Boris Kogon

Bizzybee President and Founder, Boris Kogon, is widely recognized as being one of the most innovative extraction equipment designers in the cannabis industry. In 2014, driven by a lifelong love of science and cannabis, and the desire to produce hydrocarbon extracts, Boris aimed to design an extraction system that suited his own need for a customizable and scalable machine, unlike the options available on the market at the time. Through a growing social media following, it became clear that there was a demand for systems like the ones he had built for himself, and for this reason Boris launched Bizzybee, a company that designs and manufactures extraction equipment for the cannabis industry.

The Bizzybee team produces extraction systems that operators find both ease and pleasure in running and can produce high quality extracts, all the while never compromising on safety, functionality, and design aesthetics. Known for pioneering liquid CO2 refrigeration for cold extraction and dewaxing, high-rate passive recovery, utilizing thermodynamics and cutting edge technologies, Bizzybee continues to advance the cannabis industry with the highest quality extraction systems available today.

Quality manufacturing and the importance of craft extracts in the face of big cannabis, benzene liability lawsuits and the recent closure of Cureleaf in 3 of the biggest US markets