The Hawaii Cannabis Expo aims to educate the public on the myriad of potential benefits offered by the Cannabis plant. The Hawaii Cannabis Expo also provides attendees with accurate information on how to access cannabis in Hawaii as a registered patient safely.

The Hawaii Cannabis Expo was established in 2014 with the goal in mind to unite the cannabis community in Hawaii.

To give a platform for the community to express themselves as well as connect with others.

Each year the Expo has seen exponential growth in vendors, speakers, educators, and attendees.

Please join us for the 2021 Hawaii Cannabis Expo and be part of the community!

Hawaii Cannabis Expo brings together a diverse group of cannabis experts and industry leaders to educate, network, and open up a dialogue about the fantastic health and economic benefits of legal, medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

Hawaii Cannabis Expo featured speaker series with Cannabis experts and industry leaders including Ed Rosenthal, Gerald Garrison, Dan Lubkeman, Mara Gorden, Dru West, Vaedynn Erlandson, Dani Fontaine, Michelle Tippens, Constance Finley, Wendy Gibson, Kenneth “K” Morrow, Former Hawaii State Senator Will Espero, and many others.

The Hawaii Cannabis Expo also features an Expo Floor Marketplace for the Cannabis Industry and includes a one of a kind Food Court. In conjunction with the Speakers and The Market Place, The Hawaii Cannabis Expo also hosts an entertainment division bringing in entertainers to Hawaii, such as past guests Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin of the famous comedy act Cheech and Chong, Stoner Rob and Jackey 420.


What to Expect

2021 Featured Speakers

Martin Lee, Project CBD
Wendy Gibson, Medical Cannabis Coalition of Hawaii
Bonni Goldstein, CannaCenters Wellness & Education
Dr. Thomas Cook, Board-Certified Psychiatrist
Dr. Cristina Sanchez, Madrid, Spain
April Price, CBD Yoga & Wellness
Kirk Reid, Captain Kirk’s Edibles
Mara Gordon, Aunt Zelda’s, Weed the People

Expo Floor Market Place

Hawaii Dispensaries
Cannabis Testing Labs
CBD Vendors
Grow Equipment & Supplies
Scientific Instruments
Edibles Magazine
Captain Kirk’s Edibles
Clothing & Accessories
Medical Professionals
Glass Artists
Food & Drinks…and More!


Blaisdell Exhibition Hall
777 Ward Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96814


150 Exhibitor Spaces
All Corner Booths
15,000+ Attendees


Advertising & Media

-Hawaii News Now / KHON / KITV / iHeartMedia
-Newspaper & Magazine Write-Ups
-Targeted Social Media & Banner Ads
-Radio Ads
-Posters & Flyers

Strategic Partnerships:

-Mills Nutrients
-Crop Kings
-Big Island Hydro Garden
-Vital Garden Supply
-Edibles Magazine
-Aloha Green Apoth
-Ed Rosenthal
-Bobby Black
-Sly Vegas
-Dru West
-Hawaii Cannabis Care
-The Emerald Cup
-Danny Danko
-Kyle Kushman
-Bobby Black
-Ed Rosenthal
-Jackey 420
-Steep Hill Hawaii
-Higher Way Travel


Hawaii Cannabis Expo would like to say a BIG MAHALO and THANK-YOU to all the Sponsors, Speakers, Vendors, and all the people that have come and supported the events!!! 

Only through all of your support, The Hawaii Cannabis Expo is possible.


2020 Hawaii Cannabis Expo Sponsors