Dani Fontaine – Colorado Hemp Project

In January 2009, Dani started an all-organic edible company, Tastee Yummees, which quickly expanded to being in over 300 shops statewide. By mid 2011, Dani had taken over the majority of the company and teamed up with Cheeba Chews. Together they made a sister company based off of Dani’s hard candy menu, which included the popular butterscotch candy “Buddee.” In 2012 she decided to get out of the medical marijuana business and sold the company to Cheeba Chews.Dani went back to school to receive certification in massage and esthetics in order to have the knowledge to eventually open a CBD and medical cannabis spa and healing. Dani is currently partnering with some big players in the business world, and working in other countries bringing hemp awareness and her local made products to their cultures. She created a line of homeopathic cannabis treatments, as well as developing new and innovative ways to medicate. She will be using the CBD oil generated from Colorado Hemp Project to infuse in her line of topical and nutraceuticals for all markets. Dani just recently is in the process of opening her Hemp Based Spa and All Things Hemp store front in Colorado. Her company Natures Root has been picked up by Whole Foods, Alfalfas, Natural Grocers and a few hands full of local spas and stores. Natures Root is also expanding to Jamaica and British Islands this winter. She has been involved in various projects all over the US with planting hemp and raising the awareness of Hemp, CBD, and the Cannabis plant for health and sustainability reasons. In addition, she is currently participating in several interviews and documentaries about what she is doing for the hemp and medical marijuana movement.