Frequently Ask Questions – Speaker

I would like to be a Speaker at HCE, how can i apply?
Click here.

What are the specific areas or topics to be discussed in the conference?

New trends materializing now or coming down the pipeline for the industry as a whole and each niche
Emerging market updates in the U.S. and internationally
Global partnership opportunities and business advice
Ways to tap some of the hottest markets coming online
Emerging technologies that will reshape how business is done in the cannabis sector domestically or internationally
Emerging topics in global cannabis science and research
Any forward-looking cannabis industry topics you don’t see elsewhere

How will I know if i get selected?

The selection team will make speaker selections, and notifications will go out to all chosen to speak via email.

What are the session format available?

How-to workshop
Lessons learned from our own business
Best practices advisory
Q&A Panel Session

What is the timeline of the presentation?
Presentations should last between 30-40 minutes, followed by Q&A from the audience.

What are the off limits A No-Go

Hawaii Cannabis Expo enforces a very strict “no pitching” policy.
This includes introductions and company logos in the presentation.
Speakers cannot expound on their professional background, personal expertise, and/or company history.
Be prepared to get to the point quickly and spend the session educating the audience.
NO SHOW – will may get blacklisted to speak in our EXPO in the future.

Any tips on getting short listed?

Preference will be given to operators of retail, cultivation, infused products, extraction, technology, and investment-related companies. We are looking for a diverse lineup of speakers, including both those who have spoken at cannabis events in the past and those who have not, speakers covering a diverse range of geographic areas, those who are at different stages of their company evolution, and speakers who have not spoken recently at one of our conferences, as we strive to mix up speakers between events.




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