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Bo Le Grand – CEO / Publisher Edibles Magazine™ & Feb 3 – Room 1: 12NN – Cannabis for Endometriosis Feb 4 – Room 1: 1PM – Cannabis for Pets Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, B. Le Grand is a self-made businesswoman who began running her own graphic and web design firm when she was 16 years old. She graduated high school early and went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she studied Advertising and Photography then left school to start her own design firm. She was Runway Magazine’s Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief for two years before her love of music moved her to Los Angeles in 2011, where she began budtending and learned everything she could about the cannabis industry. Before creating the Edibles platform she manufactured her own line of medical marijuana infused topicals and edibles. In 2010, she created the in order to find healthy, consistent, medicated edibles and then Launched Edibles Magazine™ in 2013, which is now distributed in ten different states. Her annual Best of Edibles List Awards was rated in the top 5 cannabis events by In 2016, Marijuana Venture Magazine named her one of Cannabis’s Top 40 under 40. She is the cannabis industry’s go-to edibles expert. Le Grand launched Edibles Distribution in 2016, which she was able to get licensed in California after legalization in 2019. She co-created The Edibles Show Podcast, produced the first ever Veterans Cannabis Ball and spoke on the first cannabis panel ever featured at a major comic book convention at LA Comic Con. She has manufacturing, distribution and dispensary licenses in both Los Angeles and Oklahoma. With her decade of experience in the cannabis industry, B. Le Grand is a highly sought-after cannabis and edibles consultant. She is now consulting for New York cannabis licensees. She often says, “I didn’t choose cannabis, Cannabis chose me.” She’s homegrown from Hawaii, making us proud on the mainland.


all right well my name’s B and I’m originally from Hawaii I moved to the mainland to go to art school and fromthere I decided to move to San Diego and that’s where I started my company Edibles list and Edibles magazineuh I moved from San Diego to Los Angeles and now I stay in Tulsa Oklahoma whereI’m licensed for manufacturing and distribution operations as well as dispensaries in California and OklahomaI also do Consulting for a number of different companies both rows manufacturing dispensaries in thoseStates and also in New York um today I’m going to talk about cannabis and pets treating animals with CBD andTHC so the first thing to know is that animals also have an endocannabinoid system just like humans do and in thatendocannabinoid system we have CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain and throughthe nervous Central system and with that those CB receptors allow us to intakecannaboids exogeneously and endogeneously that means outside the body and inside the body when we’re bornthe very first time that we have cannaboids is through the mother’s breast milk and there’s an old wi s thatin Japan in Asia when men get sick which rich businessmen get sick they go tomidwives to drink breast milk to get cannabinoids because the cannaboids are very healing for the system outside ofbreast milk there is no other opportunity that we get cannaboids in our system other than taking somethinglike CBD exogenously outside the body from in and so cats dogs horses micerats we all have an endocannabinoid system and everybody’s endocannabinoidsystem reacts just a little bit differently from animal species to animalspecies and if you guys don’t know what CBD is it’s cannabid it’s one of the main profiles in the plant of cannabisthere’s THC that gets you high there’s CBD that doesn’t get you high it’s non- psychoactive and then there are otherprofiles of the plant like CBG CBN thca uhcbga and there’s about 400 other that we don’t have enough research to even showwhat all those different profiles of the plant are um cbd’s been legal and descheduled uh through the the federalgovernment under the 2018 hemp farm bill um cannaboids are both modular andreactive which means that it adapts to your system when you take it it’s non psychoactive it’s an antioxidant it’s ananti-inflammatory and a neuroprotectant uh it activates serotonin in the brainand it brings your body into to homeostasis the government actually has a CBD patent for all uses of its medicalmedicinal benefits as an antioxidant anti-inflammatory and neuroprotectant and that patent is licensed out to GWPharmaceuticals for CX and epox which is a drug for epilepsy and seizures thatcost $36,000 a month and you could use the real plant for a tinure that’s $30 amonth um there are many reasons that you may want to dose through pets some of them may be chronic pain inflammationarthritis hip dysplasia separation anxiety nervousness um sometimes catswhen they get older get dementia and it helps calm their dementia and their anxiety uh cancer is a really good onestroke uh seizures epilepsy neurological issues stress or uh environmentalfactors like fireworks you know the weather noise gastrointestin issues umallergies is another one uh which can you know dermatitis puitis is itchinglike chronic itching uh it will help increase appetite and it helps increase the quality of life and it can also beused for aggressive dogs and dogs that may need help withsocialization in 2023 in February the National Institute of Health published astudy titled scientific validation of cannabid for management of dog and cat diseases that study found that CBDimproves clinical signs associated with osteoarthritis caritis and epilepsy inNovember 2021 the National Institute of Health published a study called cannabidbased Natural Health products for companion animals uh what they said was it recent advancements in the managementof anxiety pain and inflammation showed that there’s evidence that chronic osteoarthritic pain in dogs can bereduced by supplementation with CBD uh in May 2023 just last year a newreview began suggesting there appears to be cautious optimism regarding the utilization of CBD in conjunction withother Therapeutics for a range of disorders this review is currently underum a clinical study right now where they’re reviewing the data and it’s primarily focusing on the currentscientific research on the efficacy of CBD on seizure anxiety osteoarthritisand atopic dermatitis another 2023 study found that oral CBD medication was welltolerated in horses CBD is extensively metabolized and shows high volume oftissue distribution with the resulting extended elimination phase so what that means is in horses and even dogs theymetabolize CBD a lot faster than we do so we might take 24 hours to metabolizethey will take four um so now that I live in Oklahoma one of the professorsat Oklahoma State University Dr Laura uh produced an article that said one of thethings scientific research has found is that oral absorption of CBD is low in cats and dogs when H CBD is given bymouth the liver which is responsible for removing toxins from the bloodstream greatly reduces the concentration ofcirculated CBD product once in the bloodstream CBD is eliminated quicklyhalf of the circulating level is gone in an average of 4 hours the Humane Society of the United Statessays CBD and hemp products are safe for pets they can be especially effective atreducing pain and veterinarians have seen CBD help dogs with chronic arthritis pain they walk morecomfortably for example and ongoing research suggests that CBD might alsohelp make seizures less intense and less frequent there are many ways you candose your pets uh tincture is the easiest one you can use it orally or in their food you can give them pet treatsum the only thing to note with pet treats is that if you’re getting them from like a place like Petco they probably don’t actually have any form ofcanop in them those are usually hemp seed oil products that advertise thatthey’re hemp derived but don’t contain any active CBD um so if you’re going to try and find it you want to get it froma source that’s reputable or that you can trust vet CBD is a good one I do actually have some pet tincture at mybooth at the edibles magazine Booth Booth 213 you can also use topicals foryour dogs for dermatitis itching uh arthritis the only thing with that isyou’re going to want to use a cone so they don’t lick it off because the second they lick it off it’s no longereffective suppositories is another way that you can dose your dog many people maybe not don’t know that that’s anoption um but if your dog’s got some kind of colon cancer or gastrointestinal issue you can get CBD suppositories anduse them recy and it goes straight to the problem without being metabolized and broken down with the stomach acid inthe liver uh another way that you might not know was eye drops I used some eyedrops that we manufactured in Oklahoma for my 18-year-old Hy and she it prettymuch cured her blindness we also made some like THC0.001% THC super micros um for Eric Robert’s cat that’s a Julia Robert’sbrother and they swear that it cured their cat’s blindness so with consistent and regular use you can improve a lot ofthe conditions that animals seem to um be affected through age you know just ashumans are affected by the aging process as well something to note when you’relearning about uh how to dose your animal you want to start low and go slow just like you would a human nowprimarily right now we’re talking about CBD and not THC but it is important for them to stay hydrated anytime thatyou’re giving them any kind of medication so that their body can process what you’re giving them um myrecommendation is using one full dropper of a lowd do CBD tincture three times a day and slowly work up to three fulldroppers three times a day uh it use the appropriate delivery method intended for the issue being treated so if it’s adermatitis issue the easiest way to deal with that’s a topical as opposed to trying to treat that with the tinctureorally so when it comes to THC can I use THC for my pets the short answer is yesbut very very cautiously and at minute micro doses it also depends on the sizeand what kind of animal as a general rule of thumb I veterinarians recommendone milligram of THC per dose per day just to see where your animal is startsum THD is more effective at treating cancer than CBD alone so T there are number number of studies that have takenplace in Spain that prove THC kills cancer cells in a healthy non- necropticway so when you do chemotherapy the cells commit suicide in a way thatcreates an acid dosis that basically damages the liver and the kidneys andTHD kills those cells in a way that isn’t necroptic and doesn’t cause that issue um this is my husky right here hername was Misty she passed away in 2021 she lived to the old age of of 18 years old uh the magazine cover on the leftshe was 10 years old and the magazine cover on the right she was 15 years oldso we’ve done a number of different features on her talking about pets and cannabis she was a real good-look CoverGirl um and you can tell that you know she barely looks any different between a five-year difference into her well oldages what was interesting about Misty was when I first started cannabis when Imean I started when I was young but when I was in in San Francisco uh after art school and I got her and she was just apuppy she would take my flower that I got from the dispensaries and she would play with it rip open the bag take itoutside in the yard and then she would prefer to not eat the buds that weren’tactivated she knew with her nose that if she ate my already vaporized weed thatit had been decarbox and that weed now had D9 Delta 9 which is the active THCwhich you usually get in the form of combustion or through heat so she wouldn’t eat my fresh bud but she wouldeat all of my already been Vaped weed and that was something that I hadn’t understood until about 10 years laterwhen I started doing the magazine heavily and got very deep into the industry and then I finally realizedthat it was the THC that she wanted it wasn’t the smell she wasn’t trying to mess with me and play with me sheherself was looking to get dosed and throughout her 18-year-old life she would go through my tote bags whenI’d come home from an expo like this and I’d have Edibles in it and she would go and eat them to treat herself when shegot to about 10 years old she started getting arthritis in her paws and when she was 2 years old she was actually hitby a car in San Francisco on the Great Highway and she was lucky Miracle handof God saved her life she didn’t break any bones she got hit at 45 M an hourbut she did develop hip dysplasia and arthritis in her hip later on in lifeand so what we used was CBD but she would she would always tell me she wouldwalk up to me and tell me Arf you know I I want the weed I need the THC I needthe analgesic effect she very much communicated much like a human she was part wolf um and then you know if Ididn’t give it to her she would just walk past the coffee table and lick what was in the coffee table to try to eat analready been smoked roach so yes you can give THC to your animal but it has to bea tiny tiny amount and in the circumstances that you want to use THC is specifically for cancer so whenthey’ve got cancer you need the THC to kill the cancer cells and I do have some magazines that I can share witheverybody with this particular story talking about her very very long life uh but she definitely was and that was hergetting dosed so she just took the Cannabis like we would that particularone was a whole plant extract and we would just drop it in her mouth and she knew that it caused her pain relief andso she would just open up her mouth and laugh it up and if your animal is looking at potenti if you’re looking atpotentially giving your animal some CBD you can put it directly in their mouth sublingually um if they don’t do that orthey’ve got you know maybe they’re finicky you can put it in their food as well that was Misty story uh when I gotto Oklahoma I was introduced to a woman who had a horse who had melanoma and rectal cancer thehorse was well into her 20s and the this particular horse’s story was the sameexact story as the woman I met we covered this story interviewing this woman with her horse Tori and she wasmaking a full plant cannabis extraction and putting it into her horse’s mealthis story made it its way to a friend of a friend through her church group and then she got in touch with me becauseshe needed some cannabis for her horse so just less than two years ago likeactually it was two months after my Misty died um I met this woman Amy andher horse’s name was Misty and my name’s B and the horse’s companion name wasalso B so it very much felt like a serend this thing where I was meant tobe here to help this horse and so we manufactured special horse depositoriesand put them in and within a week I mean it was an immediate as soon as we putthe suppository and and put the topical over where her melanoma was she like itwas like the clouds opened up and the sun came open and she like stood up andlike wiggled her tail and it was like it was watching her have some pain relief for the very first time and so fromthere we started giving her the tincture and then we started getting to higher and higher doses of CBD with small smallTHC and we would put that in her feed along with the suppositories and itextended the horse’s life for about a year she got another year with this horse the horse was already in its late20s but it was This Woman’s baby that she had gone competing and doing all of the racing with and all of that and thatshe was just so grateful um to be open to taking this medicine that we werejust providing and donating for this cause to help this horse um it changed This Woman’s life and she was verygrateful and it also opened her mind to the possibility that cannabis is a medicine and not something that’s knownto be bad or not good or illegal so just last month I lost my20-year-old cat Zeus Zeus Mr Wiggles King Kong and uh he lived to the ripullage of 20 he did have some Dementia in his older years he was a tabby cat thatwas born in the backyard of someone’s house in San Francisco that I got free on Craigslist and he used to be a 20 lbcat in his younger years as he got older and started wasting away with the muscles we started giving him the CBDand it always kept his appetite up but he definitely did the yowling and was a little confused sometimes with dementiaand the CBD really helped and then as he got even older we had to add THC intohis uh regiment because he was definitely suffering from arthritic painum this was something that you know and he was my little baby he could have beenuh an adult child in college right now you know and and we all treat our fur babies like there are little childrenand but if I didn’t have the CBD and the THC he definitely would not have made it to 20 years old um my other cat Venusshe’s 18 years old and in December I got home from a business trip going to an expo and she actually fell off thiscounter right here and slipped a disc and we were w’t sure if she had had a stroke or if she had slipped a disc andwe went to the vet and he gave her medicine for both uh anti-inflammation as well as strokemedicine so in case she had a blood clot that may have moved but uh it turned outthat it was a slip disc and KN of stroke and we’ve been giving her CBD and THCcombined with acupuncture eem acupuncture as well as red light infrared therapy and within Less Than 3and 1 half weeks she was healed she’s still going through the healing process even for a human a slip disc can take upto 4 months to totally heal um it’s only been about two and she can walk normallyagain she still has a little wobble but she definitely has arthritis and the thing about cats R treating a cat thatcats don’t tell you that they’re hurting you know Misty my dog would tell me she was hurting she’d sit there and her pawwould cramp up and she’d yell and the cats don’t do that until they’re all alreadydeteriorating um so she’s you know this cat is a six lb cat and we give her afull dropper twice a day of a 250 milligram CBD tincture and during duringthe first 3 weeks of her uh with slip disc we started using THC as wellbecause we ran out of the the pain medication from the vet that was $10 a pill and so after the first week youknow we were like I think we should go back to the THC because those pills are really bad for their K kidney and theirliver it’ll shut down their organs um with too much over usage another another animal that Ihelped U that I actually met here at the Expo this family moved to New Jersey and they had a Chihuahua that had cancer andso we started sending her RSO and that RSO cured the cancer the cancerdisappeared in less than 2 and 1/2 months and then they stopped using the RSOand So within a month the cancer came back and it then it became too much andtoo late so what’s important to know especially in the cancer circumstance is that you have to keep dosing you mustkeep up with the dose even if it’s switching from THC to CBD once theCancer’s gone it’s a maintenance dose even for humans otherwise the cancer will come back extremelyaggressively um there are a number of different alternative treatments to consider as well in conjunction with hera holistic approach for treating animals when they’re in this kind of pain uhsomething that I did for my dog nisty we took her to aquatherapy hydrotherapy sothat was something where the weightlessness and getting her to swim in a controlled environment allowed herto heal and get her her hips a little bit better and feeling like she wasn’tin so much pain it was a very noticeable thing uh every week that we would go do the hydrotherapy within a day she’d bewalking better she’d be feeling better it was extremely noticeable the other thing you could do is sound therapy uhsome people might think it’s you know a little hoopy but uh it’s something that can help with the vibrations uh when wewent to acupuncture for her she was about 13 years old uh when I starteddoing acupuncture she had gotten to the point at which we thought that she was going to pass away because she was reallethargic she didn’t want to move around we thought that I was going to lose her in less than 6 weeks so we took her to avet that also does acupuncture and used Western and Eastern medicine as well andin that treatment um in this picture oops sorry about that you can see she uhwhen she was getting the acupuncture he would use a a chiong sound machine uhthat’s supposed to mimic the sound of a thousand monks doing chiong together atthe same time so Medical chiong is a a Chinese practice where they move the chithe energy and then try to clear the body of any blockages or negative energy so it’s eastern medicine uh and you knowof course massage therapy is going to help when you’ve got issues like arthritis or you know wasting way ofmuscle tissue um a fresh food diet also can help so if you if you if there areany kind of allergies that a dog has chicken tends to be one of the biggest allergies uh and inflammatory causes fordiseases for animals and Grain and corn so if you can switch to like a raw foodor a fresh food diet that’s better than anything that comes out of pedigree or IM at one point in mis’s life I hadswitched her to pedigree or I grabbed a bad of P pedigree because they didn’t have her grain-free dog food at theCostco store and within two weeks her coat got dull she was lethargic it waslike an extremely noticeable difference in her energy levels after switch to aninferior dog food and when she got old at that point about 13 14 years old westarted going to like the Whole Foods or the Butcher and we’d go pick up chickenlivers and feed her raw and cooked chicken livers the livers have the mostamount of nutrients out of any other organ in the body it’s super good for you and she would just eat that thinglike she was wolf tear it up and it would give her the extra nutrition that she needed to be able to keep hermuscles without wasting awayright here there are some other dietary and lifestyle changes you could do thisis this is her when she first when she was 13 years old on the left in the radio fire this is when I thought shewas going to die and she lived another 5 years after that once we started the acupuncture and I put her in that thingto try to wheel her around CU I lived in Downtown LA and she took one look around and was like nope jumped right out of itand was like I’m not went through this embarrassment and she got she herselfmade herself get better cuz she did not want to be seen in that thing same thing with uh 16 17 years old started gettingthat hip dysplasia we had to use the hip carrier uh I bought her a real expensiveextra- large dog wheelchair and we used that thing twice and she took one look at me and was like nope I’m like I’mdone with this I’m fine and right after that she’s like look I’ll show you I’ll show you I I don’t needthis but uh like I was saying allergies can be from grain corn wheat chicken uhyou can also supplement with glucosamine when we went to the vet acupuncturist heactually prescribed her a special uh curcumin which is uh the organic versionof the turmeric so we would put turmeric curcumin B broth collagen fish oil andGlucosamine in her dog food and that’s the same uh same whole mix that we giveBuddy her companion who’s now 10 he was uh what five in that photo and obviouslyregular exercise once they get to the older ages they need to keep moving even though they’re hurting they still needto get up and walk around to keep that muscle tissue sometimes when it comes to like uh the need for using cannabis orCBD for aggression some of that can be combined with training or socialization uh sometimes animals haveissues because they just weren’t socialized enough to how to get along with other other dogs cats whatever itmight be and a lot of that comes down to training but that can be used in conjunction withCBD now in the event that your animal gets a hold of too much THC and becomesoverdosed and too high and there is the antidote which is CBD CBD prevents theliver from metabolizing THC so a lot of the times you’ll see like a ratio tincture that’s like 1: one or 20 to1and it’s a considered a balanced ratio that prevents you from being too high just as well if you are too high or ananimal’s too high the first thing you should do is try to give them some CBD and that should take them down frombeing too high and there’s definitely evidence and studies to support that umnow if you do end up in a situation where you’re worried about your animal or if it’s not a big dog and it’s asmall dog like a chihuahua and it’s overdosed you know don’t panic the firstthing you want to do is keep them hydrated and they probably won’t even want to get up and drink cuz they’ll probably be comos so what you can do isuse a little syringe or a dropper to get water in their mouth and make sure they stay hydrated because when you go to thevet the only thing that they can do is give an IV for hydration um there’s nothing else they can do to make themstop being high aside from hydrate them um you know with Misty there was onetime as a manufacturer of Edibles I had a room filled with like 500 300milligram cookies and she broke into that room and ate half the cookies likeshe was high for a week straight and she was diarrhea for 5 days straight andpeeing all over the place for 5 days straight and then she was fine but she clearly wanted it uh and so one of thethings that they lose is control of their bladders when they are overdosed or too high on THC um you can inducevomiting if you use a 1:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide with water you can escort that in their mouth with a littlesyringe or dropper and that will induce vomiting and then if they vomit then it gets rid of you know what’s in theirstomach um as I mentioned CBD and then once you get through 1 through five atthat point if you feel like you need to go to the vet definitely go to the vet uh and get an IV for them probably beabout $1,000 but if it’s a small animal then that’s probably the right rightroute to go if it’s a larger animal they’re going to metabolize it pretty quickly um less than 8 n hours that theyshould be just I’m just tired not high anymore um you know you can read moreabout all of this information on edbl uh we’ve got some magazinesfor you guys if you guys are interested with the story of Misty and the horse story um it’s uh I love animals it’s abig part of my life and my heart and I’m so happy that I can share with you today my stories and some of the studies thatare recently available well because cannabis is a schedule one drug there’s not enough research out there to proveone or anything U something that happened in California with legalizationwas they actually made it explicitly illegal for anybody to for veterinariansto sell or recommend CBD but the very first thing when we went to our acupuncturist who was Western vetEastern acupuncturist treating animals he straight told us that CBD was the wayto go and it does wonders and he’s never seen anything like it in addition to allthe other things that we were doing to treat Misty CBD was highly recommendedand our vet actually told us that he used to sell it he sold it until legalization came and then they couldn’tsell it anymore and the veterinary board said that they couldn’t now the veterinary board has changed theirstance on that now that there is some data and there are some studies to provethat CBD does help with pain and inflammation um that you can also use it on you know a mice and rats any mammalhas an endocannabinoid system there are even studies that have been done on dolphins using cannabis and cannaboidsto treat Dolphins uh reptiles however do not have an endocannabinoid system andso it won’t work for reptiles they’re coldblooded so if you get a chance youcan download our app and read some more information there it’s h in both the Apple store and the Google Play Storeand uh I appreciate you guys coming out and listening to this presentation feel free to ask me any questions if you geta chance our booth is Booth 213 outside straight that way the Edibles magazineBooth I do have some CBD dog treats as well as pet tincture for cats and dogsand horses um if anybody’s interested thank you so much for your guys’time ask question yeah go ahead uh two twoquestions yes is have you worked with any other Botanical is included into some of the Edibles you made in the sideor in addition to yeah well we’ll add in fish oil or uh t t like I said curcuminturmeric collagen um usually what we’ll do is just add that into the dog foodfor like a dog and he’ll just eat it with like some goodies and Treats on top um themostly with my particular tincture that I manufacture for my animals that I have it’s avocado oil based and it’s the onlyoil that crosses the bloodb brain barrier so try to keep it really simple because when we’re giving them the doseof the tincture if it has any kind of extra weird taste to it they don’t want to eat it so if it’s just a straightnon-flavored sort of oil or maybe just a little fish oil in it then it’s more enticing for them to eat they or take itor be willing to take it if it’s got like an extra punung like taste or odor to it they’re not going to want to eatit but I was my uh point was also adding something like Cava an extract OFA youknow I haven’t uh used Cava um there’s definitely I’m not enough research instudies to show how Cava affects animals um it does have that like relaxationeffect um some just like you know Crum does for humans as well um I haven’t tried Cava for my animals yet at all butand other Botanicals yes like and there are other Chinese herbs that you can use yes for sure and my final point isregard the RSO you spoke to work I was doing many years ago in La when beforeCBDs really took off we were making our so product but then we also because of the extraction procedurewe could take away all that chlorophyll and fatty material and waxes thedifference in efficacy was very striking very much so you want to get rid of of like the plant material and thechlorophyll because they can’t actually digest that that’s very true and then the other thing to note with RSO is thatit very much does get them high and so they have to be prepared for that um we were invited to Jamaica to uh cover amedical cannabis Resort where a doctor was doing treatments for cannabis out there and so what he found was and thisis in humans uh the dose to kill cancer is 2400 migr a day for 3 months straightand that will kill the cancer and so you can apply that same Theory to animals however 2400 Mig a day is pretty muchcolos for three months straight so then the way to combat that is to start the tolerance with low dose and dose up butthen also use CBD to keep that Baseline so they’re not too high but I meanthat’s that’s great to hear it’s it’s hard when they have the cancer because the best way is RSO it’s going to killthe cancer but it is going to get them high and it is going to be concerning you know that they’re too high and sothat’s something that you just kind of have to deal with and help them get through that process you know if you want to see them heal from it mostpeople are using it for pain management or most vets and even oncology doctors will say cannabis or CBD it will helpwith the uh symptoms but it’s not a cure but there is evidence to suggest that itis the cure we just can’t say that you know does anybody else have anyquestionsthat was for ey drops because ey drops and it’s not widely available there’sthere used to be a company in California that made them and sold them in the medical dispensaries we started manufacturing them personally for myanimals and my mom actually uses it right here this is my mother she she swears by the ey drop she says it’shelped her floaters and it it helps with her degenerative um in her eyes um sothat that’s specifically for eye drops which is non psychoactive at all but what it does is reduce the inflammationand swelling it’s really good for like glaucoma or cataracts uh one milligramis the starting dose to try to figure out what where your animal is or get them on the track of knowing what theanimals doses one milligram now Misty who was you know the expert husky shecould probably take 20 to 50 milligrams and be fine but that was that was heryou know every every animal just like humans are different so everybody has a different liver and everybodymetabolizes differently and the same thing with dogs and animals and cats they each one will metabolizedifferently the the key thing is to figure out like what your source is going to be for your medicine or Supplybecause if you’re just getting it from the smoke shop or wherever it’s not regulated enough where its mandatory labtest so it you may by buying something that doesn’t have any CBD in it at all justlike what’s marketed at Petco or PetSmart any otherquestions no feel free to come talk to me at my booth I’ve got some magazines if anybody wants any thank you so muchfor your