About Hawaii Cannabis Expo


The Hawaii Cannabis Expo is a three-day trade show/EXPO incorporating educational seminars, panel discussions, keynote speakers and vendor booths from a variety of companies pertaining to the ever-growing Medical Marijuana industry.

The Hawaii Cannabis Expo will include vendor booths from a wide range of companies pertaining to the ever-growing Medical Marijuana industry.

Exhibitors will include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, glass artists, inventors, suppliers and many others come together under one roof to display a massive selection of accessories, products, clothing and other specialty items.


The Hawaii Cannabis Expo aims to educate the public on the myriad of potential benefits offered by the Cannabis plant, including the medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic, environmental, and other benefits and applications.


Hawaii Legislators established the Medical Marijuana Program in the year 2000. Qualifying conditions include: cancer, glaucoma, HIV (+) status, chronic or debilitating disease: Severe pain, severe nausea, seizures (epilepsy), severe & persistent muscle spasms (from Multiple Sclerosis or Crohn’s Disease), severe weakness, malnutrition or weight loss.

Effective January 1, 2015, the Hawaii’s Medical Use of Marijuana Program was transferred from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Health, according to Act 177.