Aaron Zeeman – The future of the Legacy Growers in Hawaii: Current local cannabis culture

Aaron Zeeman – Founder of Big Island Genetics Feb 3 – Room 2: 2 PM – The future of the Legacy Growers in Hawaii: Current local cannabis culture “Professor Potgrower,” is a veteran guerilla grower, medical cannabis patient, and infamous activist/defendant.. Founder of Big Island Genetics, Aaron has had his gear in High Times twice and has been on the front page of the Hawaii-Tribune Herald for his cannabis creations. The professor brings you some of the best Hawaii has to offer, a ‚ÄúSativa Believa ”, if you have the time, BIG has the seeds! Big Island Genetics are the breed masters of Maui Wowee, Puna Budder, Kona Gold, Puna Diesel, Kona Snow

I’m here uh I’m g a chance to speak before you guys and I want let you knowwho I am first before I tell you what we’re going be talking about um I’m originally from Las Vegas you could sayI lived here for a while uh I grew up there but everybody that lives in Las Vegas grows up there okay that’s a facttrust me anyway I came out here u i to get mydegree in agriculture at the local Community College as well as a associatof Arts in um Lial Arts so I can continue my education if I desired but Itook that working uh that working diploma of Agriculture put it touse and I’ve been an activist on the island for quite a while uh had donesome work with peaceful sky and the dollar question one which was the lowest law enforcement priority for cannabisfor the police so we and we did win that and we got that we won by pretty much alandslide on that election and um after that I might be known uh for being part of the green 14or 13 depending who you’re talking to and that was a large cannabis umconspiracy I think they had us on CNN parading us uh on the news if to C130for our per walk because that was a the the CanabisHawaii sorry the Hawaii cannabis Ministry which is THC Ministry of RogerChristie and uh that was a federal bus and it was a big deal and when you guysif you ever go in Island just look across the way you see this big monstrosity of a building uh that’s aFederal Detention Center and that was my home for a while because I um I basically basically directly ignored theorder of my probation officer when the judge told me upon finally working out adeal I was the last one to work a deal because Roger chrisy had made his dealafter being held four and a half years without bail and then they give him a 5-year deal he took it everybody elseturned go to win this except for me anyway so I refrained uh I was strickenas some of you may know with a rat lung worm before all of this and it was pretty pretty mean on me and then Icould have smoked for 4 and a/2 years CU I was a pre-trial for a theral indictment right anywayum soon as I got sentenced I made a deal I got probation for a year because Ididn’t admit to anything they said and I admitted some other [ __ ] that they didn’t couldn’t prove distribution undera kilo which is the smallest thing you can be busted for as a federal drug offender and uh the judge said I coulduse cannabis medically she’s federal judge uh that’s the first time that was ever done in federal court but as longas my PO was cool so I did and he said I couldn’t and I’m assuming my probationofficer it’s a long story but I’ve been doing this for a while and uh I have some good friends back over in a bigisland besides Roger chrisy like our friend Mike rugles so if you guys know about him he’s another Freedom Fighterso I’ve been doing this for a while and I started off growing weed uh out ofVegas I knew nothing about weed I came to PR to be a par straight up and Iguess I got here at the end of the thing because green Harvest was like crazy Imy start up my buddy’s like oh yeah this these helicopters they were here before when I used to do this but uh anyway itwas challenging and I had like most of my wied was taken by helicopters but I kept doing it I’ve did for a while so along while I mean a long while so I probably grow more plants any anybodyhas never actually got them so that’s a good thing too so Ihave a love for the plan I kept doing that for a while and I realized that this might be my my lot in life and Iwas good with it they keep taking my weed as long as I can keep growing weed have enough to smoke get by I was goingto be happy and I think that gives me a little bit of experience and a little bit of I don’t know what the word is butum I like think graas uh as a legacy grower here in Hawaii because the people that weredoing this before me had already gave up or if they made it they left they weregone or they went some place they went California started growing weed because it’s [ __ ] impossible to grow weed out here and green harv was kicking the [ __ ]out of us while that’s been right and we can’t doing it anyway and that’s whatwe’re going to be talking about today about the legacy ders of Hawaii right and third place historically and um asfar as I’m concerned in the future and how they have been discluded to about the same crowd wasn’t here earlier Iwasn’t here to talk about this with other people we talk about social equity and the Canabis industry which by theway let’s just get this out of the way real quick okay I uh I loath the termcannabis industry okay all you folks out there to let you left that are all in the industry you know I’m going to tryto be nice about it I’m not going to insult anybody with any abusive ad homs about thisbut I’m not going to call you names I’m not going I’m not going to say stupid [ __ ] like you’re a bunch of Corky pinedpencil pushing money grubbing greeny bastards I’m not going to say that butwhat what I am G to say is cannabis is not an industry folks there’s no suchthing as the Cannabis industry okay y all say that because you want to sound normal and respectful and find yourplace in society in the business World International Marketplace or whatever the you think but the fact of the matteris folks cannabis creates Industries it is not an industry it is a plant Ibelieve the whole thing for this Expo over here for the seventh annual Hawaiican Expo Canabis Expo is for love of the plant and that’s why I’m here okay forlove of the plant and cannabis creates Industries okay so there’s the Canabis growing industry and there’s a cannabismarketing industry and there’s whatever whatever but it’s not an industry you have to have more respect okay if yougrow weed if you sell weed if you weed if you make things the package for weed then you’re part of thatindustry just we get that out of way anyway the social Equity thing theytalked about uh I I have to be 100% behind it but it totally lacks theseriousness of what’s going on here okay because B and rounds however you want tosay it have been disproportionately affected by canis being this [ __ ]okay forever and it’s true okay and that’s a fact it’s historical nobody’snot saying that but also uh people have been affected uh disproportionately thatare besides the blacks and Browns right and whatever color it’s it it really hascome down to uh the poor okay the poor and the Renegades The Outlaws the LegacyGrowers they might even make some money but trust me they were earning it okaythere’s no such thing as a lazy pot grower anybody out there who says that trust me okay I’m good at being lazyI’ve been practicing it for years and this PO run thing is kicking the [ __ ] out of me okay and I do it anyway okayso that’s just a fact so the legacy poer is it’s more than that okay and thepoint out I want maybe we can look at it like this folks uh we’re talking about legal stuffwe’re talking about the legalization of cannabis in Hawaii okay and this has been happening all through these otherstates and by the way this is not the state of Hawaii I know a lot of people think so but this is The SovereignNation of Hawaii and the government is still in effects and it’s being occupied by a foreign Invader basically and Iwon’t get any further than that but I’m not going to refer to this as the state okay even though there will be state laws and we have to abide by the statebecause we live with the state but it’s probably the larger picture Okay umthese other states have been making laws and you can see like New York as a good example of the social Equity program and how they started off with that right andit started off great now they’re having troubles implementing that right but I know it’s kind like Thailand was for asecond everybody starts selling weed everywhere they care go to New York now you can find weed are selling everywhere nobody cares Cops car s qu selling drugsit’s okay and that’s might not be legal and they’re going to have to figure that out but there there’s two ways to goabout this making it legal okay and it’s the way that they’ve been doing it and then there’s the right way and you knowI heard a lot of things up here I can relate I heard a lot of things about this new bill that’s coming up or that’sbeing talked about I said that people are talking about this legislation and other legislation ongoing conversationit’s a liquid situation yada yada the legisl just started back in again andthere’s going to be more than one bill more than this one working groups Bill coming in and there’s going to be anything there factions and there’spolitics believe it or not in Hawaii and there’s a lot of old school stuff a lot old school money a lot of old schoolpolitics and how things get done and we have Governors and we have mayors thathave been part of the system and are part of the system and have been for a while and with all du respect that’swhat I’m talking about we’re not talking about that’s not the way to go and I I can show this that and that’s what’smost important about this is that it’s not just the Legacy grower and theLegacy breeder and it’s not about the Hawaiians that have been disproportionately locked up the brownskin people the locals get locked up they get thrown at halava right I mean that we all know what goes on here andwe all know how they were they might have been busted for whatever else but they use a cannabis to leverage peopleback in the prison black people brown people poor people because they’re during test it last persist for 30 daysand can smoke guys can do heroin do pills 3 days it’s washed out but get busted for the weed and the weed leadsthem back down the road back into the system again yada yada yada and those of you have been through this and know about thishave family members which is pretty much everybody know this to be true so it’snot just that it’s how about the Legacy pot dealers you know how about you knowno going to talk about these folks these are people that were selling weed to meto you to your mom to your dad to whomever forever and the fact in matter is when you go in jail for this [ __ ]okay these are the people that you trust with they were like you know your Barber you know yougot your streek or you get your bartender you guys got guys drink I don’t drink a lot but you know you got the bartender you know that guy and youand you talk to about your problems right and this got thing a rapport with you right or your hairdresser women theyonly talk to hairdressers you know or your sh or your pot dealer your pot dealer he’s ining you with his life andhis family what he’s doing and same with you and you don’t KN him out cuz he’s a good connect he’s got some good [ __ ] a good deal cool and all that right andthose people put their asses on the line they did and the people that grew that weed and bread and smoke they didand they it was hard hard losing all that weed that I lost and I and I wentto jail for weed a couple times but that ain’t nothing compared to other people still people in jail no okay and oh nobut we’re not arresting people for weed anymore CU that’s not important oh yeah you’re right that’s true you’re not asmuch why because it’s wrong right cuz it’s not the law cuz it’s wrong well yeah it’s wrong it’s [ __ ] wrong andguess what it was wrong before and now in California they’re forgiving the wiping the records clean right whybecause it was wrong Law’s different in that why because it’s wrong it was wrong then we erase it well guess what it’sstill wrong okay the way you’re treating people and giving them a chance withyour social Equity programs and deciding who you’re going to allow to integrate as kind of Hawaiians get special thingoh well no the way the lawyers talk about it it doesn’t it’s not really legal right now well guess what folks wemake the laws the people make the laws okay and all the people should have ashot period okay and have you been harmed is it wrong yeah well then maybeyou should get a leg up and that’s that’s what I’m proposing okay becausewe need to legalize Hawaii and here here’s and here’s what I can put alltogether for you guys here’s a water I needed so bad stop me anytime by the wayyou got something to say let me tell you how I really feel hold on I lost my thought oh no I didn’t you’re a hero IAin no hero I got something to say right and I I love to put my foot in my mouthsomebody show me where I’m wrong tell me where my mom help me I’ll educate me I love it please help me I want to do this right okay but the fact of the matter isthat and I don’t have all the perfect names right now but I can tell you who’s been behind all this okay including butnot exclusively The Cho the police Union theuh correctional officers Union the teachers union the doctor’s nurses UnionI could go on okay uh the HDA Hawaii government [ __ ] workers jionwhatever they vote these are the political votes that are supporting the people that are voting that are talkingabout that these folks are talking about talking about who out there in the legislature right now they’re going to be passing these laws if they speak upas if they’re already done well they speak as if well the law is going to belike it already happened well it hasn’t happened folks and we only get one shot at this but thefact of the matter is I believe it’s called myopic I’m trying to get my lexicon complete but when you look at itlike this you’re just looking at the one little spot right and and you’re not seeing a big picture and you might thinkyou’re looking at the big picture but it’s like 360 like all around you it’s everything right and we talking pastpresent and future so it’s more than that and here’s the point of fact isthey want to control this plant okay and that’s our right it’s our god-giveninalienable right govern give us the right you you know because they made it legal do you think that changes anythingI mean for me you think I look at the plant differently now because they said it’s legal or it’s going to be legal orwhatever the rules they say it’s all right so we should be free to do whatever weshould be as most of the people out here watching this would probably agree it should be like potatoes or tomatoes ohthen you can’t make no money off it because blah blah blah and also about the money we can’t grow this much grow too much cuz everybody have be too muchmake no money off they got to grow less can’t let those guys have it because you let those guys have it the big guys they’re going to have it they’re goingtake over they going be all screwed it’s all 100% [ __ ] I’ll say it you guys I’llexplain why because they’re my near sided okay they’re not looking at thisland like it should be looked at and that is with Aloha okay I don’t know where you’re from you’re watching thisfrom but this is Hawaii okay and this isn’t the mainland this isn’t when the50 freaking States this is a special place this is a special land it’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean it sits on avery special spot that hyperal physics even describes okay so what I’m sayingis is is different okay and you have to respect the land and the people this isHawaii okay we family one Ohana okay everybody that’s here right now I don’tcare where you came from how you got here how long you’ve been here and if you understand that and you believe that that’s part of who you are and then youbelong here and you want to grow we fun you want to grow as much as you can fineshouldn’t be a problem why how could that how could this model Aaron you’re talking about you sound like [ __ ]communist or some [ __ ] well I’ll tell you how it works out it’s really simple if you think aboutit you know the people in Kona and K they already know what I’m talking aboutpeople in Canada they know about with the maple syrup but the fact of the matter is I’ve said this before andnobody can doubt me let’s just say you had marijuana and you were going to grow it in Hawaii and we going to grow thismarijuana everywhere we could possibly grow marijuana okay so you ain’t got a front lawn anymore cuz you’re growingweed there now if you’re going food you know no you go food and if we can take any other land that we got and we can gofood with it that should be a priority because we got more than enough land for the weed versus food we need to be growfood and my idea by the way which is not my idea it promotes exactly that we needto grow food we need to feed ourselves you know and Puna they had a million people back in the day say Hawaiiansthat lived Ina a million and they all ate off of that Island here we’re importing like what 909 4400s of the food I mean literally it’s like 95 8% now is that what it isis ridiculous doesn’t need to better be that way no more enough land feed everybody here and some and and let’sjust say we packed this island with weed man we grow everywhere and we get we grow all year long wherever it is we cangrow there’s only so much weed that we can grow can we agree with that andtrust me I know how we can grow weed even more you can get even more but you always gr so much weed here in a WorldMarket you think about this the world is very large there’s a lot of people and alot of people like cidis right including most y’all out there and there’s only somuch Hawaiian Canabis you can grow per year in Hawaii however much that is wecan calculate that and it can sounds like a lot but how about this you guysyou know that Canada has been growing cannabis for a while yeah legal buz you smoking you get high and they’ve beensending that to uh Germany they been selling it to Germany you guys know that for years by the T by 10 tons a lot ofweed Germany’s been buying a lot of weed from Canada smok it for a while while total legal on International Market wellwhy is going to be on that same Market you guys and if I was from Germany if I wasGermany would I buy that Canadian week or would I buy the Hawaiian week yeah okay right wa say how Canada’sbig they a lot of weed they got like they got like the planes of the United States they got big up there man so howmuch weed did them buy it well I bet Germany could buy all of our weed that we could possibly grow in a year and wewouldn’t have enough well I’m sure of that but how about this about the world I bet the world could buy all the weedthat we can go in Hawaii any year and we need burp I don’t think we would evenknow that they even smoke the weed I mean we’re tiny little speck of nothing in the middle Pacific Ocean how muchwheat can we grow because the whole world well okay Aaron maybe make a pointbut think about it they can go read anywhere they want anywhere in the world too same well yeah but guess what gogrow your weed over there take the same weed and grow it here in Hawaii anybody from Hawaii SP me Hawaii anybody knowwhat I’m talking about anybody anybody P anybody it’s better it’s better it’sbetter it’s whatever we grow in Hawaii is better it’s the known fact we havecoffee better flowers better did you know that your hair it grows faster inHawaii than it does when you’re not in Hawaii did you know that the factpresy there’s only so much you can grow so with that being said the price ofweed in Hawaii on an international market is going to be in a way artificially kept at a high price justlike champagne in France as some of you know champagne awesome stuff you everhave G per youngis damn mean [ __ ] but you want toget that it has to come from grapes that are growing in that District of champagne fense and that’s it that’s allyou’re going to get R for Chiefs same thing right what is it expensive yeahwhy how much can you get how man champagne is bigger than the Big Islandy’all come on man and they can’t keep up with that you think we can keep up withweed with the world are you kidding me we don’t need to even think aboutcorporate how much money the corporations are going to make off the we life cuz guess what folks I hate to break the newsthe corporations are going to come in here and they’re going to make money off land off Arena Hawaii they’re going todo it okay they don’t need to be friends with these people and be paying them with pharmaceutical companies for theirvotes in the legislature help with their campaigns they don’t need to because they’re going to get in anyway so why not give everybody a shot why notbecause you’re going to have more people happier we going to have more money faster you have a larger taxbase everybody’s going to win and and you’re all going to sell all your weedfor the top dollar anyway so why hold on why make specialrules how let’s just talk about some of the [ __ ] that we’re talking about okay and I can explain to you forinstance I found this on January 30th wasn’t that long ago and uh for instanceyou could take you can take any of this [ __ ] and you shine a light on it and it just shows how look [ __ ]right the scientist devel new method of to test for recent marijuana use newtest cuz they have problems with that right you guys know about that right you how high are you when you spoke few daysago last week or you’re positive how many nanograms now they got the96% 90% 6% chance of being able to tell if you’reimpaired uh from what I’m impaired wait a secondwhat do you mean oh mean this says you been smoken weed in the last 2 45 minutes man you’re on you’re on weed andyou are impaired really I’m impaired well well H what’s impaired Imean you test all the people that get busted for aut accidents and I think amajority test positive for marijuana use and they spin that and make it sound like all Ro on PO they’re gettingcrashes is that why they got crashes anybody smokes at weed out here and drives car they know that’s[ __ ] 100% [ __ ] as a matter of fact there’s a little as in this study that they got if you read through itbecause it says oh well yes well actually um it was thatsee the University of Colorado right they said it was unreliable because when he tested it for people that werechronic users it didn’t they didn’t the same reaction that they were getting oh really oh the coric users they’re allright right I think I was saying something about that right okay well are they acknowledging it well I thinkthere’s 200 university studies that have acknowledges I think Stanford and Harvard I believe I know Stanford is oneof them anyway no because the whole thing is Mo because they do these on simulators youguys on simulators okay and this is the type of stuff that they publish and thatthe Department of Education or Department of Transportation these are studies that site and these are the people that you’re voting for that arevoting for these new bills coming up and Legacy Growers are left out of this okayand it’s all it’s wrong I want to get back to how it’s wrong the police Union paid for show upa pamphlet that when you unfold it it talks about M use and it stays up fouror five lies and then they get doctors local doctors that are part of the doctor Union to to agree with the um wasit the um uh the slippy slope it leads to otherdrugs uh [ __ ] they that that thing has been shown as [ __ ] a long timeago they’re still doing the same thing and those people are going to be the one that go okay well we will agree we willallow that this these people with this law over here that you know with their vertical integration that allows forcertain people to be allowed to get C we you know what you guys hold on a second I hold on I got to call [ __ ] againall right because the last time that they gave up me medical marijuanadispensary permits the whole process was a sham it was [ __ ] as a matter offact I mean I’m not this is not hyperbole you guys Okay this not me just talking [ __ ] I’m telling you how it isyou can check it out yourself nobody does you don’t need to why because I’m telling you and it’s a fact nobody’s gonna say it’s not truethey said they want a million dollar everybody had a million dollars right if you want to apply to get medical marijuana license to grow or distributecanvas for medical marijuana right after how long did that take to get that together 15 years whatever it was okayfine like it’s 2 million $2 million if you agot 2 million You’ got the bank you can show us with how much cost to apply forlicense non-refundable I like 5 grand stupid little small amount five grand rightwell after they went to the whole thing I do believe uh Woody appli yeah andmaybe rosan well anyway they didn’t did it they’re kind of bum we find out later onthat if they didn’t have five or 10 million in the bank this was said by the lady it was part of the working groupthat went around initially getting information after they passed it she did a little seminar and she said if theydidn’t have five or $10 million they were actually seriously considered candidates because we knew that theywould be losing money for for five six seven years because of the way you know the business model was structured beforethey start making profit if they didn’t have five or 10 million they wouldn’t make it that long they go under so if you came up with the 2 million and youput in your money for your application and you had a really good plan like Woody or whoever the [ __ ] had right theylook at me you’re part of the process you need have $10 million so those is [ __ ] kid who got theawards well I don’t want to get too far into this because you know I want to step on anybody’s toes but for instanceuh Mr ha who lives on our side of the Big Island he’s been a farmer there for a while he got oneright he never grew a goddamn thing he took forever get his [ __ ]together trying to put water system this that the other man by the time three years went by what didn’t quite have itdone quite ready but oh that was the amount of time you were allowed to wait before you can sell your license to themainland guy that owns Big Island grown now wow good Mr H did pretty well forhimself on that D real goddamn thing okay well I’m not saying there’s a good spirit there but how about this there’sa guy over there Mai he’s been flying around the helicopter for years beingpaid special monies by special tax Force monies that come from the feds for green Harvest eradication programs in Maui heuh and that was basically his job private helicopter P helicopter FL taking everybody’s weed for years whichnow we all agree is wrong was wrong anyway he he applied to grow marijuana and sellit in Maui guess what he got alicense but what he didn’t okay I’m just saying well good job for taking allthose people’s come on man you guys want to trust the process give me a break youwant to talk about working groups give me a break talk about interesting stuffyou’re talking about here okay well you know what eron you sound like one of them guys that just got all the answersgot all figured out knows what’s wrong with everything but just talking big [ __ ] well I’ll tell you what I’m talking big [ __ ] is right but guess whateverybody that knows me knows I talk big [ __ ] I’m waiting to put everybody’s waiting for me to put my foot in my mouth right and it ain’t happened yetwhy not because they say the most powerful emotion that there is it’s actual thingthey can meure people’s now their vibrations and the frequencies and how strong they are and now they can correlate them with computers to certainemotions they’re trying to read people not just to um working MRIs read your brain w your brain patterns when you’rewalking through the airport thinking about they what you’re feeling and they find out that the most powerful one hasthe most strength actual most power he never gets what it is come on anybody out there want to guess serious anybodyanybody do anybody love love man the one right not lovecan’t believe that actually it’s authenticity the dest thing it’s likefour times stronger they actually measure that that authenticity is when somebody’s actually believes that whatthey’re saying is true yeah and it is true it has to be both right and youcan’t fake that [ __ ] okay so guess what I’m I put my foot in my mouth because I’m pointing out what’s wrong and I canshow you what we can get into the details of this but I want got so much time but what’s the answer you got ananswer Aaron yes I got an answer I’m not just talking crap okay it’s legalizeHawaii okay we to put forth our own billthey got their bill working these guys are they know each other they can get them introduced they’re not they knowthe people on the Committees how far they through the Committees we’ve had three bills written up we’ve got one in no no reason made Committee in the pastokay I voted my own Federal Pro law Street when I sh the feds okay for notletting me use my medical marijuana and the court accepted it okay so we do might have our own law now theyokay hey Great Law and name of your group okay okay we put vote on it thatain’t going to happen we know that ain’t going to happen why because the people run are running okay and just like B corporationseverybody’s going to get theirs okay let me tell you right now since we’re on camera there’s already been agreementsmade for large very large large scale grow operations on K in of the BigIsland by very large corporations and they got all the money all the plant already been discussed they had meetingswith people that are in government two years ago 3 years ago update they got all planned out theywe’ve had people come from Canada come down tell hemping how they want to do a big thing where they just you guys noyou guys can go have all this process up for you basically make Plantation [ __ ] mentality they got all theequipment you guys will buy off through the price me qu for him more hey I don’tknow how many Hawaiian are are you know watching this but I’m [ __ ] sick and tired as these people coming from wherever the [ __ ] they come from comeover here and try to tell us how they’re doing us a favor while they’re peeing on our leg and telling us a friendright are we sick of this I hope so and we can do something about it and we can do that now and if we don’t do it nowthere ain’t going to be another chance or it’ll be a lot harder because it hasn’t been made legal yet so my answerto this whole thing is we’re putting together a group we got a group how doyou like that and I and I’m going to try to surround myself with people smarter myself rightthat they know [ __ ] when they smell it okay and it’s called legalize Hawaiireal simple we got Facebook page coming up and we’re going to get people andthere’s lot of registered voters that are going to agree that everybody deserves a shot right especially every’sin screw over they deserve a shot right people already doing it all that they got their place in it and all we need iswe don’t need that many people okay because if you guys think about it you know These Guys these politiciansyou know who they’re working for right we all know who they’re working for you guys put the money pockets for Els rightpharmaceu companies these unions right we know who they’re working for but guess what politicians are sliming youguys know that right as soon as they see the tide going the other way when they know the TI’s going up coming down thiswhere they’re at that’s where they’re going to go right so all we got to do is get enough votes together so now we haveget the people we got a voting block of of any sort it doesn’t matter but the bigger it gets the better and now we cancome to these working groups go yeah but that’s [ __ ] right and we’re going to leteverybody know that’s [ __ ] why it’s [ __ ] and if they want to vote on that and do that let them stand beforeeverybody and do it like that and but they’re not going to you know why because the people of Hawaii know betterokay the people from here they know that we got to help each other and we’re a big family we all live on island whatever island it is we got to helpeach other we got to be a family and we got to help all the other Islands it’s not a competition this isn’t the mainland it’s not like that we got toshow Aloha to each other so yeah there’s some people in this industry that Ireally don’t like just in general but guess what I’m going to have to like them I’m we’re all going have to cometogether we’re have to find commonality and understanding and get this [ __ ] done for the name of the plan and make thisthe most beautiful richest place this is the example to the world man we gotstuff going on all over the world you guys and it’s [ __ ] cray cray okay bigtime okay and I know I like it oh love is going to save the world right yeahbut no I’m holding up to know now and I love when said a relationship with a crazy girl I knew a long time ago okayyou know what I’m saying but guess what aloha aloha will save the world you guysokay I get choked up okay because Allah is not just a word that means hellogoodbye and love and other things it’s a way of life okay and it’s about the theland and the people this land they when they go money for the any their [ __ ] land you care for the land you car takefor the land you show you love and gratitude and hold p p and you you C youtake care of the land and you pass it on to generations and you make it better you don’t exploit the land right and thepeople and we have to do this we we are the shining example in the world we havelike this little test to that we can do this here and show the world that hey wemight not all agree about whatever right about who we are and we show love foreach other and for this plan and we got to give it the the respect he deserves it is a holy plan okay it’s a Sacramentit’s all medical okay and we there’s a thing called natural law anduh that’s God’s law can’t give religious or not it’s the law of nature it’s it’syou know you’re born a man or a woman and you have a right to breathe the air right and all these things we have rightthis PL it’s part of us it’s it’s biophysically part of us endocab systemI go on and on and on but I’m not going to because I’m talking about we deserve a chance and we have to make that chancewe don’t ask the politicians to offer us the chance or just consider it we demandit it’s only one way one way to go have to do the right thing so we got to standup for it and there’s there’s a lot of people that and they want to they want to get somethingdone you know better to get something we get something done yeah be careful it’s just slippy slip my friends just s inCalifornia and what happened to their laws it’s legal there remember you know did you guys know this one quick thinghere our medical marijuana law by the way it was taken basically verbatim fromthe California medical marijuana law did you all know that you you know that no oh yeah yeahbut guess what the way that the California legislature California politicians or the California peopleinterpreted that law you have medical marijuana you little extra medicalmarijuana take down expens it’s good enough they bu people some we makingmoney doing good up to 99 plans right some counties doing pretty good same[ __ ] law EXA over here though the powers that be two things oh no we don’tsee it that way that’s what they say we don’t see it that way well how do you see it they say we standsilent now I don’t know if you all dealt with government and stuff like this before when they when they stand silentthat’s pretty good so we’re not tell if it’s good if it’s bad but if it’s bad and we bust you then we’re going to bustyou but we’re not going to tell you so no you can’t do that but what can we do we’re not going to tell you and uh wegot some friends my friend Mike Robel he has some case over there on the big island about that and he kicked their ass up around their ears I believe thereone prosecutor that never lost a case ever yeah he lost that case it’s my friend who by the way representedhimself so we can all represent ourselves we can represent Hawaii andthe people that need to hear this aren’t here but what we’re going to do is with a little a little campaign a little legalized Hawaii campaign we’re going tohave a no signs says you’re cute it says legalize Hawai little pot Le on theresimple put that on your house sprad tree somewhere you like I got support legalizing Hawaii yeah we get enough ofthose signs up some T-shirts will sell give away whatever donations we’ll get alist we’ll get some people together we’ll get a real working group about people that want to do the right thing not just anything now we can save someand they’re going to push this around we can push back a little bit we can get what we want a little bit we can dosomething right we can’t just let them roll over it’s our only chance I’m just saying Oklahoma did better than us new yget better than us if we don’t if we don’t set a new president as being the best place in for J in America that’sthe newest place right then we’re [ __ ] up we got to represent this is Hawaii we got to be we are number oneit’s the number one place for candidates in the world if you don’t know it then ask somebody if you’re old you alreadyknow it okay we got to R teach people okay they’re going to get over their cookies and they’re going to get over their cakes and they’re going to getover their pies and their sherbets and all these little sweet yummy St all that stuff genetically know my company I knowabout this we do have some genetic strains some Hawaiian strains that are 40 50 years old and they’re pure rightand they were thought lost without gone but they’re not and we have those trains and some other stuff from around theworld to work with to create the best cannabis in the world it hasn’t been made yet at all as a matter of fact justone more thing if you haven’t been paying attention the seed company of anyagricultural produ prod crop in general this is some special thing usually ismakes more money off of Agricultural Product than anybody else in the line all you got Farmers distributors orwhatever you know sell fertilizer whatever f c people what of course we don’t use the word Monsanto because it’sbear but we got bear conag these folks and they sell the corn seed and B youknow the engineered [ __ ] uh soy beans and all that crap but what do you thinkthey make those seeds you guys those special hybrid seeds the best the most expensive seeds that you got to buy ifyou’re a farmer if you don’t go out business or you know the round kill it right well y’all probably know some of Yanybody viewer got there hello uh yeah Hawaiiright that’s what they do it yeah because we got more growing Seasons because of temperate climate because they got any weird [ __ ] GMO Frank[ __ ] that goes office on the island mid nowhere but it’s the best place they know that you know we designed orchidsat the University of Hawaii tropical School of Agriculture here in monoa I believe and uhorchids they’re the leading breeders of orchids on the planet yes and when itcome varieties um they get companies in Thailand to buy them and clones rightand whatever and grow them same climate pretty much and they can grow [ __ ] is bigger than big too they go their [ __ ]out from or but back in the day it would be like you get a nickel for a spray oforchids in Thailand exact same stuff that we design we got same stuff here that we design same stuff identical sameclimate 25 cents one spray right why is it worth five timesmore five times better yeah it is it’s five times better okay K is $70 a poundforget Kona coffee C coffee yo they got a trademark on it you got got to go your[ __ ] in C it has to say C coffee on it and that’s the thing that’s big money well Hawaii is going to be the samething it’s going to be made in Hawaii grow in Hawaii grown Hawaiian organicSun grown cannabis premium premium everybody make money everybodycan make money nobody should be held back I don’t want to hear about oh it’sby a school or the kids are using more marijuana or it’s dangerous to worry aboutdiversion give me a break kids want to smoke weed they can smoke it right now it’s everywhere it’s not a problem nobig deal if you kid that weed problem and talk to the parents get your kid straight wake the [ __ ] up be a good momand dad right if you can’t handle your [ __ ] but really it’s not a threat to anybody so why would you let anybodygrow it and sell it to the world open market you gotta set up the system nowso we can take advantage first and be number one because uh cost of [ __ ] inhere is ridiculously high it’s all this gentrification I want to call the rich [ __ ] getting richer and who yougoing to trust you’re going trust Josh Green huh you going to trust him you can trust Mitch Roth you can trust who’s theAttorney General oh what is the attorney general think well historically just look at that oh no it’s terrible he’sterrible Terri bad bad bad oh poor children oh whatever yeah uh how do theyhandle that thing anali yeah you going to trust help you make the laws and vote on laws from Canabisthose guys come on now let’s get together let’s do ourselves let legalize Hawaii Hawai deserves that from usdeserves the best right and people like I don’t know like me we deserve a shotright to help Hawaii be the best Hawaii to be that’s it I’ll be here all night thank you and don’t forget KCK yourwa anyway I got a large problem anybody got anything I want to say about any ofthis let me know if you think I’m just a maniac just let me know I’ll temper downnot really but anyway I appreciate it thank you for notleaving and yes uh Big Island genetics if you want real genetics Hawaiian genetics the real one that’s me I’m theguy I’m in there come buy some seeds I was selling them when they were illegal and I’m sellinglegal okay so thank you verymuch