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Aaron Zeeman – Founder of Big Island GeneticsFeb 3 – Room 2: 2PM – The future of the Legacy Growers in Hawaii: current local cannabis culture

 "Professor Potgrower" a veteran guerilla grower, medical cannabis patient and infamous activist/defendant. Soon after his release from doing 12 months in federal custody he captured a trophy in Honolulu for a medical cannabis competition today known as the Aloha Cup. He won 1st place for the Big Island and second overall for the state of Hawaii with his entry of Puna Diesel. Experienced with over 20 years of growing, the Professor had dabbled with breeding with some notable success after creating a strain known as "Lucky" that moved around Puna growers for nearly 10 years before eventually disappearing like so many great local strains have done.

Big Island Genetics started by offering Puna Diesel hybrids and the Professor's hunt for the legendary Puna Budder and the other Hawaiian classics was made top priority. It would still take a couple more years before that jewel was located far from Hawaii along with  Maui Wowee, Molokai Snow, Kauai Electric and Kona Gold to make a complete collection from  different islands. All from one source who passed these one of a kind genetics to the Professor telling him "you think that you found these genetics but that's not what happened. They found you. I've been breeding these strains all these years waiting to find the right person to continue them, keeping them pure...and sharing them with the world."

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