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Exhibitor Kit Includes

  • Payment Authorization
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Carpet
  • Booth Cleaning
  • Custom Signs
  • Work Authorization & Third Party Authorization
  • Material Handling
  • Shipping Labels (warehouse)
  • Shipping Labels (Direct to Show)
  • Hanging Sign Order and Labels
  • Return Freight and Storage
  • Preferred Carrier
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Exhibition Hall Forms
  • Electrical, A/V, Rigging, Etc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Event Dates & Hours

Friday, January 29, 2021
Hours TBDSaturday, January 30, 2021
Hours TBDSunday, January 31, 2021
Hours TBD


Neal S. Blaisdell Center

Exhibition Hall777 Ward Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Key Contacts

Show Managementhello@hawaiicannabisexpo.com


Exhibitors must have adequate and up to date insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 General Liability Coverage inclusive of bodily injury and/or property damage for each occurrence. Hawaii Cannabis Expo must be named as an additional insured.Hawaii Cannabis Expo
our address
Honolulu HI

Hawaii Cannabis Expo Location

Travel and Accommodations

Getting to Blaisdell Exhibition Hall

To The Neal S. Blaisdell Center – Arena, Concert Hall, Exhibition Hall & Meeting Rooms

From the Airport: Take the H-1 Freeway East (towards Waikiki) for approximately 5 miles. Exit the freeway onto
Kinau Street, and stay in the right exit lane – which then becomes the center lane on Kinau Street.
Make a right turn at the 2nd stop light (onto Victoria Street). This street will continue for 3 blocks
and go directly into our parking structure (after crossing King Street).From Waikiki:Take Ala Moana Boulevard West Bound (toward the airport) for approximately 2.5 miles. Turn right onto Ward Avenue, and continue for about 1 mile. You will see the Arena, Exhibition Hall and Concert Hall to your right. Turn right onto King Street (after you have passed the complex). The entrance to the parking structure is at the next stop light. We will be using the Makai (North Doors) for move-in and move-out:Click Here for Larger Map opens in a new window 

Hotel Hotel

We have secured a block of rooms for exhibitors at the Ala Moana Hotel.Single/Double Occupancy Rate: $TBA**Currently subject to 4.5% General Excise Tax (GET), and 10.25% Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) and are subject to change. Quoted in US Dollars and on a per room, per night basis. Subject to a $30.00 charge for each additional adult over double occupancy, to a maximum of three persons per room. Applicable three (3) days prior and three (3) days post, although guestrooms are subject to availability and prevailing rates.To book:Online booking or call the Reservations Department at +1 808-955-4811 and specify reservation ID: Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2021 when reserving.Don’t Wait to Book!There is a limited amount of rooms available and the rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. The preferred rate is available until Friday, April 29, 2021 or until the room block is sold out.

Move In and Out
Move-in and Out Schedule

MOVE-IN SCHEDULEThe official move-in schedule will be released at a later date. MOVE-OUT SCHEDULEThe official move-out schedule will be released at a later date. 

Exhibitor Access to Expo Floor

Exhibitors may access the Expo Hall before and after show hours. An exhibitor badge is required for access. The schedule for exhibitor access before and after show hours will be released at a later date.

Exhibitor Services

International Convention Services (ICS)

Coming Soon

Exhibitor Badges and Tickets

Exhibitor Badge Registration

Online exhibitor badge registration will open at a later date. Each exhibitor will receive a link via email from Hawaii Cannabis Expo to login and register on this date.

Onsite Exhibitor Badge Pickup

The Exhibitor Registration Desk hours will be released at a later date.

After Party / Concert / VIP Dinner

After Party Concert VIP Dinner Tickets will be available at a later date.

Marketing Opportunities

Branded Swag Boost your Brand! 

If you are in need of branded swag for the expo, contact our partner at TBA for more information: email@here.comDon’t wait! Make sure to contact TBA 3-4 weeks in advance of the Expo.

Email Blast

Send an email to your subscribers in Hawaii encouraging them to attend the Hawaii Cannabis Expo in Honolulu. Make sure to include details of the event in your email.Sample creative:Two weeks before: We’re so excited to be part of the Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2021. One week before: One week before the Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2021 happens at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall.2-3 days before: The Hawaii Cannabis Expo Honolulu 2021 happens this week. General: Make sure you drop by the [INSERT COMPANY] booth at the expo. We’ll be doing [INSERT ACTIVITY]. Don’t forget to get your tickets!Featuring over 150 exhibitors from Hawaii and around the world, and speakers including the industry’s most knowledgeable and inspiring movers and shakers, the Hawaii Cannabis Expo is Hawaii’s signature event for cannabis consumers, professionals and investors. Buy your tickets before they sell out.When: Friday, Jan 29 – Sunday, Jan 31 2021 // 10 am – 6 pm & 11 am – 4 pm Where: Neil Blaisdell Exhibit Hall
Tickets: $TBAFor more info visit Hawaii Cannabis ExpoDownload your assets here!

Guidebook Ads If you are a presenting, platinum, gold or silver partner, guidebook advertisements must be submitted to email@here.com by Monday, Jan 10 at 5 PM HST.

Specifications:Full Page
6.5″ x 8″ trim
0.125″ bleed on all sidesHalf Page
6.5″ x 4″ trim
0.125″ bleed on all sidesPreferred file format: PDF

Live Promotions

Positive face-to-face interactions with your customers are a great first step to building loyalty and brand awareness.With the limitations in place regarding what is allowed to be distributed to consumers — namely no cannabis samples — it can be difficult to engage in a meaningful way. Some of the most successful activations at previous Expos gave attendees a reason to share the experience on social media (say, for a chance to win a prize) or just because it was a fun interaction. Some of the best activations were big, while others were small, but all of them were creative and genuine.Collateral for trade shows: 

  • Branded swag (hats, shirts, pens, water bottles, umbrellas, hoodies, bags, etc.)
  • Educational material (teach people about your brand)
  • Postcard handouts (make sure to include a clear Call To Action)
We’ve exhibited at several trade exhibitions over the years and we always like to check out what other vendors are up to. A lot of exhibitions are a desolate wasteland for exhibitors with nothing but tumbleweed and other vendors to stop the boredom but some can be pretty busy and bustling. By walking around you can pick up on things other companies were doing (right and wrong). Some of these observations are surprisingly apt for sales pitches too.

1. Work out your USP (unique selling point)

Wandering around a trade show, you see 100s of stands that say something very similar, like ‘Blended learning solutions’. Yet if you stop to ask people what makes their blended learning solutions better, it can take a painfully long amount of time to get an answer. This is something that everybody should be clear on, and that should have made it on to the design of the stand. Similarly, when you’re writing your sales pitch, think less about what you do, and more about what makes you a better choice than your competitors. Learn more about how to answer the ‘why us?’ question here.

2. Remember to say what you do

It’s amazing how many stands are so full of buzzwords that it is almost impossible to work out what they actually do. By all means try to spark curiosity, but if that’s what you are aiming for don’t do it by over-using corporate buzzwords. The sales pitch equivalent is just remembering to include a single slide somewhere near the start that says in a clear, easy to understand way what you actually do.

3. Pick who you sell to

It’s obvious, but amazing how many people forget basic sales discipline at trade shows and exhibitions. Don’t try to sell to everyone! Identify your target, and when you qualify someone out, have the discipline to move on.

4. Support your sales pitch with visuals

The right visuals can make people stop and take notice of your stand. They can also help explain what you are trying to say. A really high proportion of exhibitors ended up showing things on screens and pointing to things on the walls. People have a natural need for visuals when trying to explain things, so don’t leave yours to the last minute or think a jazzy product image is enough. Our need for visual explanations is the reason why visual slides are so important for sales pitches.

5. Build credibility

First impressions count, and some stands don’t look worth stopping at. It isn’t so much the size of freebies – some of the most interesting vendors have smaller stands (and prospects know the stand size needs to be paid for somehow) – but the attention to design. Some stands look professional -and others don’t. Some vendors go further and talk about their awards and industry accolades – and these help. Big collections of logos are used for something similar in terms of building credibility – but this technique is almost overdone. Everyone has good logos to show, so it’s become devalued a bit. The same might be true in sales pitches – if every company has a good logo slide, the ability to stand out is diminished.

6.  Prepare for conversations

It is often surprising how many people at stands who are supposed to talk with prospects really aren’t equipped to say anything intelligent or to answer questions. It’s always really obvious (or at least it seems it) when people had a decent understanding of what they’re talking about and when they are simply parroting a line. Talking to a salesperson who isn’t really able to converse fluently is really annoying.

7. Have a clear next step

Some exhibitors try to make a complex B2B sale at their crowded stand, which is unrealistic. In sales, you need to know what the next step should be. We might, for example, take names for a complimentary Better Training Presentations event, or for one or two other reasons, and are always clear on what we are trying to achieve while visitors were on the stand.

8. Create urgency

A good example of how to do this at a trade show comes from the e-Learning Brothers. At an event we attended a while ago, they had an offer at their stand for a reduced price membership. It was only available during the show – there were no discount codes to redeem later – this offer was designed to get an immediate commitment. Given how often prospects just end up doing nothing, this makes a lot of sense.

9. Remember your competition will find stuff out

An exhibition is a tricky place to handle trade secrets. A few years ago a competitor came up to one of our team, asked information on pricing and walked away before we realised what was really happening. Now we put our prices up on our site anyway, so it doesn’t matter – but many companies don’t. Your sales pitch often ends up facing the same fate. Particularly if you leave a copy with prospects (which is why we recommend recording a narrated version, and controlling access with guestbooks and passwords if you must).

Conclusion for sales pitches

As with sales pitches, some people think the age of trade exhibitions is over, that they just don’t make sense any more. Well, in some markets we are a long way from that. It’s easy to create a bad exhibition stand, and it’s easy to create and deliver an awful sales pitch. But do it right and the rewards can be huge. Good luck!

Media & Publicity Make the most of your presence at Expo by connecting with media covering the event. To get connected, please fill out this form to provide key details to our PR team. You can also send your media relations representative’s contact information to Drew Erickson, Director of Communications.

We’ll be providing specific information about media opportunities, including compiling a list of PR reps to give to media so that they can easily contact you to arrange interviews for stories they are covering.

Social Media Hawaii Cannabis Expo on Social Media

First things first: be sure to follow our accounts (@hawaiicannabisexpo) and tag us in your promotional posts before, during and after the Expo.

What Hashtags to UseNext, be sure to use our event hashtags before, during and after the event:
  • #HawaiiCannabisExpo
  • #HawaiiCannabisExpo2021

We’ve prepared a number of assets for you to use on social media!Please access those here: Social & Display

  • These have been sized for Facebook (this size can also be used for LinkedIn), Twitter, Instagram and Instagram Stories.
Website Leverage existing successes by adding banner ads to your company website. If you have a webpage that drives traffic already, such as a list of products, careers page, or even your homepage, just add a quick banner, pop up, or obvious call to action to let your customers know that they can connect with you directly at the Hawaii Cannabis Expo.

Sample copy: Join us in Honolulu at the Hawaii Cannabis Expo! We’d love to meet you!You can also leverage Hawaii Cannabis Expo audience by purchasing display banner ads to encourage visits. Contact hello@hawaiicannabisexpo.com for more information.


  • PAYING BY CHECK: Please include booth & invoice number on the check.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Booths are fully refundable until 30 days prior to show. Booths are 50% refundable until 15 days prior to show.
  • CREDIT CARD NOTICE: Booth pricing is the cash discounted price. To pay by Credit Card please log in to your Exhibitor Profile by clicking here.