Brandi Rice – How to use Cannabis to help treat breast cancer part 1

Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2024 – Blaisdell Exhibition Hall (Honolulu, HI) February 2-4, 2024 

Brandi Rice is the Operator of Captain Kirk’s Edibles and fiancé of Kirk Reid. She started in 2011, opening one of the first medical dispensaries in Michigan and paving the way for patient education. With her focus solely on education about cannabis and how to help patients use it to help their ailments, she’s had years of experience with patients across the country, helping them achieve success in their cannabis journey.

well welcome um I’m actually presenting today some information from a friend of mineuh she’s near here to my heart one my best friend uh her name is Lindsay Priceuh she has put together a wonderful um slideshow on cannabis uh carboxycannabis and things of those nature uh we’re going to be teaching you basically how to use um cannabis to help combatyour cancer um and in doing so how you can change your diet the different cannaboids that are found in differentplants that you would be looking for when you are going into a dispensary um just so you’re aware originally we werewe’re going to do introduction to Bud tending or like going into a dispensary and canids but I do have somebody herethat couldn’t make the lecture tomorrow and this one’s a much more in-depth lecture so I figure everybody will begetting a lot of cool information today that you normally would have gotten uh during thist so I’m just going to readuh Lindsay’s bio here so you have an idea of where her passion uh so this is Lindy she’s your guide on thisinformative journey into the world at cannabis as a cannabis consultant Ed with planted for visioning as well asholistic Enlightenment cannabis coaching uh she’s had the opportunity to observe remarkable power of cannabis in her ownlife as well as the lives of all of our Valu medical patients uh this is just part one of a two-part Series thisweekend so I have the love for you guys to join us on the next part of this series would be on Sunday um at 2m Kirkand I uh will be presenting the information and we appreciate you guys for coming to uh see our presentationtoday that if not I’m just going to bring it up on my phone so we can move on because theinternet we go hey there we go so the topic ofdiscussion today is how to use cannabis therapeutically to combat breast cancer and different Cancer Treatments that youmight be taking uh you know that evenprescrib so early detection is the best detection obviously and you want to makesure as a woman you were checking our lymphomes and breast regularly um being Physically Active isone of the main components of actually keeping your immune system healthy umthere are risk involved hormone replacement therapies and oral contraceptives that you could be takingas a part of your cancer therapy we do recommend no fake sugar diets and usingfresh raw diets and we’ll get more into that we get really into that onSunday pict sure didn’t popup so your first and your last line of defense against cancer is your immunesystem so having an anti-inflammatory diet you can achieve this with fruitsvegetables nuts fatty fish healthy fats like avocado oils in uh olive oilsavoiding sugary Beverages and refined carbs which is basically anything that’s like processed natural sugars are a lotdifferent than processed sugars uh regular ex exercise can decreaseinflammatory markers a lot of inflammatory is what agitates our cancer cells and also causes cells to mutate umso we ultimately want to make sure that we’re keeping our inflammation down obviously getting enough sleep which a lot of us do have trouble with but we’regoing to also show you what cannabis can help you with that sleep um maintaining good oral healthbelieve it or not is actually another factor that can really help with your uh immune system stress reduction um a lotof people use yoga or other uh meditation therapies for that topicalremedies you probably actually find a lot of those around here that have different cannaboids in them that mighthelp with different uh Cancers and or even just pain inflammationuh having a raw cannabis diet again we’ll go over that a little bit further um as far as being able to juicecannabis eat cannabis leaves things along those lines you get a lot of different acidic can and those arereally really good for immune system and actually taking high doses of cannaboids daily such as about 500 milligrams is areally good way to keep your immune system uhupic sorry that’s okay so a lot of there’s been a lot ofpromising research with breast cancer and cannabis um it it comes to unitingtreatments that include cannaboids photo cannaboids photoc cannaboids are basically THC and CBD that are at theend of the plants like the little hairy things that we see um and therapeuticchines and that basically means we’re just using the chines each one of them causes a different sensation it’sactually more what makes us feel happy or sad and things of that nature when we’re smoking cannabis um and thisthey have found it’s a really great key for the support of your immune system I apologize on little approach uh researchhas also shown that an activation in the immune system maybe the beginning phases of cancer cell production and what thatbasically means is like everything we do on a daily basis agitates our cells andthose cells can imitate at any moment some people are able to just combust cancaner cells quite literally other people it takes a lot of time and near stress and also you know maybe eating unhealthysmoking all the different things so there’s a lot of things we’re trying to combat in our daily lives to keep thataway there we go so these are different grades of cancer um as far as the graphshows there if you look there’s they usually grade it from 1 to four lower grades can look a lot normal the highergrades you’re going to have a lot of abnormal looking cells and cancer begins when the cells in the body becomeabnormal and they start to I apologize and they start to outgrow uh due tocertain mutations in the cell’s genes so the genetic changes can be inherited or they can be environmentaland this also because of the things that we do the errors cause the cells to Divi divide which is causing the metastasisso what we want to teach you is how to use different uh endocannabinoid re receptors along with our cv1 and CB2receptors so that we can get into these tumors and help stop cancer uh chorermetastas things of that nature seeI so there’s a cancer staging is a process determining how much and whereit’s located the stage of cancer describes the severity of an individual’s cancer based on themagnitude of the tumor as well as the extent of cancer has spread throughout the body traditional types of CancerTreatments will be different depending on the subtype of your cancer so on the left hand side there we have thedifferent types of cancer um that you’re generally diagnosed with and then we have different subtypes depending on thesubtypes of cancer will depend on what type of cannabis treatments you want to holdfor so when we’re looking for therapeuticcannabis we’re looking for strains that are high in CBD cbda thca THC cbca and CBC and we’ll goover each individual canono here later down the line it has an AAC of it it’san acid that’s basically a precursor to the actual um cannaboid acids work in adifferent way than actual a activated cannabis so some acids can be very beneficial along with the activatedcannabis as well strains that are high in Turpinsuch as lemon uh Caroline panine lenol humulene and turine are also uh strainsthat are very great in helping stop the chlorop of cancer as well as like if you’re on any treatments and might behaving any side effects you might want to look into to uh strains such as that and then lower immersing and THC for HRtriple negative breast cancers the reason being is because THC can sometimes act like a hormone andunfortunately those types of uh hormones agitate breast cancer so taking high amounts of TC of that type can actuallythank you so much uh can actually help with that andif you use uh Autoflower plants are higher in cvd they’re cross ralis um soif you’re looking at home cultivation to do your own cannabis if you can’t find the strings that you’re specificallylooking for um looking for the autof flowers is the best way to go they grow small they’re e to grow in your home andthey autof flower so there’s really no guess work in in what you’re achievingthere and then RSO therapy which a lot of people have heardofso Phoenix tear is the RS originally originated from Rick Simpson Oil we dohave the original um treatment up here it usually takes first about 90 days toingest the full 60 gr or 60 milliliters of oil treatment depending on if you’re taking it in a hard form oril form uhthe general idea is you want to start with three doses a day about a size of the grain of rice um and or even smallerthan that if your tolerance is pretty low you want to take this dose every 8 hours general rule is morning no nightum after 4 days of taking the dosage you can actually increase your dosage from there um you want to still continue totake it up to three times a day and then once you into each dose uh that’ll equalabout 8 to n drops every day you be taking up until you’re 9 point a lot ofpeople stay on a regimen after that point the idea of taking so much and so little time as we’re you know trying tocombat the tumors and reduce the sizes so I have this really awesomevideo and I’m hoping it will play for you because it really explains the endocannabinoid system very well um andit comes from a lot of goodsources I need to look at it through mypowerfully weyou shouldgo SL this is your regular view edit thisisyour thank you somuch should yeah the issue like said theinternet Ming so slow it’sjust what’s thattry try I appreciate you guys’ patience in this and because this is happening mynerves are on 10 so I just yeah I reallyappreciate I appreciate that than you so much and you switch present knowI it should go back your there you there itis I know there we gocomp it’s struggling it wants to look work for us you know funny enough thesame thing was happening at my hotel I put it onmy there you go that you had your finger your politicallycorrectfingerhe it’s not one thing it’s anotherrightI’m going to have this set up tomorrow so if anybody would like to see that video we will see that video onSunday we’ll have to have a backup plan to theback but anyways this is a wonderful video it really does explain the endocan system very well and it shows you kindof the cv1 and CV2 work very differently cv1 receptors actually have a lot lessjobs than the CB2 receptors however THC and things like that only bind to cv1receptors very well um so ultimately there’s all these other cannaboids that we could be using therapeutically andthere’s one tury as well that actually binds to the receptor and that’s beta carefully and you can find that inPepper as well so I’m going to go aheadandilnow sound II hey I got you youwantkeep okay so our cv1 targets uh motor activity thinking coordination appetiteshort-term memory pain uh perception and immune cells and our CB2 receptors theytarget our gut kidneys pancreas tissues skeletal muscles bone tumorsreproductive Health skin our central nervous system system cardiovascular andliver some of our endoc cannaboids and different cannaboids that help in cancer proliferation are anandamideAA uh CBD and THC photo cannaboids as I said beforeare basically our THC and CBD that also has an abbreviation Believe It or Not CDum endoc cannaboid uh system inside ourselves does consist of two cannaboidsanandamide aea or 2 a uh it’s an incredibly long amazing word uh that’ssuper hard to pronounce so they definitely shorten for all into the 2agand 2ag is naturally produced chemical that helps our minds forget that we are in pain so that’s a really good reasonwhy we want to create more of it um especially if we have high pain um and anandamide is another naturalproducing chemical that helps our body and mind create happiness so a lot of times when we’re smoking cannabis THCbinds to anandamide makes it overproduce and then we get the really great effectsof it such as happiness and Euphoria um things along those lines andin large quantities it’s also been known to help with cancer proliferation which inhibits the adhesion to migration ofbreast cancer cells and combined and activ both cv1 and CB2 receptors howeverit does B better to the CV2 receptor uh both are naturally occurringduring the cannabis use and can be produced in ample amounts with strains and highcare CBD is a cannaboid that’s found in a lot of the ruderalis Autoflowerstrains it’s non psychoactive cannaboid so a lot of people that don’t want to feel or high the day uh tend to takethings that are a little bit higher in CDV and it also works outside and insideour endoc cannaboid system and what that means is it’ll bind to The receptors butit does so better with THC and if you think of it like a backpack so THC islike a backpack into your receptor or is is the carrier and CBD is the backpack and it goes into um our receptors onthat backpack so not only will it work on the outside of the receptor you canget it to go onto the inside of the receptor as well uh CBD works better with the Endoendoc canabo system with THC and it can help reduce your stress and improve yourmood CBD can also help with your pain management and it requires different Doses and delivery methods for the bestresults so generally a lot of people think I’m going to take CBD and I’m going to feel instant advice ultimatelythat’s not true you want to take CV much like vitamin all cannaboids really we want to build up our immune system andour endoc cannaboid system daily uh we are daily constantly breaking it down umso a lot of times people won’t feel better until they’re in their 13th 14th day marker of actually taking CBD everyday where they kind of go wow you know what I do feel kind of better with this and worse without it um if you continuethat you can really help um your metabolic system and your immune systemTHC is a chemical found compound found in the cannabis plant and THC and CBD dowork well uh and better together and THC is associated with the psychpsychoactive effects of marijuana such as Euphoria alter perception and an increasing appetite and painRel T TC does promote 2 Ag and an anide release and this is what we want whenwe’re looking for when it comes to Selec cannabis for cancer treatments as I was saying before the more nandine we canproduce the more TC we can buy to it the more we can get into those tumors to helpstop um and THC also does fine to both receptors receptorone uh as I was saying uh these canids work better together they also work bestwith turpins as well um that’s considered kind of the Entourage effect and it is a hypothesis that cannabiscompounds other than THC do act synergistically together um and theymodulate the overall psychoactive effects of how we feel so we more studies are starting to show that like Isaid earlier tures are starting to uh actually act more in the way that we feel our moods happy sad hungry thingsalong some of the cancer fighting Turpin are be carine it’s anti-cancer turpineuh helps with pain relief GI protection uh produces more anandamide like I saidearlier we can want to achieve that when we’re trying to downgrade our cancer tumors and producesmore 2ag it’s a peppery wood and spicy flavor linol is also a good anti-canceruh chirping it is an anti-inflammatory so a lot of metabolic problems come withinflammatory problems of when the rules really great turp find that those are a little bit harder to find in cannabis aswell um so you can look outside of cannabis for these Turpin um aswell it’s a good anti-depressant a lot of times we see it all over lavenderthings along those lines relaxing helping us get to sleep um and it worksbetter with our serotonin receptors which makes a lot of sense of bite will give us that nice relaxing you know wantto go to bed feeling that has more of the floral citrusy andspicy and then we have lmon limine is in almost every single cannabis plant uhmost of the times when I’m seeing a lot of results uh at different dispensaries whether it be a Rec state or a medicalstate lyine is one of the top 10 tpes that’s in the plant um so you will getthese effects a lot it is also an anti-cancer tumor or anti-cancer tpineexcuse me uh an anti-depressant has nausea relief which is great if you are taking uhdifferent types of chemo drugs and things of that nature that could help relieve that um the mood booster solining is really cool because when you smell lemons or or anything that of a citrus type of smell a lot of times thatenhances our mood and our happiness and just overall makes you smile next timecheck that out because it really does work um and then we have some morecancer Fred Turing that are the uh acid turpins so this is basically if you were to eat the Cannabis whole as a flowerplant um just as you would a salad or something in those lines you would get different benefits from the turke uhAlpha Pine is also a anti-cancer uh anti-diabetic as well so it helps youregulate your blood sugar uh it helps with alertness and memory so uh again another thing ifyou’re taking different types of cancer drugs you might be getting like brain fog and things along those lines stuffwith health P me can really help you with that uh it acts as CBD in highdoses so funny enough if you have a strain of higher Inc but has Alpha panine in it can actually calm how muchuh how high you would actually feel um and this does taste like sweetand sharp and like Piney which I think a lot of us have tasted pan and someuh Alpha trinoline is a anti-cancer antibacterial uh they’re doing a lotmore research on antibacterial effects of Turin which I think is really cool because a lot ofthose could be used in topicals and things along those lines uh mood boosting and it is also a sedative so itcan be uh something that you could take it as well to help you get some sleep atnight uh it actually pairs really well with Carine Pine and humulene andactually go over hum and those generally have the Woody floral and citrus flavorso a lot of these too like depending on what type of flavor you might like in your flower or um your tines or thingsalong those lines you might get some of these flavors if you choose these types of uh humulene is actually a greatantibiotic type turine anti-inflammatory great for pain relief stress relief andalso acts like CBD and high dosin so it can be help of the psychoactive effectsof THC uh some of the cancer fighting strains that have these turpins in themuh Caroline you can find that in Girl Scout cookies original glue or G GorillaGlue as most of us know that and something called spritzer andunfortunately some depending on where we are will depend on what types of strains that you will find so in Hawaii theymight have very much different strains than they have in Oklahoma or in Nevada and things like that um so do bewarethat some of these you might be able to find but hopefully there’ll be other suggestions that you’ll see uh that arehigh in lemoning are lemon OG deran poison and Lemon Cherry gelato deranpoison one of my favorite strains uh really helps me with focus and also helps pain and inflammation as well uhpanine is in great eight uh Katon is in Blue Dream uh blue dream has always beena super popular strange it’s a little bit harder to find than original anymore um you you should see that pretty oftenuh trinoline has is known in Super Lemon Haze also deren poison in a streamcalled orange cookies which is generally made by the cookingcultivators there are certain delivery methods these aren’t all the delivery methods of cannabis but there are a fewobviously inh uh I would say 80% of people do use it inhale it um however you know studiesare finding that if we ingest it uh if we eat it as an acid it think alongthose time ESP more benefits from it um where some doctors would even argue that you know smoking is not good foryou and then um so RSO is one of the high dosage treatments that you can useum Sor B basically it’s like a 30 minute to 3 hour onset so you want to becareful with things like that some people don’t feel RSO when they start taking even small dosage right away andthey increase it too fast too high and you’re seeing things and the room is spitting and all of that stuff so do uhtake caution um in that and there are other methods such as uhrectal uh delivery system where you could use what is nice about that eventhough everybody goes ah uh is it does pass your your liver and gets into yourbloodstream without giving you so many psychoactive effects from being high I’ve also have read some studies thatshow that the glands and the enus actually absorb uh quicker and faster aswell uh so 2 AG istalking all these strs are okay and then hene hene can be foundin three cookies original blue and white widow uh some tinctures are made withwhole flow cannabis a lot of times you’ll see tinctures that are made with just CBD only THC some with all thecannaboids I generally been looking into uh tinctures that also have uh differentplants in it as well so there’s a lot of different herbs out there that can provide you with anti-cancer benefitstoo um and again all those things that work together work better uh tincturestend to also be lower dose treatments um so people that are looking to ramp up it’s a really great way to start andthey’re not as horrible tasting as RS so I don’t if any ladies ever had RSO orput it under their tongue or get sticky you know like all the things I tend to like mine better in the oils or you knowavocado oil or anything I guess coconut oil is one of the more popular methods of oils um however I find that thehealthier fats tend to be a better delivery method um and you can use tincturestopically as well as sually so a lot of people you know the things that they’re coconut oil for instance can your skinand your hair um things along the line so do take that into consideration you don’t have to just ingest it you can putit on top of B if you’re having inflammation your skin or your muscles ands uh now because you’re taking themsublingually will onset quicker um so you generally don’t have to wait that 45 minutes to two three activation hours itcan be within 45 minutes it can be with 10 uh different delivery methods willthe high will last longer smoking is the shortest delivery method you will feel high theleast amount of time where Edibles can in Edibles tentures in um RSO can lastup to 4 to8 hours depending on your situation and if you are taking higherdoses sometimes it’sbe and then we have patches so patches are kind of a new thing that’s poppingup everywhere um a lot of these patches are actually using tpin as a conduuh to get into your system they say that they’re 100% bioavailable which is whyyou see them in a lot lower dosages than what a person would normally take in an edible uh bioavailability has a lot todo with how things get to your bloodstream and how much of it is actually absorb so when we smoke and weingest a lot of times we’re only taking in 20% of the cannaboid content where ifyou’re taking it sually you can get 60% of that cannaboid content and then buy aapp the patches and trans dermal things are giving us 100% bioavailability sothat means it’s getting throughout your entire blood stream faster and quicker um those tend to be what’s going on withthe patches you can wear those discreetly too um so a lot of people put them on the wrist or the top of theirfeet I find that they a lot better than they did back in the day when they first came out I would just sweat them rightoff problem or they would like peel on the tips but um you can find those at like CVG CBN THC and those cand noidswe’re going over each one of those individually in our second part of our lecture on Sunday which hopefully I canget all this wonderful stuff to work because we work so hard to show you all these amazing little slides and helpkeep you focused um but I do appreciate you guys coming out today and I did kind of uh change what I was going to bepresenting and I appreciate your uh time if you have any questions feel free itsounds like a lot of you guys do already know a lot of things about cannabis as as well and uh Lindsay will uh I’m goingto have her information here at my booth if you ever need any like direct one-on-one Consulting she’s got 12 yearsof experience she’s got seven uh certificates in cannabis and a lot ofher background came from her mother passing away with breast cancer and then she’s had I think her mother-in-law anda few other relatives who have passed away from cancer so she’s really done a wonderful job at like really diving inall the different sources of information um and kind of like gathering this information together and this is justkind of a blanket of it so if there’s anything that you guys want to specifically dive into sometimes it’seasier to speak oneon-one and things like that feel free to come to our booth I can connect you with her informationyou can zoom with her she’s awesome and like I said she’s so full of information