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Kim Hughes, also known as Kimmie Cannabis, is a passionate advocate for cannabis legalization and human rights. As she approaches her 55th birthday, Kim is a proud mother of four and a doting grandma to many. Her life journey has been marked by witnessing the injustices of cannabis prohibition and the struggle to avoid incarceration. For 38 years, Kim has pursued her career as a self-employed hairstylist, cultivating a canna-friendly environment for her clients. Her personal experiences, including the loss of her father due to prescribed opioid addiction, ignited a fervent mission to educate society about the benefits of choosing plants over pills. Kim has dedicated the last six years to educating the public about the endocannabinoid system and promoting the use of hemp-derived CBD. Her advocacy extends into the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma City, where she serves as a patient advocate and educator. Her primary goal is to dispel the reefer madness stigma surrounding cannabis, which offers numerous therapeutic benefits. Kim is a multifaceted advocate, known for creating the "Canna Talk About It?" podcast, where she discusses various aspects of cannabis and its impact on society. She has also pioneered the "High N Heelz" art auction fundraiser, leveraging her creativity to support causes she holds dear. Kim Hughes is a tireless champion for cannabis reform and a staunch advocate for women's and human rights.

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Oklahoma City, OK