Brandi Rice – How to use Cannabis to help treat breast cancer

Brandi Rice is the Operator of Captain Kirk’s Edibles and fiancé of Kirk Reid. She started in 2011, opening one of the first medical dispensaries in Michigan and paving the way for patient education. With her focus solely on education about cannabis and how to help patients use it to help their ailments, she’s had years of experience with patients across the country, helping them achieve success in their cannabis journey.

are you good okay we’re good okay uh so what we’re doing today is unveiling nature secret weapon harnessing thepower of raw cannabis juice to outsmart cancer cells uh so ultimately we’refinding that thca or flower as itself and a whole as a plant a vegetable is uhdoing wonderful things for apoptosis of cancer um immune systems especially withpeople that might have autoimmune problems such as Ms and things of that nature so we’re going to teach you what those acids are what they do whattransmitters uh actually connect to these and then what that does to the uhcancer in the process oh I do have to have this little disclaimer here the followinginformation is intended for purposes uh educational purposes only and does not constitute metal advice we are notlicensed certified healthc Care Professionals and do not have the authority to diagnose treat or prescribeany medical condition or intervention so if you do decide that you want to use this as your uh Source you should alwaysconsult with your physician first especially with your cancers we definitely want to know what we’re dealing with before we go into anyapproach and that even exists with cannabis uh so I’m going to give you alittle precursor about where this presentation come from uh today’s presentation is powered by Lindsay Pricewith holistic Enlightenment my name is Brandy rice and I’m with Captain Kirk’s Edibles and thanks a lot pardon me thankyou for allowing us to be a part of your weekend we appreciate the chance to spread the green word among can offriends now Lindsay’s life has been shaped by watching her family pass from multiple types of cancers and after allher years of research and education she’s learned that we could have prevented it by using cannabistherapeutically and I want to start off with my most asked question is can I treat myself with cannabis withoutgetting high believe it or not we get that question more often than not and Isay yes I’m going to educate you on how to use cannabis most effectively in treating autoimmune and breast cancerand I’ll explain what Caro carbo oxic acid is um and how that stops thesignaling of cancer cells um and at the end of the day we’ll be exploring raw cannabis with therapeutic treatments formany conditions including cancer and autoimmune diseaseMahala so no task is too great when undertaken together and this reminds usthat we can accomplish anything together so a lot of this is about sharing information for people who are have beenseeking it I had a woman that came to our class and said with in five minutes she got more information than anybodywas willing to give her when she went to the doctors and things like that so it’s always important for us to be able toshare our knowledge and then you can use what you learn from us to seek it evenfurther so when cannabis is growing it begins a life cycle by producing carboxyacids and those are the precursor to cannaboids so what that means is before we actually burn the Cannabis it’s anacid um basically it’s not going to make you feel high you’re not going to any real euphoric effect effects from it umyou can eat it like a vegetable quite literally they recommend 2 gam of uh leaves per day to kind of like help keepyour immune system up so once we do heat that it doesbecome uh decarbox and that’s where we get our THC that we all know and loveand CBD and CBN yeah swear yeah they have lots ofcannaboids in them that are super like lettuce yes and we kind of go over that a little bit later in some of this so cbga is theprecursor to all cannaboids so every single cannaboid from theirunderstanding starts with cbga and then as they convert they turn into CBD CBGor excuse me CBG CBG or CBC CBN so on and so forth uh but there’s somany benefits to the acid so tum it’s a tumor inhibitor so ultimately it’s goingto help stop tumors from growing altogether it’s a great anti-inflammatory so if you’re havingany inflammatory problems which almost every one of us has it’s good for thatgood antioxidant um so if you’re not somebody that’s eating enough vegetables or leafy greens or the things that help detox ourbody you could get it there Anxiety Relief uh depression relief epilepsy sothey’ve been some studies that show that it helps reduce tumors and tremors uhenhance cognitive function so basically what I mean by that is that they have people that their motor skills might bereally slow or um I don’t know if you seen where some uh pardon me somebodywas trying to join in on the zoom um if if somebody cannot like uh you know putsomething like a ball into a hole if they use uh cbga they’ve shownImprovement to where they can actually physically do those smaller things where they couldn’t do before now there are strains that areactually rich in this such as uh White Sour OG CBG and Jack Frost um so I’veseen Jack Frost around I don’t know if you guys have any of these specific strains in Hawaii but if you see themcbga is most likely to be found in there and that again this is if we didn’t light it onfire yeah you just eat it cuz once we light it on fire now it turns into CBG GCBG is one of the best anti-inflammatories out there it will take an ibuprofen and knock it on itsass it’s pretty awesome uh so thca is the nonpsychoactive version ofTHC and it’s found in raw cannabis as the plant dries the thca actuallyconverts into THC so what’s neat about that Ty this compound is as it actuallydegrades it does start to turn into THC on its own without fire so air will also uh cause you to getmore THC and it’s also been known to show more CBN which is good for sleep so if you’re looking to get more sleep somepeople even leave their cannabis out and let it kind of degrade a little bit to get that cannaboid up there uh this is areally great anti-inflammatory as well and a pain reliever so people that aresuffering kind of like from multiple sclerosis pain such as neuropathy and stuff seem to find a lot of pain reliefwith uh thca and it has neuroprotective properties and basically that’s justhelping our our bodies regenerate cells uh these strains garlic cookiesSupreme OG garlicane and platinum pancakes are some strains that have been known to have high THC content uh byknowing the strains that have the high thca content that can help you grow these things at home and or seek the outthese strains in your dispensaries um so that way when you go home if you want to juice it which we’ll talk about later oreat it like leafy greens or something like that um you know that you’re getting what you need for what you’respecifically trying to treat yourself with uh cbda is a non- psychoactivecanono uh CBD is also non psychoactive so these two the acid to the activatedcannaboid actually work different with the receptors and we will talk about what that means in a few slides later uhthis one is an anti tumor so CBD and a and CBD both act as a cancer uh I’d liketo say killer in a sense they like to go inside those cancer cells and anddisrupt signals and say we need to stop doing what we’re doing because we actually have our bodies are reallysmart and full of all these other receptors and their bodies to go around and say feed this with oxygen feed thiswith nutrients feed this with that and sometimes it feeds these tumors becauseit’s like oh nutrients oxygen all of these things you know our body is doing what it’s supposed to but we don’t wantthe tumor to grow so we need the Cannabis to bind to these receptors and get in there and say hey this needs tostop we don’t want to grow this tumor it’s bad and that’s ultimately what happens when um cancer proliferation oror a ptosis happens uh cbca is really awesomecannaboid um It ultimately is known for uh tumor reduction as well as uhantibacterial um and antifungal so they’re doing a lot of research with like Mera and things along those linesso more healthy approaches to treating these uh infections and things versususing antibiotics and whatnot uh depression and it’s also been known uhto help with like tumors or uh Tremors keep wanting to say tumors for turers Iapologize uh strains that are high in DCA are three kings Sour Diesel OG Kushand G13 we all know OG Kush and Sour Diesel so these are usually regular strain that you can find in almost uhany legal state or medical State and then thcv uh a is a awesome cannaboid that’ssuper hard to find um so some cultivators are starting to try to putmore tcva in their plants for one it has many Parkinson benefits so people thathave these Tremors and things like that benefit from thcv and then people who have an overabundance of appetite itactually reduces your appetite so if you feel like you’re eating too much um thcvcould be a good way and thcv so both these cannaboids activated or non-activated work um in that FashionGirl Scout cookies and derb and poison are good for this uh skunk one and Jack the Ripper you can find Girl Scoutcookies just about anywhere just be aware of who’s um actually cultivating it Durban Poison is one of my favoritestrains I found really good for like ADHD Focus depression things along thoselines when we have cancer and we have all these things a lot of times we need to boost our mood and our immune systemand all of those things and one of the things that does that is aea which is also called anandamide this is ourendogenous cannaboid and it’s a non-fatty neurotransmitter and what’s cool aboutthat is it binds to fatty transmitters and helps like it goes to otherreceptors that go into these tumors so now you have another cannaboid that’s binding to something even outside of ourendogenous cannaboid system the endocannabinoid system and it’s binding to another receptor so I just thoughtthat was really neat because now you’re kind of getting cannaboids into your system with in two different waysuh some of the effects are happiness Euphoria uh helps create better memorymotivation and Stress Management when we smoke weed we actually create uh THC creates moreanandamide and that’s what makes us feel happy and makes us smile and things along those lines uh so let’s get happyuh aea is an endocannabinoid that’s produced within our body it’s responsible for how we perceive ourhappiness and euphoria cancer patients will need this to help battle depression and help maintain a positive outlook onyour situation an aea is a huge part of uh what will be disrupting the signalingand the growth of cancer and we get a little bit more into that in a few more slides and we’re trying to disrupt thegrowth of cancer and we want the THC and the CBDs in an andmine to do so so howdo we do that uh these three uh acids here in our endocannabinoid system we’regoing to explain kind of how these three bind to each other and then get into thetumor so one of the most promising areas of research is how cannabis can affect the cancer cells and some studiessuggest that high doses of cannaboids the active compounds and cannabis Mayinterfere with that signaling pathway that controls cell migration so it’s again saying hey you don’t want to goover to that other lymph node uh this could potentially prevent cancer cells from spreading to our other parts of thebody body and at the same time can canono may also simulate cell proliferation which could help repairdamage tissues and organs however these effects are verycomplex and they do depend on many factors such as the type of cancer you might have uh in our breast cancer classwe did go over the subtypes of breast cancer and depending on which subtypeyou have might depend on the type of treatment you want to take if you’re going to use cannabis or RSO or a tinureor something something along those lines so CBD actually works inside andoutside our endocannabinoid system cannabis has its effects beyond the endocannabinoid system which isresponsible for the psychoactive properties of THC CBD on the other handuh does not produce a high but rather influences other biological Pathways inour body such as immune endocrine and also our digestive and cardiovascularsystem systems which is what we were talking about earlier right yeah so CBDis working inside our cardiovascular systems which is one of the reasons why I was saying maybe that might be goodfor your friend and her tumor that’s in her heart there um it also inter it alsointeracts directly with serotonin receptors so it’s one of the reasons why we feel relaxed uh and especially if youtake CBD more like a vitamin uh daily so it interacts with theseserotonin receptors which are involved in our mood regulation and then there’s also G proteins and a receptor calledtrvp1 which we’ll explain to you in just a little bit uh research has shown thatother receptors also interact with the Cannabis outside the endocannabinoidsystem so this gr rp55 protein and thetrvp1 are not endocannabinoid receptors they’re actually outside of that but arecannabis binds to them so it’s pretty like I said it’s another way that when we’re like oh we want to get thingsthroughout our body this is anotherapproach uh can cannabinoids are molecules that alter the way that cells function and interact a lot of times uhthey like to really talk to each other more than you would imagine some Studies have found that cannabinoids can inhibitthat growth of cancer cells induce them to eat themselves or die and possiblyprevent from invading and forming new blood vessels which is like super important if we’re trying to stop cancerfrom growing cannaboids can also regulate how cells differentiate andtransform into various cancers so there have been these have been used asanti-cancer agents in animal models and some clinical trials have started but these effects are not consistentunfortunately for all cancers so because RSO works for one type of cancer doesnot mean it’s going to work for another um so you definitely this is one of the reasons why you want to do research intothings like this cuz you can really hone in on what it is that you exactly needthe main receptors that cannaboids bind to are CB1 CB2 umgpr55 and trpv1 so thisgpr55 is a really cool receptor so it goes around our body um and it acts as anovel cannaboid receptor it plays a role in some of our key processes that contribute to cancerformation so this particular receptor is trying to do its job for us it’s tryingto give us you know more air flow to our organs it’s trying to open up our bloodvessels it’s it’s all over our body doing all kinds of cool things but unfortunately when cancer formationhappens you can get uncontrolled cancer cell prerationalangiogenesis and metastic ability and the reason being is because that receptor sees that tumor itsays ooh and I want to be I want to feed it and I’m going to feed it becausethat’s what it wants it wants oxygen it wants air it wants nutrients um so thisreceptor does what it’s supposed to so the idea is uh that our goal is tointerfere with it and by administering high amounts of CBD and karal acids toblock that signaling uh by using the right plant varieties and doses of cannaboids we could assistin either reducing that uh cell movement and hopefully achieve celldeath so gr the gpr55 is a g proteinreceptor uh it interacts with various molecules and mediates different biological responses in the body some ofthese main bodily functions that are influenced by by this uh particular receptor I mentioned a few earlier butone is the nervous system so you can find this uh it’s highly present in our brain particularly our cerebellum and itmodulates the activity of our do dorsal root ganglia neurons which is like ourum lower spinal cord believe it or not and affects inflammatory and neuropathicpain which really makes a lot of sense so if you have a lot of nerves in your spinal cord and things of that natureand you’re getting a lot of neuropathic pain and we’re able to disrupt that pain um that’s why people see a lot of painrelief from that it’s uh our immune system so in blood this particularmolecule regulates the migration of neutrophils and that may protect against oxid of damage and basically what thatmeans is like uh it produces white blood cells so we can actually help regulatethe over production of white blood cells which is helpful in blood cancers and things along those linesand then our both huh I would of course I would I actuallyeven have lind’s information because I’m like presenting it I understand it but she’s amazing and if she says this isthe type of cancer I have and this is what I’m looking for and all that stuff she can directly give her the exactinformation that she needs versus me where I would I could give her the blanket of it but Lindsay yeah Lindsaycan really say okay and she’ll go in and say okay it’s this cancer and she’ll go into all her research and say okay thisis what we need to start doing you know and kind of go from there and it’s all overZoom it’s horrible and I couldn’t even imagine trying to do it on your heart that would just be alot so this uh receptor is also in our bone uh metabolism so it does causecells to break down bone and and uh it’s been shown to regulate the function sobasically our bodies like break things down and rebuild them back up all the time uh this is one of the uh receptorsthat does so and then it’s also present in our digestive system which is what could really help with Crohns and thingslike that so trvp1 and CBD how do thesereceptors and the cannaboids work together so the trpv1 channel is involved in sensing heat acidity andsome chemicals this channel also regulates pain inflammation and body temperature so CBD can binded andmodulate the trpv1 receptor CBD first activates it and then it desensitizes itso this this effect May contribute to cbd’s potential anti-inflammatory and analgesicproperties research has also found that CBD can make some nerve cells lesssensitive to pain and these nerve cells have a special have a the specialtrpv1 uh receptor that reacts to the Heat and the cold and many other things that that can hurt so that’s that’s areally good thing to know as far as if if that’s what’s disrupting the pain and you can add CBD to it you can find a lotmore relief CBD can stop a process that makes the trpv1 more active and more likely tosend those pain signals and this could be a way that it helps improve nerve pain I apologize I remembered that on myown and then read [Laughter] it so we’re all cannabis we’ve basicallybeen talking about raw cannabis most this whole time and again those are the acids and this is kind of teaching youhow you can use those in your daily diet juicer yeah and so um by juicing theplant you’re not activating the THC so you could literally take heavier amounts all day without having to get thosepsychoactive effect umAndes yes now it does take quite a bit you need to take it freshso ACTA yeah you can use all of it the whole plant throw it in a lot of peoplewhat they do is they uh take um the fan leaves so they’ll take the fan leavesand things like that yeah because flower is exp in whatever but flour is where you’re going to get the massive amountof cannaboids that you need to combat these types of tumors and then as as youget healthier and your immune system grows then you can maintain with more of the vegetative part of the plant versusthe flower part of the plant it takes so long to grow PL so wetalk about yesterday we had talked about um autoflow plants so the ruderalisAutoflower plants are high in CBD they still have some THC but they Autoflower within uh like four weeks so within 8weeks you are basically harvesting however it is more for personal usebecause they’re small plants you know they’re not going to produce a quarter pound of plant they’re going to producelike an ounce of plant so depending on where you live how many plants you can grow or how many you’re willing to groweven if you don’t have the ability to do so would determine on how much youactually need yeah exactly well believe it or not small it doesn’t it you don’t need an absorbent amount of thca inorder to combat these things so if you’re only getting you know 5 ounces ofjuice you could potentially only take a half ounce to an ounce of juice a dayand you know before you would need to either replenish that Kirk and I are actually working on freeze drying thosethings so that we can create powders that people could just add to things or add the water right cuz these are alittle bit harder to come by um thca is an anti-tumor and uh it is cellregulating properties anti anti-inflammatory anti- spasma anti-nausea and it and it boosts ourimmune system cbda can reduce nausea relieve pain lower inflammation andpromote healthy cell growth which is super important when our body is trying to uh kill all of our healthy cells orif you’re taking chemo radiation chemo pills any of those types of things cbdacan help rebuild some of the things that it’s kicking down juicing is one of the most common wayspeople choose to start building raw cannabis into their diet uh here’s the juicer so you want to select ametastasizing or cold press juicer uh that way ensures that the juice remainsraw if you use any type of other juicer they use heat um and that will activate the THC and you won’t get what you’relooking for with the acid yeah so that’s called acentrifugal juicer um and metast uh metasis satingjuicers do not produce heat so that’s the most important thing if you want to do raw so most people don’t do raw likethey might put their veggies in they might put all that stuff in but once they use that heat they’re actually notgetting all the benefits of the plant that they intended to so these boers will cost more but they will be muchmore effective and these things are you can toss in your smoothie re any recipereally that with a smoothie most of these things taste pretty good if you drink cannabis juice on it its own it’ssuper tart so you know raw plants all the wayaround even with cannabis in general retain more of their nutrients in contrast to their cooked counterparts umso that same comple uh context does apply tocannabis uh this does not mean that you would want to entirely replace your CBDand THC that are activated with only carboxy acids cuz carboxy acids and CBDand THC work great together a recommended daily dose ofcarboxy acids is 250 to 500 milligrams intake of photo cannaboids per dayphotoc cannaboids are basically the little hairy uh crystals on the ends of ourthing that’s THC and CBD and those are non- psychoactive now again if you addedheat to it you would definitely feel the effects of the psychoactive uh parts ofTHC so these are rich in essential nutrients just even outside ofcannaboids uh it’s capable of preventing and healing many diseases uh since wecannot synthesize these essential nutrients essential fatty acids essential amino acids fibers enzymesminerals flavonoids cardoid tpin this all exists within this oneflower uh and then we’d also don’t want to forget about all of the photo cannaboid acids as well such as THC andCVA oops so where do we get this right rawcannabis can be difficult to come by uh the most straightforward source to get this is to grow your own and or if youhave somebody else who might have a farm or of those Natures you might be able to speak with them and kind of figure outwhat can work for you uh you want to ensure that the plant does not dry outto help maximize the raw cannabis benefits and you should check your state and local laws about that because somepeople can uh grow and some people cannot uh other another option is tolook out for CBD products that contain raw cannaboids I think they even have some of those here at the um conventiontoday so you potentially could find some of the things we’ve been talking about out righthere so the ruderalis Autoflower plant was what I was talking about in terms ofwe’re going to grow our own uh marijuana for this purpose of juicing or eating raw cannabis autoflowers a hybrid uhcannabis plants that’s crossed with a ruderalis plant the mixture between these plant types of cannabis will growin harsher weather low light cycles and it also has higher amounts of CBD hybrids will flower no matter whatyour like light cycle is and it makes them great for leg tent growing uh these are great for cancerepileptic patients in need of fresh cannabis flowers to juice genetics arecrucial when trying to treat your cancers so always speak with your doctor get exact Clarity on what it is that youhave so you can find the specific cannaboids we’re looking for to Target uh with the correct genetics wellwe can Target cancer proliferation which is what I was just saying there and it’s important to make sure that youunderstand how the like the best way to intake it as well because there’s so many ways the raw cannabis you eat it umyou know are you going to smoke it are we going to ingest it are we going to use it as a topical a tincture there’sso many possibilities so hybrids tend to have alot of a balanced effects hybrids can give you the best of both worlds by combining the effects of indicia insativas this means that they can affect both your mind and body in different ways most everything’s a hybrid anymorethey’re very few land race sativa strains and in a few slides from here we’re going to go over what strains dostill exist that are straight sativa straight uh indicia and it’s likefive uh so anandamide we want to produce more of the anandamide because THC andCBD and the acids bind to this can anoid which loves to go into tumors and themore anandamide production we have the more of it we can get into the Su tumors the more uh we can help stop those fromhappening so some of those strains that you can find that will produce high amand amide is Mimosa CBD OG granddaddypurple white widow Blue Dream fast Eddy and stress killer and the last two areare newer ones that have actually just come about the last few years so we have come up with a blueberryHawaiian canis smoothie Bowl uh we actually have used some of the local uhI believe it is purple sweet potatoes so if you any of you are interested in taking this home you canfeel free to take a screenshot of it uh it’s just one shot of freshly pressed cannabis juice as I was saying rememberyou don’t need a whole lot to get what we’re really looking for you can always up your doses but if you’re just tryingtrying to maintain a healthy diet uh a half a cup of Frozen uh blueberries acup of Oola Frozen and cooked and a teaspoon of local honey and a half a cup of almond milk you always want to uselocal honey because that really helps with your um with your allergies and things alongthose lines if you buy honey that’s from elsewhere you might actually be getting like help from for other things that arein their regions that aren’t as uh helpful from yours and up here are some of the sources that we use to findinformation so if you’re looking for more information on your own these are good sources to like check out to getthat information that’s what I have for you today thank you so