Hemp : Industrial Hemp Pilot Program

General Information

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Quarterly License Issuance periods:

  • Applications are accepted at any time, but licenses will only be issued 4 times a year, in the following months:
  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

Authorized Laboratories:

Laboratories authorized to test for HDOA’s industrial hemp pilot program are those which are currently provisionally certified or certified to test cannabis for potency by the State of Hawaii Department of Health, and whose status is not under review.  As of 2/2019 those labs are:

  • Aeos Labs
  • MedCan Hawaii dba MedCan Lab
  • Steep Hill Hawaii
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the laboratory they intend to use is willing to collect samples from their proposed location, and it is the licensee’s responsibility to pay for all such sample collection and testing as billed by the laboratory. Mileage and hourly rate for sample collection is set by statute, but other costs may vary by the laboratory.  Applicants should obtain a sampling and testing quote from the laboratory they intend to utilize.
  • Laboratories shall perform sampling and testing in accordance with the following protocol here

Licensing Process:

  • HDOA will notify successful applicants, and applicants whose applications have been rejected.
  • If you have not heard anything about your application, it is still awaiting processing or currently under review. Frequent inquiries about the status of an application may delay processing in general. 
  • Successful applicants will be sent a Licensing Agreement for review and signature. HDOA may contact applicant during this period to review the Licensing Agreement and regulations to ensure understanding.
  • Applicant, if agreeable to the Licensing Agreement, must remit both the signed Licensing Agreement, and licensing fee of $250.00 +appropriate amounts for acreage and square ft. to HDOA.
  • After receiving a signed Licensing Agreement and license fee, HDOA can issue applicant a license.
  • Licenses are good for two years from the date of the license, as long as a license fee of $250.00 + acreage/square footage cost is paid at the start of the second year of the license to maintain the license (in addition to program compliance).

Pesticide Usage on Hemp

  • It is the grower’s responsibility to verify that any pesticide (including fungicides and bioinsecticides) usage follows all state and federal laws.
  • If you have any questions about pesticide use on hemp or require information for pesticide product registration and licensing please call 808-973-9401 or email hdoapestreg@hawaii.gov
  • General hemp program questions should be directed to hemp@hawaii.gov

Program Contact: hemp@hawaii.gov

Quality Assurance Division
Hawaii Department of Agriculture
1851 Auiki Street
Honolulu, HI 96819