Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2023: The Sponsor booths

Hawaii Cannabis Expo: A Naturopathic Lifestyle Expo was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, on February 4 & 5, 2023.  Hawaii gets to experience the return of one of Hawaii’s premier Cannabis Expo. After two long years of waiting, Expo’s back. 

Day 1: Hawaii Cannabis Expo – The Expo started with “The Oli,” a traditional Hawaiian Chant performed by a Ua to seek permission from the Hawaiian ancestors, asking them for blessing. The energy that the Oli brought was incredible; everyone gathered around to listen to the following chant, a song-like performed by Doni. 

After the opening ceremony, the Expo opened its gates to the waiting public. They were greeted at the door, and this year Expo offered a BOGO Ticket (buy one get one ticket). 

First front booths, you will find the Sponsors of the Expo: Pakaloha Care Clinic – was one of the main sponsors of the Expo.

Abby Amirdash (*who led a panel discussion, too) set up a purple photo booth for people to take fun photos. 

The Purple Heart Photo Booth by Pakaloha Care Clinic, and the Joint Panel Discussion; from the left Dr. Carolyn Candido, Me Fuimaono-Poe, Piper Lovemore and Abby Amirdash. Please check out the complete footage on our Youtube Channel: Hawaii Cannabis Expo.

Edibles Magazine offers different varieties of goodies, from pain sticks-spray away, CBDs, Edibles, and the most adorable – Grogu/Baby Yoda silicone bongs! 

B. Le Grand is one of the Expo’s many exciting guest speakers. Le Grand continues to tackles the subject which is considered Taboo for many: How to manage female Pain, benefits of using suppositories through rectum, cannabis lubes and more. Please check out the complete footage on our Youtube Channel: Hawaii Cannabis Expo.

The United States of Ganja made a statement with its camp-bonfire-like booth at the Expo. The only booth that aims to legitimize the money coming from Marijuana Industry in different states. 

Yoga Under the Palms, one of Hawaii’s most attractive YOGA lifestyles, was also one of the Expo’s main sponsors. 

The booth offered goodies like clothing items, Mana Cards, Eco Bags, Yoga Cards, some necklaces, and stickers. Side by side by booth with Plant Based Paradise Hawaii. 

Spotted: Ganja Yoga book for keeping inner peace; Yoga Janes!

Aloha Green Apothecary also joined us this year as a Sponsor. If you want to get involved, you are in luck; Aloha Green Apothecary is hiring. 

It was difficult to miss this super cool green limousine parked inside the Hawaii Cannabis Expo! It was definitely a STUNNER, beautiful people riding the green bicycle around. Hi Rides 808 offers the first and only 420 transportation in Hawaii. Check out some fire content at Hi Rides TV.