Jason Henley – Care Waialua

Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2024 – Blaisdell Exhibition Hall (Honolulu, HI) February 2-4, 2024 

Jason Henley talks about Care Waialua

Jason from carway leis here so I’m goingto just give up the last couple minutesof my talk for Jason to share his storyso Jason please comeup cuz it’s historical it’s part of thehistory forsure hello everybodyso uh it’s kind of hard to follow thatpresentation but you can see how muchchaos has been going on here in Hawaiiand um for what that’s really justridiculous um my name is Jason Hy um Iowe car L it’s the largest paent basedFarm in Hawaii um kind of like as thisside’s trying to say we’re trying tolimit cards per sites we’ve been workingthe other way where we’re trying to openthe site for people who can’t grow athome who need help growing and um needcompassion medicine you know armdispensers are really really expensivethey’re not affordable uh they’re forprofit and so all that stuff goes alongwith it um kind of my quick story is onOctober 24th so we have been operatingfor about 5 years uh open doors workingwith public policy makers had Josh greenon our site 20 other Representatives umworking through all these bills haveDepartment of Taxation on my site lawenforcement trying to figure out how togo forward with these cooperatives andhow to make money and pay taxes and allthat good stuff here on October 24thum Homeland Security um Ned narcoticsenforcement Division and a bunch ofother people showed up my house and myfarm uh 10 people at my house uh 60people at my farm and started just kindof shutting everything down so uh 6:00in the morning uh pretty much tookeverything off our site plants anymechanical equipment that had to do withmake hash making and pretty much emptiedour farm out to nothing uh we providedmedicine for at that time we had about985 registered patients on our farm socontinually coming to our farm to gettheir medicine through our rent programyou know we we’ve kind of slid aroundwith this gray area and stuff and wejust never whether you’re sellingcannabis no we’re not selling cannabisthis is our cost to grow this Canabishere these patients pay for the cost toamends electricity water and so we hadall this kind of in play and we’reworking really good um we’re really notsure why it happened um we were prettytransparent about everything uh we didstop allwing Ned on our site our C Corpsdivision because they were doing uhreally shady compliance things andthat’s what they’ve been doing for thelast 20 years so we stopped them fromcoming on our sites about four timeswith search warrant saying go get asearch warrant and then the last timethey came back the feds came in with asearch warrant um to this day I’ve notbeen charged I was not arrested that dayum and I was let go and um that’s mystory yeah it’s it’s pretty crazyunexpected um we we haven’t seenanything happen like this since likeoperation green Harvest on this levelyou know but this has been happening inthe background all over the place Italked to my friends on Mai Kawaii theycall it the big loss so these guys comein and remove everything from youthere’s no charges we think and theymove on and they cause chaos So yeahthank you that’s my story but we’restill we opened up 5 days later so we wehave a choice patients are like where amI going what am I going to do you knowwe have people using Rick Simpson Oiltinure stuff like that what what am Igoing to do live daily and live my lifeand be happy and I’m like got a goodpoint players are like don’t do it I’mlike I don’t really have a choice yousee what’s going on here these guys aregetting so we open up 5 days later we’been rolling over since and uh trying torebuild everything but yeah it’s myshort story pretty crazy so yeah and yousee where it all comes from this ismadness right this has got to stop we’vegot a bill in with Senator Al right nowSB 2619 it’s all cut and paste for mainit’s local licensing local people localcultivation give the ctiv rights of theHawaiian people back to the freakingHawaiian people man it’s too easy manand we are over this we are over itman so we will fight we will fight theseBill we will fight attorney general douse bills and we will keep pounding youman and we are not going to stop so