Ian Rassman joins Hawaii Cannabis Expo as Speaker

Joining us at the speaker panel is the executive director of Los Angeles, Norml, Ian Rassman, who will be returning to Hawaii to share his knowledge with us.
He once called Hawaii home, having grown up in Hilo in the ’70s – ’80s.

Sharing experience with Activism at NORML
Medical Cannabis Donation program
Insights into payment and banking in the Cannabis Industry

Ian is a devoted cannabis advocate, currently serving as the Executive Director of Los Angeles NORML. His organization’s unwavering commitment to facilitating compassionate cannabis donations under California’s SB34 legislation has resulted in over $5 million worth of medical cannabis contributions to veterans and patients in need across California. With a remarkable 13-year background in the Banking and Payments sector, including a dedicated 8-year focus on cannabis payments, Ian brings a wealth of knowledge and financial expertise to assist operators in the cannabis industry. His profound grasp of the industry and extensive global network, highlighted by his popular Cannabis Business Event Calendar on his website, establish him as an invaluable asset to the cannabis community.

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Ian Rassman

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