Jenny Dills – Surviving Corporate Cannabis

Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2024 – Blaisdell Exhibition Hall (Honolulu, HI) February 2-4, 2024 

Jenny Dills – Kind Cannabis Consulting & Justice Served (501©3) Feb 2 – Room 2: 6PM – Surviving Corporate Cannabis Pt. 1. Good Money/Bad Money Feb 3 – Room 2: 11AM – Pt. 2. Preserving Culture in Cannabis Industry Jenny stands as the visionary behind Kind Cannabis Consulting & Justice Served (501c3), assumes the role of CFO at Pineapple Express a Los Angeles based retail store, Director of Operations at Game Over Distribution, and shares ownership of the Weed & Munchies Brand. Her journey into the realm of cannabis commenced at birth, and she formally entered the legal industry in 2012 within the new landscape of Colorado. Since that pivotal moment, Jenny has harnessed her profound understanding of both cannabis and business dynamics to orchestrate the development, licensing, and operation of cultivations, extraction facilities, distributions, and retail establishments. Her expertise revolves around meticulous regulatory compliance, strategic revenue enhancement, SOP innovation, licensing endeavors, and the overarching principle of “profitability through process.” With an unwavering dedication spanning from seed to sale, Jenny nurtures an abiding fascination for genetics, propelling the plant’s evolution and the industry’s progression. Rooted in her values, she carries a fervent commitment to restorative justice and genuine equity within the cannabis industry.


this is Jenny and fortunately for you I hate talking about myself but I love talking about cannabis and this industryso I will get right into that and won’t bore you with a ton about me um but I did start in the industry in theColorado days when Colorado was medical um went through that transition and then have been in California for The Last 5Years and helping other developing Industries so I really wanted to come to Hawaii as obviously you guys are on areally awesome track for heading towards recreational use and there are correct ways and interesting ways and we’ve seena lot of a lot of governments do a great job and a lot of governments kind of goof it up and I’m very passionate about the people who helped create thisindustry being able to maintain being a part of this so this is not your typical investment speech or presentation thisis about making sure that you can take investment without giving away your farm or your company or your brand orwhatever you’ve put your heart and soul into for as long as you’ve done it um so the title of this is surviving corporatecannabis um obviously as we build a legalized industry corporations do comein and there is a way to do that in a conscious way in a way that keeps the patient and the plant and the industrythat we love so much at the focus as opposed to focusing more on Greed so I’d hope that you know during this we cankind of get some points there and learn some some things from some Hazard tales and kind of move forward so I will jumpright into it I’m going to pause probably a few times if anybody has questions please jump in I like a littleback and forth so anytime that you have something please just let meknow okay so obviously there’s been a lot of rapid growth in the past years going through legalization in differentplaces looking at New York looking at um um California even as they went from 215to 64 which was a huge shocking jarring transition for people who came from themedical community um I like to refer to 2115 as the permission slip and 64 isreally your parents saying you’re back in the house by 10:00 you do this you don’t do this and not everyone is usedto those things so as we built that out especially around the equity Community there are also regulations around howyou can and cannot take on money who you can and cannot take money from and theproper ways to do that but despite the aggressive amount of Regulation around things um that doesn’t always happenright I’ve had clients who have found themselves in very predatory Partnerships where they’ve essentiallyleveraged their entire business to a predatory partner and the government that is in their business in every otheraspect says oh this is a partnership dispute I know I made the regulation that tells you how you can and cannot bea partner of this business but I’m not going to enforce it and I’m not getting involved which is a very messy situationespecially for people who know how to grow cannabis know how to make good products that patients appreciate butdon’t necessarily have the business training behind it so this is going to be kind of a little crash course andwhat not to do um so there are obviously many differentopportunities to invest in the Cannabis space the gentleman before me was speaking very passionately and very well about CBD hemp and CBD and the the non-psycho effective portions of cannabis are definitely a way to invest and we saw in 2016 2017 2018 people reallyjumped into that a lot of big money came in and there was a lot of overproduction we were seeing things from some peoplewho maybe shouldn’t be making our medicine making our medicine and taking over and you know that speaks to some ofthat loss in quality um obviously cultivation is a great way to invest into the industry retail dispensariesandery products um and Global expansion so looking as we have land so manypeople ran there when we invest into these different opportunities it’s really important to make sure you’redoing it in a strategic manner right so if I’m going to start a company I want to look and see how I can touch as manyplaces right if I want to be vertically integrated because we know as anoperator that’s your best opportunity to penetrate and create something that’s going to be not just a hype brand notjust something that’s going to be exciting for a moment but something that really gives you a chance at establishing enough capital andestablishing enough income that you can keep your business and it can survive things like Federal regulatory changesum so talking a little bit into the risks and challenges of those things nomatter what area of the industry as long as it’s the licensed portion that you’re investing in is a risky industry I tellpeople this is the best way to lose a million dollars not make one um so it definitely is something that you need tohave some very strong financial backing but there are also a lot of people with with a lot of money whohave the most selfish intentions um so watching as as you come in I can say I’mnow a social Equity applicate right and as I come in I have this opportunity this little golden ticket that allows meto get this coveted retail spot or this coveted cultivation I now have a flooded email full of people who have all thismoney for me and want to give it to me but want to give me a job at something that I own taking California as anexample maybe a good example maybe a bad example not everyone’s figured it out we’re buying the plane as we’re building itwith this industry you’re supposed to as an equity owner own 51% of your companythat is forever and always right so I can have an investor come in up to a 49% stake but that 51% is not just supposedto be ownership that is 51% of daily op like overseeing operations that iscomplete voting power that is complete autonomy to fire a management company toto fire whomever you would like to however that’s where predatoryinvestment comes in there are a few different ways that this happens one of the most popular is through a managementagreement where your 49% partner is now making your day-to-day decisions and they’re taking a management fee on topof whatever they’re aggregated amount with so it’s very easy for me to go inand say hey I’m operating this guy who doesn’t know how to read our profit and loss guy who doesn’t know how to go take the data from the POS and metric andwhat we’re doing unfortunately our management fee and our overhead is not allowed forthere to be your 51% profit share so you get nothing so these contracts essentially come in you’re like greatthis guy’s giv me a million dollars I’m going to build the best store and they’re taking it from you and they’renot paying your taxes which is a crime if you don’t pay Ed taxes which is likeEmployment Development if you don’t pay IRS taxes those are stealing from a trust those aren’t just stealing fromthe operator which is a felony so there are so many ways when you lose track andyou get into a bad partnership that you can not only put yourself in a bad financial situation A really unpeacefulpersonal situation in your day-to-day life but you can also put yourself in quite a bit of legal hot water um thethree-letter agencies like to come in and check on those that’s kind of where they begin to get involved so looking atthat and looking at the banking regulations safe banking is something we don’t have um so making sure that youdon’t do things improperly when you take that money and you’re taking an investment that large you have to put it somewhere you’re not going to put it ina shoe box you can’t put it in the backyard um you need to have a marijuana related bank account those are expensivethose are difficult those are also only available to the financial interest holder in the license so the actuallensey they require a fully issued license from a state and a municipal organization toopen your investor can’t hold that account your investor should never bethe controlling party in that account your investor should never be the admin of that account because I just watched acompany lock their owner out this gentleman was social Equity owner he was completely taken out of his business andactually has had to settle and leave his own business that he started and has to start again because he was taken over bysome very unfortunate people who all those tax situations also apply to soit’s very important to make sure that you know first of all who you’re getting into bed with and there are some verysimple ways to do that and there are some that take a bit more diligence um some areas offer and I would love to seeHawaii and more people as they’re starting these different programs and more robust programs offer technical assistance because if I grow the bestweed in the world right but I don’t know how to balance my checkbook I don’t know how to I’m used to and I have survivedon hiding what I’m making on not keeping these really stringent records so everyone knows what I’m doing so whenthey come at me with these num numbers and with these documents I’m like okay okay cool I don’t know what I’m lookingat so these technical assistance programs put people like myself and other consultants in where I wouldcharge you know hundreds of dollars an hour to a normal person the city or the state will pay for those programs sothat the people who are coming in and should be operating have the assistance they need to be able to do so in ameaningful manner diversification due diligencelong-term Investments and short-term Investments I like short-term Investments I like to secure my investorwith Equity that converts so it’s debt secured by Equity I will pay youwhatever you want if you want 12 points on your money then wonderful you hold equity in my company up until I writeyou that last check then it all reverts back to me that’s an amazing way to make sure that you keep control of yourbusiness and that’s an amazing way to make sure that you’re not in a long-term marriage with somebody you meant to go on three dates withit’s very important to know how you end it before you begin um looking atcannabis Investments and doing due diligence on those especially those longer term investments and taking on a true JV or true Equity partner isterrifying and it should be terrifying you don’t know what people’s intentions are until things go Rocky I’m sure we’veall been in a situation and we think someone boss employee X whatevergreatest person in the world for six months and then at that seventh month you’re like oh my God you’re awful youwere not the person that I thought you were that happens so easily in business because we’re all so excited andsometimes we’re looking at investment amounts that you’ve never seen no one’s ever written me a million– dollar checkand it’s definitely an interesting situation when someone comes to you as a person and says I’m willing to give youa million dollars for this opportunity and you get a bit clouded because that million dollars is great it’s going tobuild out your facility but what you don’t see behind that million dollars is well we don’t think you can actually runit so we’re going to do that and well you know that 51% we’ve spent that inoperations costs and we’re just not making good margin so we can’t really pay you that but what we can give you is$4,000 a month for a salary how’s that sound the million dollars is gone veryquickly and you’ve squandered an opportunity that should be for you as the applicant and as the owner it’scrazy to own something and not have any control so looking at those things and doing du diligence is very very veryimportant and there’s a few ways to do adiligence identifying predatory investors and this is the real meat and potatoes of why I care to be herebecause these are the stories of things that didn’t go so great and I am a nice girl so I will never say anyone’sname but I will give you some very uh case specific information so checkingfor unrealistic too good to be true terms so those are people who are yes we have a million dollars we’re going tomake this store make XYZ have you ever made a projection for something thatyou’ve never done before those numbers are fanciful and they’re cute and they’re oftenegregiously inflated I’m sure you remember with the CBD when everyone B public and it’s like oh you’re worth $20million but your infrastructure oh my gosh your Jamaica facility is a torn down Warehouse that’s not operating ohmy gosh we didn’t see any of these smoking mirrors and then all those penny stocks dropped immediately andeverybody’s like I’m not investing in hemp anymore because this is scary because everyone I know has lost theirmoney there that was a fun time I was with you can so we were self-fundedthank God and that’s kind of if you can do it but it’s not a reality so lookingat those things and those false promises you can’t tell me that the store that you’ve never operated you can look atthe data you can look at the population that’s around how many competitors are within a certain area you can make areasonable guess but you can’t tell tell me in a finite manner you’re going to make my store $500,000 a month and thenin 7 months it’s going to be making a million do a month those are very greatnumbers it’s very exciting numbers but the reality usually doesn’t come to passthat way in fact just like the restaurant business cannabis businesses typically lose money within the first year or two of operations so you do haveto have a generous Runway that also will make investors pull out trust me I’ve fired a whole team because the investordidn’t stru the the dispersement that’s a terrible feeling that’s a horrid feeling so making sure that they’re notpromising you more than they can cash they’re really truly here to be a partner that’s going to be an importantthing those people don’t push you into contracts anything that’s oh well sign this sign this just just sign it justsign it we have other people to talk to just sign it don’t you want this opportunity probably not you probablydon’t you probably don’t even want to know that person and you should probably you know filter their emails from that one um so it’s very interesting watchingthose things happen and watch those people come through because they have a history of it lack of transparency rollsright into that if you’re not willing to tell me what your roles and responsibilities are what my roles andresponsibilities are if you’re capable of holding up your end of the bargain if you’re coming from running tire shopsand somehow Grandpa died and left you 10 million and now you’re my big investor and your successful Tire business isabout to make my dispensary Rock it’s not it’s not people will tell you allthe time that they know things they don’t know I have been in this industry for avery long time and I still have impostor syndrome what I do know is what I have done and what I have seen and that’swhat I want to convey to other people but there are so many people who and you got to look for it it’s the long bios ifthey got to tell you what they did and why you should listen to them you probably don’t want to hear it so when you’re doing your due diligence andlooking for who someone truly is you have to look past who they tell you they are because those people aren’toften any word like they say you can go I’ve seen everything as far as gosh whatwas the worst I think the worst was a gentleman who was sanctioned by the SEC and told not to touch a public companyor trade a stock ever again running three public companies one of which now owns this 12 dispensary licenses thatare social Equity guess who’s not getting their taxes paid guess whose investors are suing them six of them andwhen you have people that you’ve never met before saying hey guy you owe me$750,000 and I’m going to put a claim a UCC filing onto your business whichmeans you can’t sell it you can’t do anything with it and if you don’t pay me my money I’m going to takeit that’s a very scary defeating feeling and it happens to people who doknow and don’t know what they’re doing all the time so looking for people to be who they say they are isprobably one of the things that makes me I’m a cynical girl I will look for whatyou’re not telling me every time and more often than not you have to trust your gut it’s like trusting your nosewith cannabis trust your gut because that’s your internal compass and I know that sounds so simple and believe me itis it is way too simple but it is a really great ticking point for where you should start digging deeper into yourpotential partners research background of leadership court cases or publicknowledge people often who have these long histories of doing things that theyought not to do there’s a record somewhere simple Google search mighthelp maybe they’ve change their name okay you can dig far enough you can digthrough companies you can look on LinkedIn and kind of really dive deep into this person you wouldn’t marrysomeone if you weren’t really sure that they were who they are right business is a marriage your divorce could be waynastier than whatever happened between y’all and the kids and everything else with this business because this businessis someone’s access to be able to make a million dollars or lose it or steal it from you or whatever their interestmight be and you don’t really know that until you know the person and you truly do a deep dive into what makes them tickinto why they’re here and into why they care making sure that your investor lines up with you if you’re here becauseyou are truly truly passionate about patience that was why Colorado was one of my favorite Industries because I gotto work with children I got to work with long cared patients I got to work with people whose lives I could see in frontof my eyes being changed by the plant that we all love so much and that’s a beautiful feeling I would never get into bed withsomeone who wants to create the Walmart of weed that’s not my that’s not my mission that’s not what I want to do andthat’s going to leave us butting heads in board meetings that’s going to leave us butting heads because at the end ofthe day I took their money right so now I do owe them a responsibility as welland I do have to hold up my end of the bargain I can’t just pull out and say all right you lied I’mgone unless I say here’s your check sorry and even sometimes that doesn’twork so making sure that you line up making sure that you know who the people are and making sure that you’re doing a deep dive into people’s backgrounds intopeople’s and here’s one thing you have to do a Live Scan to be an investor and an owner in a cannabis company if theydon’t want to be on that paperwork there’s a reason there’s a reason that the government’s going to say hey allthe due diligence we’re not going to do this one we got you you can’t be on here that says a lot that says a lot aboutsomeone’s real motives when they’re like um I’m just going to be you know like aI want to be a silent investor that’s not how this works the regulations say that’s not how this works because who’sto say if I just went and took millions of dollars from someone who just murdered someone for it and that’s whythey’re like here I need to put this into something really quickly these safe places are in these regulations to kindof guide you and kind of protect you in as much as they can they’re not always going to be perfect but they are helpfulso looking at those things looking at you know how what’s your banking historylook like where’s my proof of funds people want to skip through and be like oh no I’m just a handshake kind of guyno you’re not not one it’s $1 million or more not when it’s my business not when it’s my livelihood and my passion you’renot a handshake kind of guy we’re going to go through this from an Loi to a proof of funds to you’re going to showme your credit and maybe your mom’s maiden name and whatever I need to see to feel confident and if people reallywant to work with you they’re willing to jump through those hoops and you as the license holder and as the operator andas the owner of your business because like I love my business my little old Consulting business I love it I’mpassionate about it you protect that that’s your baby nobody knows your baby like you do so nobody knows how to steeryour ship like you do you have to put as much due diligence and as much heart and as much timeand love into going through deals as you did in building it because if you don’tdo that then someone’s going to take something that you’ve put your blood your sweat your tears and your heart into and that’s a very very horriblefeeling to have couple just these are highhypothetical case studies that might be Loosely based in reality I don’t know who alternative funding group is theywere just a stock image so please don’t go call them and be like Jenny said you guys are jerks because I didn’t I don’tknow these people these are just random people from the internet um XYZ cannabisreceived $20 million in funding for expansions targeted dispensary growth in three new States anybody know why thatmight not be the greatest idea here’s $20million I really really really want a G wagon that is an $80,000 car I might beable to just really grease somebody and convince someone to give me $80,000 I probably can’t pay it back thelikelihood of me being able to pay that back and not defaulting is really high $20 million is a lot ofmoney that’s not a reasonable amount of money that if you’re operating an opening in three new States at once thatyou’re feasibly going to be able to repay so a lot of these loans come with these little trip points right you havea certain number of days to hit this Milestone and this Milestone and this Milestone and maybe you get one or twoand maybe three but at some point a lot of these things are set to claw backthey’ll do it in that way they’ll do it with large amounts of credit here I’m going to give you x amount of credit I’mgoing to incubate your brand for you and I’m going to pay for everything I’m going to pay for the flower or theconcentrate or whatever inputs you need to grow your brand don’t worry get it in the stores we’ll get it back they ownyour brand they now own your brand because if you can’t pay back that note say you know you have a bad batchsomebody hot fills Vapes or something silly happens and you lose a tremendous amount on one spals move you’ve nowleveraged your entire company and it’s not your company anymore and that’s a scary place to be in so that is why inmy opinion I tell everyone low and slow if you personally are the prince of Shiva or wherever you’re from and youhave tons and tons of money please God go buy everything that you possibly can and operate it and have a great timewith your money if not low and slow is definitely the way to not get tripped up in those things um okay ABC cannabisdon’t know them either obviously um acquired a smaller brand for five million but struggled to integrateoperations which led to write Downs so they brought a brand they’re like okay cool listen we’re floating around we’redoing great let’s add to our portfolio I don’t know how to sell thatbrand that’s not my baby I I need to be building my baby so being acquired by someone who’s just merely floating alongand being acquired for maybe an inflated amount because maybe that brand has been strugglingobviously you can’t fix everyone buying a struggling brand anybody familiar withthe brand deal that Jay-Z signed and everybody’s like oh they got him they got him that was a sucker bet and I feelbad for that man and that bet ended up with uh I believe one of his good friends who was this a higher portion ofthat company um in jail and over a financialcrime yeah I said I wasn’t going to name names we all know that one yeah that wasa really really bad deal you guys really bad deal um and that’s unfortunate that’s scary and so making sure likedon’t acquire a struggling brand make sure you know if the Brand’s struggling before you acquire it right here you can have these stores medman is anothergreat example and I can throw them out because God knows we’ve seen them in the news quite a bit lately you know whatthey did their first little gimmick was they paid their investors back with stock stock they knew was going to bedepreciated within 30 days and it was so they paid back not only their investorsbut their vendor debt they’re like here you know just have a piece of the company going to be 5 cents in about 30days but here have it so they haven’t been paid back they’ve lost everythingyour UCC filing doesn’t mean anything on a business that’s not viable so you cansecure Beyond secure what are you going to take blood turn up because you can’tso looking at that is another another fun little situation God that CA deal was bad wasit um DF cannabis had their license revoked in California for regulatoryviolations and lost key Market presence okay so cool so I’m a multi-state operator and I lose one ofmy larger states that tanks my stock any publicdeals that I’m doing that looks really really really bad and for regulatory violations I bet de wasn’t beingoperated by the owner if your name’s on that license you’re the one who at the end of the day has signed and said I agree to all theserules and regulations I agree that I know them you should probably read them a couple times before you sign that youyou know most people don’t but it also says that I agree that I am personallyresponsible for anything that anyone on my staff or with my company does so ifmy accountant is fudging the books and pocketing some of my payroll taxes that’s myfault so there are a lot of ways that you can really get tripped up and it’s very unfortunate because someone elsecreating a bunch of regulatory issues for you doesn’t unfortunately take that burden off your head in some ways insome situations yes there is a control person that is looked at but that’s not what’s looked at by the DCC or bywhatever the regulatory body that there is is they’re looking at the person who is the name on that license because you said that I know this and I’m going tomake sure it happens that way I don’t need to look at what kindConsulting does um this is my company if you guys want to learn more this is umthis is me and how you find me I’m always happy to talk about weed I’m super introverted but happy to talk about plants so always you can reach outto me on that I know that this has been a long first day and we all have the Fridays if anybody has any questions Ilove kind of back and forth but if not then yeah sure you Iam La do youfeel I’m the belly of the beast in Layeah um how do you feel about the fact thatvery you knowiar isindicationthat resp I think that comes down to motivation what I think that comes down to their motivation right if I’m like Ionly want 40% margins 40% margins or I’m out then that’s fine it also speaks tomsos are are very Infamous for having one model this is how all of our shopsrun and I’m sorry if you have a shop where are you from inCalifornia okay perfect great if I have a dispensary in let’s just pretend because this is not a thing hburg rightmy Hillsburg client’s not going to buy the same thing that my Oakland client’s going to buy they can’t the Oakland client can’t affordright so if I say this is my model this is what you get this is my centralized buying this is my big conglomerate andthis is why corporate cannabis doesn’t always work then you know what you’re going to have some failures and somesuccesses and those failures are going to hurt a lot and so I think that I toosay good don’t let the door hit you on the way out of California save us some traffic and goodbye but I think that itspeaks to those guys are looking to jump into newer markets right remember when Cfirst hit like the god I remember selling CBN when we first converted it from hip right for egregious tens ofthousands of dollar tickets a lader like it was insane CBNCBN yes so we did a conversion it was really cool with the CBN mother anyhow it was cool it was really cool I got tomy desk one day and there’s a big jar of red stuff on there and they’re like we did it but that price dropped and dropped and dropped and dropped as thesaturation happened right so there’s something to be said for while the Iron’s hot and I think that that’sprobably a large portion of why you know Kim and her team and all those kind of guys are like all right on to the nextone we’ve bled this dry and I love that because if you look at California the industry changed somuch because of the overs Satur saturation the lack of foresight when they’re like oh you know we’re not goingto release these large cultivation licenses for quite a while but you can get 15 small ones and put them on thesame piece of land it’s so bad and so you know when you don’t properly regulate things fromthe jump and no fault to the government because how do you know what you haven’t done well you talk to operators andpeople who might know a little bit you know we might be a good idea youknow I’ve never I consulted on Marine County’s regulations in uh in Marin yeah they didn’t listen all the way theydidn’t listen all the way but their their motivations were they wanted to cut down on illicit elicit activityobviously they want a safe little Ren County we’ll go to the to the sailing races and they wanted to take as muchtax money as they could I’m like okay well you need brick and mortar you need sales tax you need to give people ifyou’re going to give them a way to produce you need to give them a way to sell it or guess what they’re going to do they’re going to sell it outside ofyour county or they’re going to sell it illicitly so you have to do one or the other I think that the regulatory bodiesare doing the best that theycan I said they’re TR sign checks no I think that I think they’retrying but I think that they also lose sight too because they’re more focused on keeping this high dollar position this high dollar paycheck then they areprotecting The Operators that they’re supposed to serve at the end of the day yes they’re supposed to regulate but they’re supposed to build a model that’ssustainable and I think in California unfortunately what we’re seeing is evidence that that’s not always happening and in fact it’s often nothappening and you know we’re trying to write the ship but at some point we’re we’re too fargone but I agree get out traffic’s bad enough um so let’s see example terms ofequity the equity thevery no example heard Alabamatrity Li somebodyyou know truly all I have to put my head through a wall on this topic you I me ohabsolutely but that’s okay that’s a glaring exampleTR we will get along we will have a lot to talk about s well I guess I’m answeryou know it’s not like okay you have your ear to the ground you should of know these things areregul what do they do so many cases okay let’s get a woman putfront get thelicense that is not Equity that is tokenism yeah and it’s frustrating yeah I think that from a regulatorystandpoint if they are going to have they have requirements they have a equity share requirement right there’resupposed to be an equity share review when I go through my licensing let’s use La as an example and I’m submitting myagreement with my new partner there is an equity share checklist that has to be submitted withthat as well okay so if I social Equity applicant 6 months in I’m like oh shootwe have the agreement but they’re not following it and I go to that regulatory body and I say hey knock knock hell thisthing that we signed they’re not doing it I think that regulatory bodies are too cautious to not put themselves in alitigious situation because they don’t want TR leave suing them right but they have the absolute Authority in fact theyhave a duty to these applicants to make sure that they are regulating the rules that they put in place we didn’t tellyou to put these requirements in place you put them in place we’re trying to adhere to them if we’re telling you someone’s not adhering to them there isin every regulation there’s a way to deal with that it gives a 60-day cure period if it’s not cured the license isrevoked how is that fair to the applicant they have to get involved if they’re going tooverregulation personally have spoken at nauseum to different people and different regulatory bodies on behalf ofdifferent applicants I do a lot of work with social Equity people that is my passion um because I want to see thepeople who built this stay in it and I don’t want it to be just because you’re a certain color or you’re the right sexor you’re I want it to be because you deserve to be there and you really truly fit these requirements not becauseyou’re somebody that they’re like you know they’re very well-known groups I’m sure you’re aware of this too in California that well when something’sbeing opened up for licensing well called out a list and be like did you know you could be a social Equityapplicant then they write their name on that license for that whatever percent not just California it’s not just California yeah absolutely and it’s veryfrustrating I think social Equity has such a beautiful opportunity to be truerestorative justice and to really truly make right what the war on drugs andwhat this previous fun fun legislation has done tous and destroyed the lives of all these people and we have the opportunity which is a beautiful opportunity to makesomething right we can correct history where we can see it and we’re choosing not to because we’re lining our pocketsso I think that we need to throw out a lot of these Equity programs and start again we’re not at a pencil’s downpoint and it is obvious and they do know so yes but that’s where my keepingculture in can tomorrow because I’ll really go on a soapbox then that one I will talk about but awesome question andwe we we definitely will have a conversation with trade cards anybodyelse oh I did go to 645 goodness all right well thanks so much for for hanging out you guys I hope that youtook something from that and I appreciate you guys thanks for having me and talk to yousoon