramsgetting you out into the OR in into the cosmos um and so without going into toomuch time I I know I’m probably running out of time here but I just wanted to you know uh draw a couple of theseslides so I can keep moving uh compared to traditional anti-depressants which require daily dose hallucinogens canshow months of benefit after just a single dose so they’ve seen a clinicaltrials where one single Mega do has cured depression for an entire year or more without taking medications everyday and harming your kidneys or your liver or you know or whatever other systems of your brain that those are youknow uh uh affecting and so you know we’re seeing here at a baseline ofdepression severity you can see that after a dose of of of psilocybin mushrooms you know the the the degree orlevel of depression or depression you know subsides quite a bit um this iskind of a funny image I just thought I’d throw it in there it might be offensive to some people but I just thought it was just too much to pass up um but it’skind of telling the story a little bit yeah and so um moving on um let’ssee mushrooms health benefits uh hypocrates obviously big fan um and theGreeks did a lot of things but I think hypocrates nailed it uh there are different fungi that actually feed onradiation the black molds I was telling you about can actually consume radioactive materials and live inradioactive environments here’s an oyster mushroom eating motor oil that has just been changed out of a car theydon’t really care they will eat anything they have no they have no you know uh umthey’re not picky eaters right they will eat whatever they’ll eat your body they’ll eat your flesh they’ll eat thethe the cardboard they’ll eat this wood they they’ll eat oil they’ll eat anything uh they eat radiation they’revery powerful creatures which makes them very difficult to kill if they’re infecting your body again going back to the antifungal component you know youcan’t just go on a diet and not eat like sugar and expect those things to die they’ll just eat your body instead youknow so um it’s one of those things again I think for many many Millennia wehave been afflicted by fungal infections we just have had no idea how to attack or a dress um so lenberg figures I knowI probably have two three minutes left but I just wanted to show you this is electricity running through a salt wateron pieces of wood there’s electricity running through a glass pane right thatwith its electrode high voltage and we can see clearly that it’s making these beautiful melal patterns right here hegoing to go tap it bam made a rose how about that and so we can see here in these other lenberg figures likelightning or through the glass um and then here we see melium in a Petri dish in a lab and then here’s High Voltage ina Petri dish and so we’re starting to see the pattern of nature here that shows and expresses itself at everyscale from fungi um in a Petri dish to liquid crystals uh from minerals andwater uh from brain cells and from dark matter in the universe this is a coherent structure right that is that ismoving through and through even the continental United States and everywhere around the world these are the river systems right it’s melum we live on abig liquid crystallin melium planet and in a big liquid crystallin fractal Universe right that are transmittingions and minerals and water and all kinds of energy electricity magnetism it’s very powerful understanding here’sunder a microscope some crystals right they’re doing the same things using the same patterns of nature through theFibonacci and F ratios that show these very beautiful fractals images whetherit’s a crystal you know from minerals whether it’s bi ology from fungi or whether it’s a metal that’s coppercrystal growing that’s a that’s a that’s a rock there that’s a stone right and sojust trying to give you an idea of some of these things here’s actually lightning that struck uh people humanbeings this is what happen when human beings get struck by lightning right and you can see the pretty cool tat that itmakes on there that’s actually my chest after a sweat lodge ceremony and it actually does a very similar crystallinpattern it’s sort of not the easiest to see but it’s it’s there you know and here we see Lion’s man and andstalagtites stalagmites in caves right and these are all here’s fungi and hereour coral reef under the ocean you almost can’t tell the difference youknow you you you really almost can’t I mean it’s pretty it’s pretty trippy to to to consider that there’s you know Kthere’s there’s there’s tricomes on cannabis flower and there’s a no Noki mushrooms noaki flina Valu types rightand so just to kind of give you guys a little bit of that you know that that connection because mushrooms are notjust for tripping they’re not just for eating either they literally wire the entire you know Earth together with theUniverse I mean it’s not an exaggeration right it’s a really powerful effect that we see you know through and through atevery scale whether under the ocean or in caves or you know on you know fromlightning discharges uh from crystallization and patterns on Earth you know again I’ll just go through acouple of these because I know my time’s out but again it’s just providing some essence of of the meaning of what we’retalking about here which is really the universal intelligence um that are expressed through fungi and ourselves Imean you look at your veins on your arms you know you look at the the the the structure of your nervous system it’sthe same thing we’re all part of this story and to understand it more clearly allows us to really participate asopposed to just be thrown around and reacting to the you know the chaos of of the world and not understanding what’sgoing on and at the end of the day it’s like oh wait it’s a fungal infection I need to deal with that right before thisgets out of hand and so um thank you guys very much I don’t think we have time for questions but I will be at mybooth and uh happy to take any questions and thank you again for thetime [Music]

this is for this is for uh mushrooms uh-huh ofcourse so yeah we might see a little bit of that that’s I was giving a little bit of time for people to figure that outbefore I started um you can video perfectly fine um there’s a lot of content in this so I’m going to ask tosave the questions to the end if we have time that’ll be great if not we can do a Q&A at the booth if you guys wanted tofollow up because I’m sure you guys will have plenty of questions I know I knowyeah yeah if you wanted a video and he’s of course videoing and we’ll get this out um I’m sure we’ll get a YouTubevideo before too long and if you guys want to um at our booth we have a signin sheet where you can put your email wherewe can give updates like that yeah and then once they done once they’re done editing usually Drew and the crew dopretty good job okay welcome you guys is this your booth yeah the imortal 9you’ll see us actually right when you walk out uh of the auditorium speakers area we’re pretty much just the twobooths down and you can’t miss this we’re in the mushroom section there’s all kinds of mushroom balloons on one ofthe guys next door and it’s kind of the middle of the ground um and I thinkthere might be another a couple of people coming so I was just giving them a chance to come in but welcomeeverybody I hope you guys have been enjoying your time at the Expo and uh it’s nice nice weekend last year it wasvery rainy and stormy and so I’m glad to see it’s a little windy but at least at least is staying relativelydry um but I guess I can go ahead and start and we’ll let um whoever comes in lateuh trickle in as they come uh my name is Joseph sases I am the found founder uhof immortal 9 um we have a really exciting presentation to show you guystoday I have over uh two decades of uh background in the medical micology spacebasically uh cultivating medicinal mushrooms uh my initial um backgroundstarted in mental health actually uh and in neutraceuticals and biotechnologies I’m also a traditional Native AmericanSundancer um which is sort of a unique combination and blend of Knowledge from traditional indigenous wisdom to Modernbiotechnological sciences and so I’m excited to share a lot of this information with you guys today some ofit you may have heard I’m promise you much of it you have not um much of my work as I said withthe indigenous communities the intertribal uh communities in the Pacific Northwest uh through NorthernCalifornia uh Oregon Washington and British Columbia is where I spend most of my time and um as I said I’m aSundancer we do a lot of uh healing and medicine work um it’s not an easy Journey but it is something that youlearn a lot about you learn a lot about yourself you know you learn a lot about your own body you learn a lot about how to heal your body before you can healanyone else you need to learn to heal yourself and so it’s um it’s an you know an ancient tradition uh that you know wehold very sacred and at the same time when we’re dealing with medicine you know from that comes from the earth wewe you know have to respect it in ways that I think a lot of conventionalmodern society is kind of lost touch with and we have more products products consumer consumer based as opposed tounderstanding the the value really inherent in the intelligence of the medicine that we are consuming andinteracting with I also wrote a book titled biological resonance thriving in aradioactive Universe it covers basically the um connections to your body and yourcells to ultimately all of the types of radiation that are present in the universe whether it’s coming from cosmicrays or solar radiation or from atmospheric radiation or just from the earth or from man-made radiation um it’snot something to fear but it is definitely something to become very aware of because we’re surrounded by it right now our Wi-Fi our Bluetooth youknow the the microwave signals to our cell phones you know from the you know ultraviolet rays from the Sun orinfrared from you know the the heat from the lights all of its radiation you know and so coming to understand this thefungi have figured this out for billions of years they are the masters of radiation and a lot of people don’tthink about radiation and fungi as uh as as they’re related but they definitely have a very um tight uh evolutionarystory so we’ll cover some of that today um my mentor was originally Paul stamitzat fungi perfectti Labs uh Paul is well known in the mushroom field um as aPioneer and innovator for many decades um both both in the psilocybin mushroomresearch at very high academic and government levels as well as the more modern uh use of medicinal fungi inadant therapies for cancer uh antiviral therapies as well as neurodegenerativediseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and things like that on top of that there’s also a lot of reallyamazing uh Potentials in BIO remediation strategies on how to you know dedegenerate or degrade oil um and other types of things like radi nucleidnuclear waste um you know protecting our watersheds from different types of heavymetals or from uh Biologicals and things like that and he actually titled the book mycelium running how mushrooms canhelp save the world I was actually able to put the final edits actually and red pen that manuscript before it was everpublished and Paul’s actually calling the you know the publisher we were up in British Columbia off- grid and he usedhis sa phone to call the publisher to put in the final edit before he printed that book to just kind of give you guysan idea you know i’ I’ve been in this industry for quite a while um but there are definitely other people that I’mstanding on the shoulders of giants as they say I was also able to publish uh Worksthrough the encyclopedia dietary supplements through the National Institutes of Health the NIH um and washonored to be able to co-author the paper with the leading Medical myologist in the world named Dr Solomon P waserhe’s a former editor and chief of the international Journal of medicinal mushrooms and the international Journalof medicinal algae um brilliant scientist and for decades and decadeshe’s been pioneering This research and work at very high levels globally um we also were honored to uh co-author thatpaper with Dr John holiday and Matt Cleaver and muaic um and had been ableto actually do a lot with United Nations programs to provide over 57 countrieswith melal biomass from mushrooms for for the use against HIV and Hepatitis Ctreatments around the world um in you know over 57 58 countries um medicinalmushrooms are regulated as a biopharmaceutical but in the United States the FDA has not approved andwhich case they we referred to them as dietary supplements so we can’t make any claims to say they can prevent treat orcure any disease or illness whereas in other countries that are well accepted these for cancer treatments andantiviral treatments and things of that nature nature as very much common use these are some of the facilitiesthat we actually build uh and that I’ve worked in this one is at loha medicinals they started here in Hawaii and thenthey moved uh out now towards Nevada and uh this is called a retort it’s asubmarine size pressure cooker basically it’s a pressure vessel we use to sterilize our material before we beforewe ferment or colonize our our cell cultures uh fungi onto um the substratesthat we cook in this cooker and and everything that we do in the in in in this commercial industry has to besterile so we’re not talking clean we’re talking sterile and so we use biologicalclean room Laboratories where we basically scrub any microbes from the from the air um and uh throughout theentire facility there’s literally no dust particles or cells or spores in theair uh which allows us to propagate millions of pounds of mushroom biomassor my silal biomass and within you know as little as 90 days from one singlecell culture in a Petra dish if we have the capacity and the infrastructure wecan generate over a million pounds of mushrooms in as short as 90 days so their capability of actually expandingexponentially we can propagate them at such you know at such exponential rates it it kind of boggles the mind you knowa lot of people are not too familiar with this field but just to kind of give you an idea of what we do here um you know these are some of thefacilities that I’ve personally designed uh with my partner Uh Kevin uh out there who’s Manning the booth right now and uhwe’ve been designing these for several several years uh this is one facility uh in uh Southern California and as you cansee again we can basically turn a large uh empty Warehouse into a class 100sterile Biologicals clean room laboratory and this is the level and degree of quality control that werequire for the commercial propagation of your medicinal mushroom products so whenever you see a medicinal mushroomyou know capsules or powders or coffees or tinctures you know just know that forthe majority if we’re do if the if the supplier is doing it correctly This Is How We Do It um and there’s a there’snot very many of us as many products as there are you know there’s not that many production facilities that actuallyproduce for the for the Nationwide and Global markets um the magic Spore Labsactually is a partner lab of ours uh and actually help to consult and build their Labs as well uh and they are at thebooth next to ours at Immortal 9 so if you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out they actually are EXC excellentquality control superb technicians we call these we call these guys The A Teamright because they’re the these um this facility in particular is actually in the inner city and a lot of the you knowa lot of the technicians you know maybe barely graduated high school maybe didn’t go to college and you know weredoing other things and we brought them into the biotechnological uh Laboratories and trained everybody tobecome technicians and they’re doing some of the most advanced research in the world right now which is you know excites me because we really are lookingforward to bringing some of that to Hawaii with our partner um nonprofit called capila we’re we’re focusing onthe um the native youth here that are at risk uh for being able to provide tradeuh trade school and programs to be able to train you know the youth to how to do these more advanced um skills and it’sone of the passions that I have coming from the inner city myself you know I never went to college uh I just wasfortunate enough to have been trained at very high levels to run biotechnology facilities publish papers with phds aswell as train phds that don’t have a clue what they’re doing in the commercial Labs so um I’m not a doctoryou know don’t you don’t have to believe what I say because I don’t have a a plaque on the wall or a degree but I have a quite a bit of experience in thisindustry uh this gives you an idea of one of our spawn labs from the Petri to the to the spawn uh that we grow intothe bulk substrate bags that we sterilize and sanitize and then we can propagate all of the myal biomass so wecan fruit the mushrooms and um and as you can see at the booth out there at the um magic spor laabs we have some ummitake we have some oyster mushroom as well as corep species out there for youguys to see and there’s my business partner KT or Kevin he’s out there Manning thebooth if you guys happen to see him he’s also one of the organizers here you know say hello to him and I again greatappreciation for for him and all of the uh Expo organizers that brought me outhere so I want to take you back to the Advent of modern medicine where we kindof went into the modern biotechnological alpath Western medical practices and itstarted with a man named Alexander Fleming Alexander Fleming actually had taken a moldycantaloupe that he extracted the mold and grew it on a petri dish here andthat mold was called penicilium chrysogenum and what he noticed is that he accidentally had bacteria contaminatehis petri dish because they didn’t really have very good Labs back then you couldn’t really keep anything sterileand what happened was that he noticed there was a zone of inhibition where the bacteria would not touch the fungus andhe said hey that’s an interesting phenomena we should explore that further and he realized it was producingantibiotics these antibodies were killing the bacteria and preventing it from infecting the Fungus so he theninvented or you know found as he referred to uh penicillin and as aresult we won World War II because the Alli forces were able to treat their wounds from the trench warfare and theywere not dying at the rate the Germans were dying because they did not have antibiotics and we did and so thisreally shift the and shaped the world from a single Petri you know and and just getting that kindof understanding of how fungi have affected the evolution of mankind and civilization and the medical practicesas we know it is pretty profound it’s significant you know from everything from fermenting milk products into intocheese or grapes into wine you know or antibiotics it’s all fungus right it’sall it’s all it’s all in the Kingdom of fungi and that’s just the tip of the iceberg to give you an idea and so youknow back in the 1920s when he had discovered you know antibiotics I don’teven think that he realized how much of an impact it would have but as all good inventions comes a double-edged swordright and these are things that are just finally starting to become realized that I cover in my book at Great length fromalmost 20 years ago that I wrote it the original manuscript and uh finally in the last few years the medical um uhfield is starting to come to terms with the fact that we’ve been misusing and overusingantibiotics um and I’m going explain why because if you take uh a standard agarwith some bacteria and some mold and then you transfer it into antibiotic agar you kill the bacteria but you don’tkill the fungus that antibiotic is just killing bacteria it is not designed to kill fungi so when you take anantibiotic you may kill all the bacteria but you allow the yeasts and the fungi to overgrow and they colonize your wholebody just like this petri dish that’s dangerous it’s really unwise to do thatand a lot of people say oh antibiotics are bad because it kills the probiotic bacteria yes that’s true but it’sallowing the yeast and the fungi to grow unrestrained because they have nocompetition and what does this actually mean when we look at this well it’s nowbecoming known to the World Health Organization the CDC the NIH um to thatthe fact that the fungal pathogens that we don’t really have very many drugs to address we have a lot of antibacterialuh antibiotics but we don’t have very many antifungal antibiotics they’re not there’s very few and far between andthey’re not very effective and we’re now seeing that from aspergilus black mold you guys have all seen black moldwhether it’s growing in the bathroom under the sink on some old drywall we just paint over it and we think that we can just hide it and get rid of it butit’s one of the worst microorganisms on the planet right where we’re looking at the you know everything from the spreadof aspergilus black mold old infections in the human body and I’ll get into that or to candida RS or candida Albin whichare now becoming resistant to many of the treatments that we have and so you know those are common yeast infectionseverything from uh thrush oral thrush you know from um you know reproductiveorgans being infected by by yeast as well as cryptococcus Neo Forin uh we we call that um actually a you know one oneof the worst um brain infections that are known to mankind it’s it it ittypically kills uh imuno compromised patients who are um undergoing chemotherapy or that have HIV um ordifferent uh issues with the dysfunctional immune system this fungus attacks the central nervous system andcause uh cryptococcal menitis and causes the brain to swell and eventually youknow is very lethal uh uh very and also very common fungus so when we look at ityou know it’s not just oh I’ve got some athletes food on my you know or some athletes food on my toe or you know I’mjust oh I’ve got a you know some some yeast infection in my throat or on my tongue these creatures are systemic theydon’t see a boundary or a border they don’t say oh I’m going to stay here on the tongue or I’m going to stay on the toe they they maneuver and they colonizethe whole body and they they infect the systems throughout from the central nervous system to the cardiovascularsystem to your vital organs you know fungi can be very very hard to kill andvery life-threatening pests they’re not they’re not very very friendly the at least the ones that are pathogens umvery common uh symptoms that most people are not fully aware you know we we callchronic inflammatory response syndrome which actually keeps the body in a state of constant inflammation a lot ofdoctors May diagnose this in various different ways when in actuality the underlying cause may be parasitic fungifrom just breathing spores from a moldy you know bathroom or from a tent you were camping in or from you knowwherever you happen to be I was in the tropics in Costa Rica and I can’t say I saw very many buildings that I was inwhether it’s a grocery store or a hotel or the Border check like every buildingin that in the country is covered in black mold you can smell it and so if you can smell it that means you’reinhaling the spores and this becomes a very dangerous and life-threatening issue especially for those that havecompromised immune systems and so these are things that again the modern um research is finally starting to showthat are underlying a lot of different diseases that we did not know the source of um and we can see you know symptomsof appox and toxicity from molds we have abdominal pain fever vomiting cancerpoor immunity kidney damage liver disease nausea a lot of these are usually attributed to different thingsoh you have hepatitis or oh you have cancer oh you have all these different things but no one’s really addressingthe underlying cause of fun FAL infections nor are they being treatedand so these are these are really important things to consider the fungi also when they begin to ferment thebody’s tissues they start to digest proteins fats carbohydrates in the body and they start to as fermentation goescreate an acidic environment just like if you took grapes and fermented it into wine it becomes acidic right just likeapple cider vinegar you you can ferment apples and make acetic acid vinegar andso the acidosis that comes along with fungal infections cause a whole other host of of physiological problems rightfrom lung respiratory issues to your heart and circulatory problems to theskin eyes nails and teeth to the central nervous system the brain you know throughout the entire B’sgastrointestinal tract uh acidosis can really cause a lot of problems to the point where your kidneys fail and yougot to go on dialysis right I mean we all know a lot of people who have suffered from cancer cancer or from youknow from liver disease or heart disease um or you know renal failure and thatare on dialysis and and again the doctors are always perplexed we don’t know where the where it’s actually coming from so we’re just going tocontinue to give you medications and do these medical procedures without really still addressing this the problemunderlying which very commonly is now becoming known as fungal infections nowto illustrate this and point even further in the last couple of years it’sbeen discovered that in over um well they they took tens of thousands of patients and they took samples of tumorsover 35 cancer cell lines were found to have fungiintracellularly pretty much every Cancer that we know of has fungal DNA within the cancer that’s not a surprise topeople like me because this is what we do but to the medical community this is a shocking Discovery right becausethey’re now they’re still debating well what came first the chicken or the egg we don’t know if the fungus caused the cancer the cancer caused the fungus Isay I don’t care if I have a flesh eating fungal infection in my body I want to get rid of it I’m not going tosit there and argue about what came first um and so we we see this you knowtheme over and over and over in Publications you know um that that thatshow that fungi and cancer are very very much tightly related and it’s one ofthose things that again I would draw back to the overuse or misuse of antibiotics in the last century whohasn’t who here hasn’t had antibiotics in their life or their kids haven’t had antibiotics in their life or their parents haven’t had antibiotics in theirlife because then when the yeast overgrow it’s actually passed from mother to child and so because that’sjust the nature of biology and that’s the nature of parasites they’re very nasty creatures they’ve been around forbillions of years they’re very stealthy and they know how to how to transmit intergenerationally so this is a problemwe’ve had for Millennia right this has been around a long time since before Babylon but that sure stirred the potwhen we started to build civilization cultures and destroy the forest and contaminate our watersheds and Bloom allof these fungal parasites right it’s it’s really a big concern but not to youknow try to scare you guys but to you know just try to illustrate this problem that most people are not even awareexists um you know we we we call hypocrates the father of medicine rightand and modern doctors have to take the hypocracyright and out of all of his knowledge and compendium of understanding from the libraries of Alexandria to the all ofthe knowledge of the Greeks you know he his whole summary of his knowledge came to this quote all disease begins in thegut and this is something I think we can all relate to because I don’t know if there’s anyone in the world that I have met that hasn’t experiencedgastrointestinal distress some kind of problems with digestion or gut problemsand when we look at the gut it’s really they call it the secondary brain brain I call it the first brain it’s our coreit’s our center of gravity this is where all of our body’s metabolism occurs weconsume food it breaks down that food and the the the vegus nerve Wicks thatthose nutrients up into the brain and our brain is kind of like the the fruit of the tree and the vegus nerve are likethe roots of the tree that wrap around our intestines and all of our other organs they are essential now whathappens when a parasitic fungus that’s very common malesia these are athletes foot fungus ringworm fungus if you haveever had dandruff you’ve got it on your head we all have it it’s nothing to be ashamed of it’s just present in ourEnviron in our environment we say it’s ubiquitous in nature right and it’s everywhere but what happens is that alot of people say oh it’s just on my foot the doctor gave me a cream I’m going to put an ointment on it or oh I’ve got this new anti- dendu shampoowe’re not addressing the core of the problem is that they live in the intestine in the colon they are actuallybeing found to be related to colon cancer they also have been found to be related to hepatic liver disease theyare also being associated with pancreatic cancer as well as when they get to the brain and start causing esschemas and tumors in the brain uh it causes Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis this is just onefungus out of thousands of species right one very common creature that we allhave had experience with at some point in our life that we are not fully comprehending the impacts to our healthand we just call it aging oh we’re just getting older you know that’s just what happens when you age that’s what happenwhen we go for decades with an undiagnosed and untreated fungalinfection that goes systemic that’s what that is so you know just just trying todraw the the parallels here because when people say oh I’ve got a grandma with cancer or I have cancer diagnosis I wantto try to help to re Trin the our brains to use the language properly I have a fungal infection my grandma has anuntreated fungal infection that’s what we should be training ourselves to say anytime we hear the word cancer or wehear the word Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s these are these are things that can be easily treated and that are preventablemaybe not easily treated because these things are very hard to kill and you know when we’re talking about you knowthe gut brain axis when the when there’s a disruption uh and parasitic infectionsit can affect everything from you know not just our you know our digestive tract and our and our organ but ourmental health right from depression anxiety you know bipolar disorder schizophrenia all kinds of differentthings are now being associated with parasites that attack the central nervous system so again we we’re we’rebeing taught by the pharmaceutical industry that oh you just need to take an anti-depressant or you just need to take an anti psychotic medication we’renot really addressing again the core issue here so the Vegas nerve is a veryvery you know fundamental you know uh uh component of our central nervous systemthat basically regulates everything from our stress response to our ability forour our organs to communicate for our the ability to modulate our blood pressure and our heart rate our insulinour glucose levels you know you’re you’re looking at so many things from the ability to manage inflammatoryprocess um I mean there isn’t really anything that the Vegas nerve doesn’t touch and when this becomes an infectedSuper Highway for Paras Ides to go from the gut to the brain it’s something to consider when you know you are trying toreally address degenerative um illnesses thatespecially are related to Rapid aging and so people are into oh you know anti-aging uh you know regenerativetherapies if they’re not addressing this super highway of the microbes and the and the gut to the central nervoussystem to the brain then they’re not they’re not on point I call this chasing the file line right you’re walking atight rope here so again another great quote from hypocrates said our food should be ourmedicine and our medicine should be our food very wise man in that case and that’s not something that he made up Iknow indigenous cultures have understood this for Millennia but in other case if you look at the blue zones these areareas where centurions have a high density in the population meaning people live well over a hundred years old withno you know modern diseases um and a high quality of life and what we seehere in okanawa Japan traditionally the consumption of sweet potato made up a large percentage of their diet 7 67% wassweet potato and then you have rice and other vegetables you’re looking at over 75% prominantly fiber intake fiber andpotassium fiber and potassium you’ll see the same the same pattern here and in another Blue Zone in ncoa Peninsula inCosta Rica I lived about 20 minutes from here and the people don’t live very healthily there be honest with you butthey consume a high percentage of fiber in their diet you know uh in SardiniaItaly very much similar it’s mostly a plant-based diet with about 5% meat products you know so animal productsonly represent about five maybe 10% at most of the of of the of the diet and soI’m not trying to say go vegetarian or go vegan or go you know carnivore I’m just saying balance it like let’s take alook at who has been be able to prove that the health of their societies andcommunities um both local and and abroad are capable of actually proving itinstead of making it up as we go along why invent why reinvent the wheel when it’s already been invented for thousandsof years luminda California this is right in the San Bernardino Mountains you know you’re talking right outside of La I grew up there it’s not a cleanplace right and still actually I think it’s a it’s a community of Seventh Day Adventist that this that this blue zoneis is U is mapping and again you’re looking at M very much a 60 to 75%fiber-based plant-rich diet whereas you’re still seeing only about four to 5% meat intake so they need theirprotein you got to get your protein and plants have protein too but you know the the the the animal-based products arealso widely used in these communities whether it be fish or whether it’s cattle or whether it’s deer or elk youknow someone always has you people always have their source of animal products to some extent or degree umAira grease is same thing you see again a large percentage of it plant based diet and how does fiber work and what isit fiber are just complex sugars we call them complex carbohydrates you hear people say oh carbohydrates are badthey’re bad listen to me guys we need the complex carbs the fiber was wasdesigned by nature to allow us to digest our food to bind cholesterol andeliminate cholesterol to AB to provide us the uh ability to mobilize and andincrease the transit time of food through our digestive tract right when you eat food it should move move throughyou and exit your body within 12 to 16 hours a lot of people don’t eliminatefood through their body for an entire week some people for an entire month it’ll sit in there so if you think aboutfood sitting out on your counter you know you make a a steak with some you know with some potatoes and some greensuh and you leave it there for a day on the counter and you’re going to go back to eat it right if you leave it for aweek you’re going to go back to eat it right you wouldn’t be surprised if you got sick if you ate it a week laterright that’s not a shock and so when food is rotting in our our bodies and we have all these flesh eating microbes festering in there itstarts to give you an idea of like kind of what the problem really is at the core of the issue a lot of people go Idon’t know what it is I don’t know what it is typically it’s digestion as hypoc hypocrates said you know all diseasebegins in the gut more importantly the fibers that fungi possess we call betaglucans it’s a very specific special type of fiber and that is the basically the cremel cremthe top of the of the line of the the fibers that nature produces algae produce it some types of seaweedsproduce it and fungi produce it and they’re made of it they’re made of potassium and they’re made of what are called protein bound polysaccharidescomplex carbohydrates or fibers and specifically this class of beta glucans has been studied for its anti-cancereffect in China actually psk from turkey tail creson is one of the top leadinganti-cancer drugs in the country there um as well as Lenin from shitake theseare registered anti-cancer drugs that are used on the market by the medical industry to treat cancer in in manyparts of Asia in the US of course they’re not they’re not approved by the FDA so it does that must mean it doesn’twork so when we’re looking at the the nature of fiber what are these beta glucans doing in the gut when we consumethem and we consume mushroom fibers you know whether it’s from our food or from you know extracts that we make um itactually is feeding the probiotic bacteria in your gut and we need those probiotics everyone hears aboutprobiotics nowadays the microbiome but you realize that the probiotics needPrebiotic fiber for them to eat it’s kind of like putting a seed on a concrete floor on a concrete parking lotand expecting it to grow it won’t it needs fiber it needs soil right for that seed to take root and the fiber is asoil of the gut and that allows the probiotic bacteria to grow in the intestine and those bacteria provide uswith short chain fatty acids namely a compound called berate and butyrate hasbeen shown to prevent colon cancer and prevent inflammation systemically through the body now we don’t producebutyrate but the microbes do but the probiotic bacteria that make butyrateneed fiber in order to stay well fed now if we don’t have fiber in our gut theprobiotic bacteria aren’t allowed to exist and then we get eoli and stack and all kinds of yeast and fungi candidamalesia all the flesh eaters come to party because we’re pretty much just packing meat and dairy and fat and youknow all of these things that only they can digest whereas the plant-based microbes that produce all these shortchain fatty acids if we don’t Supply them with enough food they’ll starve and they’ll die right and that’s the startof disease as hypocrates said all disease begins in the gut betag glucans are known to lower cholesterol balanceblood sugar improve respiratory tract Health it improves your mood State aswell as of course a healthy gut and weight management you know Fiers is known for I mean on the grocery storeshelves you see it on the cereal it says for heart health fiber you know like it’s not for cholesterol Health fiberthese are very common things we just don’t really contemplate or consider what it is and so I want to demystifythis oh mushrooms are amazing they do all these health benefits but what is it it’s the fibers that they are made of weneed them it’s not an option nature didn’t give us a a secondary source of fiber that’s whyall the plants and all of the you know fungi and algae and seaweed the the foundation of the food web is basicallypredominantly made of fiber and potassium and minerals of course and so I formulated over 20 years of researchprobiome plus which contains over uh 14 different species of medicinal mushroom fibers including the melium and thefruit body mushroom extracts a very concentrated power pack punch originally I wasn’t intending to sell thiscommercially I was just trying to fix my own Digestive Health selfishly enough and it worked and the more people that Ishared it with the more people that it helped and the more people that were demanding I need more and I’m like wellI can’t manufacture more unless I start a company and start to do commercial manufacturing and scale production whichand is what exactly what I did and so we are providing that for you guys here it’s our soft launch um again you cancome to our booth and we try to provide the lowest cost medicinal mushroom products in the country um and we try tosell at a wholesale uh price because we know that they can become very very expensive if in the case that we don’thave you know the the ability to do wholesale um that’s something that isreally uh unique for a mushroom company everyone’s trying to sell you little pills or little tinctures and they’remaking a th% margins you know it’s crazy it’s it’s piracy and what I want to dois make sure that everyone gets an adequate amount to actually fill their entire gastrointestinal tract to fillyour stomach not just with a couple of pills but to actually use it as a meal as a meal replacement therapy you knowand so I’m very happy and proud to you know present that and produce that for you guys so that you can start to feelwhat it is to have proper digestion and most people within 24 hours start to notice the change within two or threedays you don’t want to go back to the old digestive ways that you guys have all been used to cuz I know I didn’t andit was a it was a really you know for me it was a life-threatening concern you know I was moving towards having polypsand colon cancer and surgery and all kinds of therapies that I just didn’t want to go down that direction so Ifixed it myself and have managed to kind of come back from the edge of the cliff so to speak now when we’re looking at umantibiotics I want to again just remind you guys antibiotics do not kill fungi antifungals do so here’s the antibioticagar you can see the fungi survive no problem now when we hit him with antibiotics these fungi died which iswhy you should never take antibiotics if you have to you should take it with an antifungal right and that’s the wayproper use of antibiotics should ever be used they should never be used without an antifungal followup to beat down thefungi that they allowed to grow um and again you know going back to the AncientForest of the Pacific Northwest this is a resident uh that is now virtually extinct uh I’ve been very fortunate tohave spent the last 20 plus years uh researching this spe se’s called brigio porous nobilissimus she’s the largestmushroom on Earth she only grew in five locations left on the planet between Northern California and British Columbiaand I was honored to be able to um survey two of the old growth cores and unfortunately I watched her die over thelast 20 years um and so very very uh good friend of mine I call her grandmabridie um and I was able to actually isolate a culture from her um and wasand and currently we’re preserving her genetics in our Laboratories and to be honest with you I’ll you know let thecat out of the bag you know Paul stut taught me to do this and he would probably sue me if he knew that I waspresenting This research publicly um but nonetheless I think it’s a very important research to be done and I’llexplain why not just preserving old growth you know genetics from the late successional Forest because thiscreature only grows on trees 500 years and older so she doesn’t live on young stands she only lives on no PacificPacific Noble fur and silver fur um in the Northwest and so those are pretty much have all been logged out anddeforested and so it’s a super tragic uh reality but again it gives us a lot ofvery hard lessons that we’re learning um and what I decided to do was test her against a very well-known black moldthat actually uh harvested from the alleys of Compton when I was down in LAand it was a moldy piece of drywall that was in the alley I scraped up it’s what El my colleges do really weird like thatyou know we see a moldy piece of bread or like some moldy drywall we’re like oh cool I’m going to take it to my lab andso we cultured it and uh she did not die from the anti-fungal uh antibiotic and so shedidn’t have a problem neither did bridg aorus they both were able to survive the antifungal treatment which is adangerous thing with the black mold because that means if you take antifungals it’s not killing the black mold right it may kill other yeast andother other types of fungi but there are some that still are resistant that survive so so what I decided to do waspit them against each other in Mortal Kombat and I put Bridge of porus here and the black mold here and you can seethat she is just tsunami over the wave of the black mold and is moving towardsconsuming her by the time I get back to the lab tomorrow I’m sure this is all going to be cons because I just tookthis picture a couple of days ago before I got here and we’ll see that this has been fully colonized she’s able todefeat or you know counteract the uh growth of the as fragilis uh fungus herewhich gives us again uh just like Alexander Fleming had identified penicillin to kill bacteria it gives usa new tool to attack a fungus that is very difficult to kill this creature this black mold was found growing inChernobyl in the destroyed Reactor Core feeding on radiation she didn’t mind hanging out in a you know radiationthat’s 300 to 500 times higher than anywhere on the surface of the planet they have a you know they’ll just sitthere and bask in the sun in in in the gamma rate they don’t mind it right they also are extremophiles they can surviveat the bottom of the ocean they can survive at the top of the mountains uh you know they are they they can survivepretty much anywhere they survive heavy metal assault chemical assault chemotherapeutic drugs radiationbiological assaults there’s not a whole lot of things that we have in our Arsenal to kill these things short of usjumping into a volcano you know and and killing ourselves and so we really arevery fortunate to have these old growth forest species that are virtually extinct right because these are the onlythings I’ve had in my 20 plus years of experience that can actually do thisright there’s nothing else I know of no other plant no other extract no other pharmaceutical drug that I know they cankill this thing but she can’t and so again it’s so important for us tounderstand why why we need to protect our our our our old growth forest and our habitats all around the world umsome of the things that happens when you start to kill off the fungus in the body is you get what are called Herer reactions or die off symptoms and thedie off symptoms are the fungus’s way of telling you don’t kill me or I’m going to make you feel like you want to dieright because as you as the fungi start to die in your body they start to release all kinds of micro toxins andapot toxins they release ammonia into the bloodstream to make you feel sick so you stop eating whatever is killing themthey don’t want you to feel better so they’re going to make you feel worse before you get better and in this case you know you could see brain fogheadaches fatigue moodiness irritability bloating diarrhea or constipation joint pain nausea skin issues flu likesymptoms and the list goes on and on and on when they start to die off but again it’s always you know worse you know thestorm is always worse before the before the rainbow or whatever the saying is you know ultimately you just kind ofhave to persevere through this process in order to get to the other side in traditional and ancient uhcultures all throughout the world from the ancient Greeks to here in Algeria to meso America you see these actual Mayanmushroom Stones stuff on Paul’s mantle is one of the things back 20 years ago I was telling Paul you need to give theseback these don’t belong to you you know but he likes them up there so it’s it iswhat it is you know but uh but it just shows again you know the the ancient uhuh Traditions um and the sacred uh uh respect that that ancient cultures allaround the world had for for for for Visionary fungi specifically to the point of actual worship the Aztecs uhcalled the mushrooms theak the Flesh of the Gods right um and even in in in Asiaboth in China and in Japan in China they call this linger and in Japan they call it RI and this mushroom has been usedfor many thousands of years as an imperial mushroom that was actually uh forbidden for commoners to to possess ifyou were caught POS possessing this in ancient China you know you would have your your head cut off and hand it toyou basically because um any commoners caught with the linger were put to deathbecause only the Imperial family was allowed to have it because it was known as a mushroom of immortality you knowfor many thousands of years almost 2,000 years from traditional Chinese medicine even you know in their art you could seethis DST you know holding uh uh RI in his hands or being harvested here uhfrom these images um and sculptures here’s a modern uh version of abeautiful dragon and these are all made of Rishi mushrooms these these are not lacquered either they’re naturally shinythis way right that’s why they call them Ganoderma lucidum Gano means shiny Dermameans skin and they have a shiny skin to them that’s just their nature and the you could actually see the antler formhere on the back of the spines of the Dragon are are the ri before they turn into caps so again culturally they’vebeen used for many many thousands of years uh in Japan uh the cultivation of shiak was really the in Innovation thatled to our modern biotechnologies of propagating fungi and so instead of just harvesting them from the wild theJapanese had discovered that well we can just plug the the the the oak um oaklogs with chiaki spawn and they can cultivate them in in the wild and Soeventually it became what we now know as the biotechnology industry where we growthem on blocks of sawdust which you can see out there at our booth now it’s not an overstatement tosay mushrooms can help Save the World um actually it was Gordon wson back in the1950s that actually had gone down to Waka and met with a kuranda a medicinewoman named Maria Sabina and Maria Sabina was a very humble Medicine Womanin her Village uh who was lorded to have the thean catle or the Flesh of the Godsa Visionary psilocybin mushroom that she fed to Gordon Watson who was actually an academic who was hired by the CIA uhlong story short after they released this to the West the 60s movement began the counterculture movement began andthe magic mushroom and LSD uh psycho psychedelic movement became uh basicallya big huge phenomena which still is Rippling here in the west and everyone is getting really excited about the uhaspects of um psychedelic or Visionary mushrooms which we know as pilos orpsilocybe mushrooms now um again I want to always give credit to the indigenous cultures where all of this medicine camefrom because there’s a lot of just kind of hype and a lot of people just trying to Market this in a way that they justwant to get high and you know uh there’s a much deeper roots and much deeper respect we have to have for thismedicine because it’s a ancient you know uh uh powerful Visionary hallucinogensthat you know other cultures have well understood for many thousands of years are not to be trifled with it’s not ait’s not a a casual substance right um and Maria Sabina of course just a sweetmeet you know uh grandmother here um and I know I don’t have a whole lot of time but I do want to just read this becauseit’s very beautiful just to come from an elder you know cure yourself with the light of the sun and the Rays of theMoon with the sound of the river and the waterfall with the swaying of the Sea and the fluttering of the birds healyourself with mint with neem and Eucalyptus sweeten yourself with lavender Rosemary and chamomile hugyourself with the cocoa bean and the touch of cinnamon put love and tea instead of sugar and take it looking atthe stars heal yourself with the kisses and the wind uh gives you and the hugs of the rain get strong with bare feet onthe ground and with everything that is born from it get smarter every day by listening to your intuition looking atthe world with the eye of your forehead jump dance sing so that you live happierheal yourself with beautiful love and always remember you are the medicine these are some of the um thankyou whoever that was um I just thought it was a very beautiful rended I condition to understand you know thewhere where these medicines are coming from with a great deal of respect knowledge and wisdom um these are someof the books that Gordon wson uh had published back uh in the day uh sort of the origins of the magic mushroom uh youknow ucini uh Mysteries uh in Greece and a lot of the you know more we’ll justsay uh as they call uh esoteric um past of more uh hiddenmedicine that is not quite talked about too much modern day lost knowledge we’ll say uh in the last 10 to 15 years a lotof research has been coming out from John Hopkins universities and Stanford Harvard everyone is getting very excitedeven the government is using you know clinical trials that are getting started up through the veterans uh Associationthe Veterans Administration the VA and um being able to understand the thewhere it falls within a safety ranking you can see that alcohol is is at the top of the uh hazardous substances thatcauses the most harm to users but look at mushrooms is literally at the bottom of the barrel so as far as safety isconcerned mushrooms are not toxic they although they cause all kinds of alterations that are temporary uhmushrooms are not poisoning you a lot of people have this misconception that pilicide mushrooms are poisonous theyare not right other mushrooms are like ammonita and other ones like that they can poison your liver but psilocybinmushrooms are not toxic to the body and there’s a reason why because psilocybin has uh the active constituent thataffects our brain is called psilocin it’s a metabolite and psilocin is actually almost an identical um toserotonin which just an extra hydrogen atom here and that provides basically uhan insight into what they’re doing they’re actually a neurotransmitter um rather than a than ayou know a toxic compound that’s that’s that’s damaging our kidney or our livers and so um this this compound uh is veryinteresting because of the fact that we know that it has other tryptamines that are associated with it um but it doeshave a tremendous amount of benefits from soothing anxiety reducing smoking sensation as well as cocaine and otherum addictions uh it reduces cancer related psychological distress or depression um and uh and and other manyother benefits um there are different dosage um aspects where you can do amicro do very small amount where it doesn’t give you a psychotropic effect you don’t hallucinate is what I’m sayingbut you can still get benefit and you can also go all the way up to a mega do or macro do to the point where you arehaving full visual hallucinations and there have been shown to be really powerful benefits um for uh clinicalresearch for PTSD and depression and anxiety and many other things uh when itcomes to addiction so there are uh places for each of these types of dosagetherapies uh in clinical um you know uh settings uh for smoking sensation onestudy showed that up to 80% of the uh participants were smoke free after 6 months and 60% were still smoke free upto 57 months later after only two or three doses of mushrooms which is a bigdeal because I don’t know if you guys known people that have been addicted to nicotine but it’s a very hard thing tokick right and for something a substance to you know be able to resolve anaddiction like that which is two or three treatments you know is significant there’s really no other pharmaceuticaldrugs that that compare any you know substances that for that matter um the 5ht2a receptor is actually where the psilocybin docks and binds to and itaffects the cortical system and the amydala and the lyic system in specific the amydala is basically the the the thesite of uh like fight or flight like fear response right in the in the lyic system and this this gets damage whenchildren are you know uh traumatized or abused or let’s say soldiers in War uhcome back uh with PTSD the amydala becomes damaged we’ll call it we’ll just say for lack of a better termic getsbruised right and what happens when consumption of psilocybin mushrooms uhoccurs we actually see the repair and uh the activity in the amydala basicallylike hit the reset button on your computer when it starts acting up and that’s one of the really amazing thingsthat that we see in the clinical data that’s showing that it’s able to really address a lot of these problems thatother drugs can’t touch um and uh and again you know these are some very powerful um uh pieces of research toshow um without going too much into depth uh the network between uh the thethe different regions of the brain that are responsible for our external experience let’s say I’m awake I can seeyou guys you guys can see me I’m not asleep and dreaming right now right when I’m asleep and dreaming I can’t see youguys we typically have those two parts of our brain functioning and act andacting um in in completely uh polarized to each other where you can see in thisgraph the red uh activity versus the blue activity that’s what this is is is demonstrating is that our brain functionwhen we’re not under the influence of psilocybin alternates between waking and sleep cycles or dial Cycles well whenwe’re under the influence of psilocybin they actually synchronize so we are actually waking and sleeping at the sametime in essence we’re awake in a dream or or or you know awaking dream I guess but in essence it allows you to haveinternal process and external process combined which makes the feeling ofOneness that many people report from consuming sosy and mushrooms because it’s not differentiating between theexternal self and the internal self right there’s a lot there in the not just neuro neurological or neurochemicalbut in the psychological or spiritual aspect of human consciousness it’s a pretty exciting field ofresearch um we’ll keep going because I know I probably only have five minutesum you know compared to traditional anti-depressants which require daily Doses and also commonly damage organslike you know hepatic function or liver function renal function your kidneys you know these are these are you know reallybig problems when people are dependent on anti-depressants for years and years and years it can really cause problemsand dependencies that are not healthy but with a single dose of macro do of psilocybin it’s shown to be able toactually relieve uh severe depression for a matter of months and even for years depending on the the the thedosage now I thought this was kind of a cool picture I’ll just let you absorb this for a moment it you know I don’twant to offend anybody and your senses but I just thought it was kind of a neat little like all right here we areMillennia down the line um after we know that cultures from around the world for many thousands of years have consumedyou know Visionary hallucina hallucinogenic substances predominantly fungi which seem to be very closerelated to civilization building cultures mathematics you know philosophyuh architecture uh designing you know a you know different types of um uh uhbases for whether it’s health or whether it’s astronomy or astrology these are all components that seem to be veryclosely related and connected to uh you know the Psychedelic experience as wecall it historically now I wanted draw a you know a couple of these things alittle bit more closer to home here because I know I just have a few minutes left um but uh but here we go back tothe black molds and their capability of actually surviving in radioactive environments in Chernobyl in this caseand actually astronauts have grown them on the space station and they can survive in space they can survive hundreds of times of radiation um thanwe would normally have here on the surface of the Earth where they’re called radiot Tropic fungi so people that are undergoing chemo and radiationtherapy for cancer now you guys start to see the puzzle kind of coming together how that could be a bad combinationbecause if the fungi are able to absorb that radiation to colonize our bodies and infect our brains it’s going toinduce more cancer growth it’s not it’s not a beneficial or or a wise or smartyou know treatment strategy um you know fungi are also able to degrade uh polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsbasically they can eat oil they can eat diesel they can break down very complex um you know molecules with their enzymesand fruit mushrooms right out of them and turn it back into soil again another really great opportunity for using bioremediation strategies uh from actually taking hair which absorbs oil very welland then colon you know absorbing the oil with the hair and then colonizing the fungi on the on the oil saturatedhair another bior remediation strategy for removing oil from water as a result of oilspills now I just want to give you this in closing because I know I maybe have one minute leftum but uh you know or maybe I’m out of time but nonetheless I just want to give you this this really amazing pattern umthat we see throughout nature uh which are fractal and dendritic uh patterns of Electrical uh arcing or high voltageright these are all high voltage that’s all it’s electricity going through glass here making a beautiful rose um you knowthis is uh electricity going through uh wood that has saltwater sprayed on it umand then we can see here there’s you know this is lightning AR arcing in the atmosphere grounding onto the groundright and who hasn’t seen that before but here’s a melium uh in a Petri dishand here’s uh you know High Voltage in a Petri dish you know you’re looking at the similar structures becauseeverything in the universe is electrical it’s an electromagnetic and so an aspect from fungi growing in a Petri dish toliquid crystalline electrolytes like potassium and sodium crystallizing under the dark fill microscope to a brain cellto dark matter in the universe right this is coherent and consistent through all scales from the micro to the macroto the micro right and the and the fungi are tying this all together on a biological Spectrum as we are as wellyou look at your central nervous system you look at your veins you know you look at all of the structures even in thecontinental United States or any continent on the planet these are all the river waterways right and now take alook at the crystals that I took an image of uh under the darkfield microscope and the waterways in theUnited States right these are all very much following the pattern of Fibonaccifire ratio and these U you know these mobach uh uh fractals um these are allaspects that life in the universe follow even when a human being is struck bylightning you can see the imprints of the electrical you know current having move move through their bodies uh theand the bottom uh one is actually my chest after a sweat lodge and I see the actual crystals you know forming on mychest as a result of the minerals in my body again this is just a natural process you see Lion’s man here on theleft you see uh you know uh the the the cave formations here these uh uh verydendritic stalactites and stalagmites in caves and here are corals on the top andhere are fungi on the bottom you can almost not even tell the difference I think a lot of people if they saw thiswould think they were all mushrooms or if maybe you know someone that is more familiar with coral and their divers they might see it all as as corals theseare all again very consistent in just the nature of nature so I just want youguys to just kind of go back outside and start looking at the world in a new way because these patterns are everywhereit’s actually harder to not see them than to actually see them and so againyou know we are all part of this you know so Maria Sabina said you know youare the medicine you know we are the medicine and so with that I wanted to close and I don’t think I have time forquestions but we can definitely do Q&A back at my booth I’ll be here all day umImmortal 9 you guys can you can’t miss it and uh happy to have you guys come by and uh appreciate your