Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2023 – Speakers, storytellers, demos, and Joint panel discussions

Education captured on camera, different methods, and testimonies on how the Cannabis plant helps humanity.
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Captain Kirk and Mrs. Kirk – Cooking Demo with Magic butter
Shanon Walters shared Terry’s journey with Lymphoma
Stacey Theis – Releasing Plant Prisoners one at a time
B. Le Grand – Tackling the “Taboo.”
Joint Panel Discussion
Shontz and Kogon
Wendy Gibson – Viviani
Bob Hoban
Joseph Cerecedes
Wendy Gibson-Viviani
Bob Hoban
Dr. Thomas Cook

Shannon Walters
Dr. Thomas Cook
Kirk Reid aka Captain Kirk
Stacey Theis
B. Le Grand
Shannon Walters
Bob Hoban
Wendy Gibson-Viviani: Joint Panel Discussions: Abby Amirdash, Dr. Carolyn Candido, MD, Piper Lovemore, Me Fuimaono-Poe
Joint Panel Discussions: Boris Kogon & Lexis Shontz