HAWAII CANNABIS EXPO, East Honolulu – For the Love of the Plant

Date: February 2, 3, and 4, 2024 at The Blasidell

All about Hawaii Cannabis Expo – The Annual Hawaii Cannabis Expo is Hawaii’s premiere and only cannabis expo. Established in 2016, HCE aims to educate the public about the use of the power plant. Hawaii Cannabis Expo broke the stigma and became the marketplace for education, innovative products, and businesses serving the cannabis industry and its medicinal, agricultural, financial, and lifestyle aspects.

Hawaii Cannabis Expo’s Home: The Blaisdell Center – A world-class performing arts venue

Hawaii Cannabis Expo at the NEAL S. BLAISDELL CENTER at 777 Ward Ave, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States. 

Since the beginning, Hawaii Cannabis Expo has found its home at The Blaisdell. The Blaisdell has open spaces for 150 exhibitors with all corner booths. With The Blaisdell as our Venue, Hawaii Cannabis Expo can hold performances simultaneously, may it be – live Handblown pipe glass artists while a discussion panel is going in a separate room. 

Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2019

The previous Expo has had 15,000 attendees and is expected to grow each year.

In 2018, Hawaii Cannabis Expo brought Cheech and Chong to give the audience the Ultimate “Expo-rience”.

cannabis expo performers

Meet The Cannabis Industry LEGENDS at Hawaii Cannabis Expo

Bump into your cannabis hero at the Hawaii Cannabis Expo. Everybody is more than happy to talk story, and spread aloha.

Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2019
Danny Danko, Ed Rosenthal, Dabstar Jonah, Kyle Kushman, and Bobby Black

Hawaii Cannabis Expo Pre-party with 6 DJs at Mai Tai’s Ala Moana

hawaii cannabis expo pre party at ala moana
Pre-party has never been awesome when you got 6 world class Dj’s from Hawaii: DJ DON, DJ INSPEKT, DJ TECHNIQUE, DJ SHORTKUT, DJ LOK, AND DJ CURSE.

Hawaii Cannabis Expo Cannabis STARS

Hawaii Cannabis Expo Vendor Photo 2018
Jess and Jonah DABSTARS2.0 at previous Hawaii Cannabis Expo

Jackey 420, Jonah DABSTAR and Stoner Rob


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Hawaii Cannabis Expo’s Speakers, Lectures / Panel Discussions

Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2019
The Hawaii Cannabis Expo carefully selects the speakers, and you can apply to become one here. 
Complete HCE Speakers

Every year, HCE assembles the expert to deliver the latest discoveries in the cannabis industry.

Bobby Black Ed Rosenthal Big Book of Bud
Authors like Ed Rosenthal, shared his knowledge about farming, having written a multiple books, Ed Rosenthal is considered the Guru of Ganja in the industry.

An extensive cultural and entertainment program is offered with our exhibitors; food stands, live demos: from glass-blowing artists, cooking demos with magic butter, lecturers, and discussion panels on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

The Event was hosted by prominent figures in Hawaii – Mistah Mean and Champ Kaneshiro of Da Champ Show. 

Mean Hawaii logo

Hand blown Glass Pipe Artists

glass blowers at Hawaii Cannabis Expo
This glass was born at Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2023.

One of the most favorite attractions at the Hawaii Cannabis Expo. The artists creates world – class glass pipes and accessories.

Joel Corley - Black Sand Glass
Joel Corley – Black Sand Glass
Mark Nowicki - OgTubes / Where its at Hawaii
Mark Nowicki – OgTubes / Where its at Hawaii

Hawaii Cannabis Expo Exhibitor/Vendor Opportunity

Small business or big, Hawaii Cannabis Expo welcomes you. As our Exhibitor/Vendor, your company will get an excellent opportunity to meet and greet the prominent person in the industry. Get the exposure you need by speaking with the hosts, getting used to being photographed by professionals, and being included in the video reels by the media. 

cannabis expo advertiser in magazine

Hawaii Cannabis Expo Sponsors

Hawaii Cannabis Expo looks for the right company and people for partnering with us.

Hawaii Cannabis Expo Vendors

One of the main reason of Hawaii Cannabis Expo’s success is the love and support of the Vendors.

Every year, Hawaii Cannabis Expo thrives to provide an excellent list of Vendors. It is then compiled in our Website See Vendor Directory.

at Hawaii Cannabis Expo
From CBD oils to farming needs, Hawaii Cannabis Expo has it all.
Makena Genetics at Hawaii Cannabis Expo
More than just vendors, but healers.
DJ Kut ad DJ Lok at Hawaii Cannabis Expo

Delicious Food, Exotic Snacks awaits you at The Hawaii Cannabis Expo

at Hawaii Cannabis Expo

As a visitor to Hawaii Cannabis Expo, we inform you about the variety of THE green power plant – food, cosmetics, apparel, building material, medicine, and much more! 

Food at Hawaii Cannabis Expo
Live to try new things!
Chocolate at Hawaii Cannabis Expo
Pochos at Hawaii Cannabis Expo
at Hawaii Cannabis Expo

Hawaii Cannabis Expo respects the culture and Hawaii tradition. The Expo commences after the Oli, a Hawaiian practice of chanting, respectfully asking the ancestor’s permission to conduct the event.

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Big mahalo @hawaiicannabisexpo can’t wait for next year.”

Vendor Testimonies from HCE 2023

“What a wonderful expo it was
upprhandclothing Thank you guys for having us! It was dope meeting new friends and 
had a fun experience

“Honolulu Hawaii 2023
I am just so very grateful for the plant the gang gang the culture the ones before a mfer the ones with the energy the love the hate the motivation the questions the shade the wait the pain the pleasure the opportunity… the plant. Thank you forever.”
-Prairie State Genetix


Hawaii Cannabis Expo Media Coverage

Hawaii Cannabis Expo gets Media coverage by thousands of viewers through local media – Star Advertisers, Hawaii News Now, KHON2, Kit4, and more.
Plus the Hawaii EMCEE heroes – DA CHAMP SHOW and MISTAH MEAN! 

FYI: This is a family-friendly type of Event